Chapter 22.2

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AH YAO!!!!

Chapter 22.2 : Sadako Strikes Again


“Meow.” Ah Yao closed her eyes, appearing to completely ignore the person beside her.

  ”I’m afraid that I’ll crush you in my sleep.” Mo Zhen poked her. Poking her small, fluffy black head was very addictive for some strange reason.

  Ah Yao finally mercilessly opened her eyes, glanced at Mo Zhen, and then moved a few centimeters away.

  Mo: “…”

  Forget it, something was better than nothing. He wasn’t the one who was going to get crushed anyway.

  Ah Yao slept very satisfyingly as if she had a pair of wings and was floating in the clouds. Mo Zhen, of course, did not actually crush her in his sleep. Truthfully, Mo Zhen has always been a very good sleeper.

  Although Tang Qiang and Mo Zhen had “broken up” yesterday, the morning call was on time as always. When Mo Zhen was finished washing, Ah Yao was still struggling to open her eyes. Mo Zhen dressed, walked over and touched the little kitten, “You stay at home today.”

  Previously, because of the bearded uncle, Ah Yao was banned to stay at home for a while. Thebearded uncle had given up trying to go to the studio to catch the ghost, but now Ah Yao was a cat.

  The conclusion was that she would still have to stay at home until she could figure out how to get out of the cat.

  Ah Yao was very much against the decision, but no matter how much she tried to curry favour with him, Mo Zhen refused to change his mind, and so she lay wiped out on the floor as if she were dead.

  Mo Zhen, as usual, had to leave early and he came back late. During the time he wasn’t at home, Ah Yao usually laid there in front of the computer screen, surfing the internet on information about Mo Zhen.

  The first thing she clicked on was still the forum.Ah Yao logged into her [Sadako] ID and she began to diligently damage Mo Zhen’s reputation on every post she could find.

  ”Zhenzi will finally release a new album at the end of year, I’ve waited for so long! Φ ( ω *)”

  ” (* ° ° *) heard that the lyrics of the main song will be written personally by Mo Zhen, how wonderful!”

  ”Zhenzi’s entire life cannot be explained!!”

  ”Your Male God does not have an inch of affection in him, he even abuses small animals, can you believe it!”


  ”I got into the God Forbidden Zone 3 studio! Gao Sen is so handsome my entire blood tank exploded when I saw him, when I finally started to breathe, they started to REPO!”

     (did a quick search on Baidu and it says “to record the situation at scene” so I’m gonna guess it means they started to film)

  ”Mark !!!”

  ”Landlord this tone is a little slow ah← _ ←”

  ”The landlord isn’t here to cheat us all right?”

  ”Your Male God doesn’t have an inch of affection in him, he even bullies small animals, can you believe it!”


  ”Everyday swipe the card, Zhenzi is very handsome, hehe.”

  ”[Picture] ← lick everyday three times and then can go to sleep.”

  ”I am new, this the first time I swipe the card, please advise me (* / ω \ *)”

  ”Your Male God doesn’t have an inch of affection in him, he even bullies small animals, can you believe it!”


  Finally, after Ah Yao had diligently smeared Mo Zhen’s reputation all through the forum, the Zhenzi fans that were in discussion were very angry.

  [The one called Sadako come here! I promise I won’t beat you to death!!]

  Ah Yao was diligently reading through all the posts, trying to find any posts that she had not smeared Mo Zhen’s black powder on when she accidently pressed the paste key.

(Black powder = hating on a celebrity and saying bad things)

  Blinking her eyes, Ah Yao’s paws clattered on the keyboard and pasted it on yet another post –

  You think that if you have an automatic reply set on the forum that I will be afraid of you!!!

  Ah Yao: “…”

  When did she set an automatic reply? She obviously worked very hard to copy and paste it!!!!

  ”2333333 Curse the landlord~ ~ ~”

  ”Leaving a message before it becomes a hot tweet!”

  ”Sadako, ask how to set up an automatic reply in the forum.”

  ”I thought she was still hidden!”

  ”Zhenzi has never raised a pet before okay! How can he abuse them? Black Powder please have some IQ

  ”Look upstairs, it is estimated that later a picture of the truth will emerge from the landlord. Remember the fruit pudding incident?”

  As Ah Yao looked at the replies on her screen, she became more and more angry, she meowed a cry and angrily looked at the screen.

     “If you don’t believe me I’ll take a picture and show it to you guys!”

  Thinking about this, she yet again accidently pressed the paste button on the keyboard –

  ”Your Male God doesn’t have an inch of affection in him, he even bullies small animals, can you believe it!”




  The next ten floors were relatively quieter.

  ”Sadako’s IP is closed.”

  ”Moderator is great!

  ”Photo ~ eggplant ~”

  ”Hahahaha the moderator of this forum is a big fan of Zhenzi.

  Ah Yao: “…”

  She tried to poke her head into other posts, but found that the reply box at the very bottom of the screen was truly gone.


  FML what kind of stupid forum is this! Being banned like this is unlawful! Did they not know how hard she worked to visit the forum? They even closed her IP! Now she can’t even entertain herself anymore!

  Ah Yao angrily closed the forum, shut the computer and jumped to the sofa to play dead.

  When Mo Zhen came back from the studio, Ah Yao was lying on the sofa fast asleep. Before going to the sofa, Mo Zhen looked down at the sleeping kitten and the corners of his mouth could not help but lift up a little.

  When the little guy fell asleep, he was very cute.

  He took out his phone from his bag. Mo Zhen selected the camera, and facing Ah Yao, he took a picture of the small kitten and uploaded it to Weibo.






oh god I can’t stop laughing, this popped up when I searched up black kitty


okay it’s slightly terrifying but yolo

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