Chapter 21 – Let Me Make a Mess of You for Your Whole Life, What Do You Say? (Part 2)

By | October 15, 2017

The strength of Jiuche’s blow made the air vibrate causing Li Ronngui immediately opened his eyes. He got slammed against a column by Jiuche’s superhuman strength like a kite without a line.

Li Ronggui was spitting blood continuously and trembled on the floor, clinging to his legs.

Without even seeing it, Li Ronggui had already guessed what had happened. He had been castrated.

Jiuche landed. Her hair was floating in the air and was covering half her face only leaving her eyes visible, which had a malevolent gaze radiating from them.

She moved closer one step at a time, asking in a soft voice, “What were you saying. What did you want to do to us?”

But Li Ronggui could not speak, he only managed to spit out even more blood.

His eyes were filled with terror and stared at Jiuche’s steps getting closer and closer.

Behind her black hair, a blood-red faint smile was barely visible.

“Where did you want to send us, again? You seemed so convinced, uh?”

The gradual rise in Jiuche’s voice gave away her anger, especially because Li Ronggui meant harm to Changshen as well, other than to her.

Something so precious that she never had in her former life. Nobody would be allowed to touch this one.

She didn’t care if this guy was the son of a Master of the Tianyan school. She would have killed anyone!

Actually, killing him would have been too predictable. He loved to have fun, didn’t he?

So, she had made sure that he would never be able to have fun ever again by making him disabled!

“Do you really love to destroy other people’s lives? Well, then I’ll make a disabled wreck incapable of speaking or walking of you. How about that?”

After saying that, she put her feet on his groin.


Li Ronggui screamed at the top of his lungs. Consequently, Jiuche pressed even more with her feed.

Nobody else except for her, Lu Jiuche, could have possibly healed him.

Blood and tears were mixing on Li Ronggui’s face, producing a gruesome picture.

“Aaaah, Shao…”

In hearing that voice, Jiuche was reminded of the other person witnessing the scene, and her gaze darkened.

Shao Qingrou felt chills down her spine.

“Lu Jiuche, hold on, what are you doing… he is Master Li’s son…”

As Shao Qingrou was speaking, she tried to figure out a way to run away because she couldn’t fight Jiuche. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked Li Ronggui for help.

She wanted to marry Emperor Liu at all costs, but he favored Jiuche. So, she didn’t expect to be marry.

If she hurt Lu Jiuche in any shape or form, then surely the Emperor would never forgive her.

She didn’t want to shatter the image of herself that she had built. That is why she had asked for Li Ronggui help her, hoping that he could punish Jiuche in her place.

But she would have never anticipated that Jiuche would win the fight.

If Master Li were to find out that she had done nothing to help his son when he was in danger, then she would be cast out of the Tianyan school.

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