Chapter 21 – Demon’s Coming

By | November 25, 2016

Since the Demon left he had been puzzled by what had happened. And now he’s back here watching this.

He thought Lu Jiuque was not smart enough but from the look of it maybe he was wrong?
The Demon sat there and kept watching.

After all this is his servant. He won’t let anyone but himself bully her.

And he wants to see why that person is so stupid to mess with his servant.

He wants to know what his little servant would do next.

On the other side, Auntie Chang watched quietly as Lu Jiuque pushed the wheelchair all around the yard and make the floor look like a mess.

After a while Lu Jiuque pushed Shao Qingrou in front of Li Ronggui and toyed her body a bit making it look like she was trying to attack.

And then Lu Jiuque stuffed the metal bat into Shao’s hands. Combined with Shao’s frozen laughing face it’s perfect.

Lu Jiuque stared at it back and forth like observing an art piece. And she smiled, “hmm. All good.”

“What?” Auntie Chang still doesn’t understand, “Miss.. What are you doing.”

Lu Jiuque looked back at Auntie Chang and answered, “Making her the scapegoat. Look, now that she looks like this and when others come and see this they will come to believe that Shao Qingrou went crazy and attacked us. And we are therefore the people who protected Li Ronggui. ”

Auntie Chang said, “But.. Will they really believe the Shao went crazy?”

“They probably wouldn’t before. But Shao just turned crazy right in front of them today without a reason, so..”

“She not only hurt the boys and girls but she also tried to kill Ye Hui who is the son of General Ye. And thanks to Prince these people were saved.”

“She’s went crazy once. She can go crazy again..”

Shao Qingrou is frozen by the silver needles and she can’t move or talk. But she can still hear and see. And she’s so angry that Lu said that.

Shao’s not crazy. Lu Jiuque is such a liar.

How dare she say something like this. What a shame!

Shame! Shame!!

Auntie Chang was stunned by her plan and stood there with nothing to say. Lu sighed sadly.

Auntie Chang doesn’t like her when she’s so dirty?

“Auntie. I know what I did was dirty but this is how the world works. If we don’t play it dirty someone will play it dirty against us. This is the survival of the fittest.”

But Auntie Chang unexpectedly gave a big hug to Lu Jique and said happily, “What you did was absolutely awesome!”

Lu Jiuque was speechless.

This is great!

She won’t ever get bullied again!

Lu Jiuque is actually quite surprised by the fact that Auntie Chang likes what she did.

Now that’s family.

But Lu looks kind of unnatural because she didn’t expect Auntie to agree with her actions, let alone encouraging them.

Thanks to all the dirt on it, her face, which is turning red, doesn’t appear to be red.

“Then what about me? Anything I can do to help?”

“Yeah, you should go ahead to tell people of Tianyan Sect…And then..”

They talked about their plan and exchanged some ideas before Lu went back to her room to put on her clothes with blood on it and Auntie Chang smashed some dirt on her own clothes and ran off.

“Help!!! Shao’s got some mental problems!!”

“Somebody help me! Shao’s a crazy woman! She’s going to kill Li of Tianyan Sect!”

“Shao Qingrou has some problems… Li’s in danger!”

“Help Li!”

Once Auntie Chang disappeared out of the way, the Demon, who has been watching all along, couldn’t help but start laughing.


His voice is cute in an immature way.

Lu heard the laughing and looked to his way.

And she saw the Demon laughing his ass off.

Lu didn’t know that the Demon was here all along and watched her do all these crazy things. In fact, Lu’s worried.

Damn, what if he no longer trusts me? I’m supposed to play dumb when he’s around. Now he knows what I can do he would stay alert to me.

How am I supposed to knock off the Demon if he stays alert?

The Demon ignored her constipation like face and walked down from the top before standing right behind Shao Qingrou, and he said, “Girl. So this is the first soul that you sacrifice to me?”

Then he turned his face to Lu Jiuque.

The Demon’s cute young face looks handsome under the shiny moonlight.

His eyes are so pure.

His looks are just so extraordinary as if he was born to be a God.

“You hear me?”


She wouldn’t admit she’s attracted by him.

“What do you mean by sacrifice? And soul?”

The Demon laughed, “So it seems like you still don’t know the rules yet. So if you don’t offer me souls in sacrifice from time to time the Dragon Silver will eat you from inside out until you die.”

Lu didn’t know this part.

The Demon may look innocent but the way he does things is  certainly not.

The Demon stands behind Shao Qingrou but all he could smell is Lu Jiuque.

She has that unique scent that he enjoys.

Her furious face reminds him again how he passed on the magic ball to her just a while ago.

He murmured, “The dragon likes it more when the soul carries hatred. This soul is a good one but not enough hatred. So why not keep torturing her for a while.”

Then he disappeared out of thin air.

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