Chapter 21.2

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Chapter 21.2



It was as if a war had occurred in the bath. By the time they finished, Mo Zhen was already sweating from trying to handle the little cat. Mo Zhen grabbed Ah Yao and placed her on the floor of the bathroom, then he dumped a large towel on her head and proceeded to rub her wet fur dry. After rubbing most of the fur on her body, Mo Zhen picked up the hairdryer on the side, and started to blow Ah Yao’s little body.

  ”Meow wuwuwuwu ~ ~ ~”

  Ah Yao was clearly enjoying Mo Zhen’s free service. Had she known that she would be treated so well as a cat, she would’ve ran away from home earlier.

  After being cleaned, Mo Zhen began to cut Ah Yao’s nails. During the bath, Ah Yao had constantly squirmed around in his embrace, but her claws did not end up scratching him. But the claws still needed to be cut. Every time Mo Zhen glanced at those long nails, he felt a little uncomfortable

  Putting Ah Yao on his leg, Mo Zhen picked up a nail cutter and began to carefully trim the small kitten’s claws. Ah Yao laid contently on his lap, and also rubbed her little chin on his leg,  feeling satisfied…

“Meoweow ~ ~”

  Mo Zhen caught her paw between his fingers and warned: “Do not move.”

  Ah Yao meowed in reply, as if she was agreeing.

  Finally finished cutting Ah Yao’s nails, Mo Zhen was so tired that he no longer wanted to move. The scenes at the studio today were already quite physically exhausting, but he did not expect that when he got home he would have to wait on this little ancestor!

  ”Meow woo ~” Ah Yao stuck out her pink and tender tongue and licked Mo Zhen’s hands softly. Although she was a cat, her actions were really more similar to dogs.

  Seeing Ah Yao trying to curry favour with him, Mo Zhen snorted and placed her onto the ground, and continued to walk up to the second floor..

  ”Meow woo.” Ah Yao tilted her little head and looked at him, and then followed him onto the second floor.

  Mo Zhen grabbed his pajamas and directly went into the bathroom. Not long after, the sound of water rushing out of the shower head was heard. Ah Yao squeezed through the bedroom door and walked in, standing in front of the bathroom door. Ah Yao meowed a few times and used her claws to scratch the door a couple times before finally quieting down.

  When Mo Zhen came out of the bathroom, the first thing he saw was Ah Yao’s little figure crouched outside the bathroom door, her tail wagging back and forth.

  Mo: “…”

  Was this really not a dog?

  See Mo Zhen come out, Ah Yao took the initiative to walk over to him. Leaning on Mo Zhen, she used her little head to rub against Mo Zhen’s leg, “Meow ~”

  Ah Yao’s fur was very soft; though it felt a little itchy on his calf, it somehow felt very comfortable.

  Mo Zhen looked down at a small black cat. This little guy was really cute.

  However, according to Mo Zhen’s cold and elegant character, there was no way he would admit that he had already been won over.

  Mo Zhen carefully kicked Ah Yao away from him as he turned towards the first floor with a white towel hung around his neck.

  He had been so busy until now that he hadn’t even been able to take a sip of water, but never mind that, finding some food was his first priority right now.

  After the opening the refridgerator, Mo Zhen knew he was doomed… He was already close to collapsing from exhaustion. The snacks he had bought earlier had long been finished, and even Tang Qiang’s regular reserves of food were basically done for. The only thing he actually liked eating in his home… … was probably a lemon.

  Although he had eaten them for so long, there was still half a box left

  Cutting a lemon, Mo Zhen naturally bit the lemon as always, as if the thing he was eating was not a sour lemon, but instead a sweet pastry.

  ”Meow ~!” Ah Yao laid in front of the refrigerator door waving her paws. Even if there was a language barrier between, Mo Zhen could somehow understand every single word she said-

  ”Eating nothing but sour food is not good for your stomach! There are things to eat in the refrigerator!”

  Squatting and placing his hand to rub the little kitten’s furry head, Ah Yao’s small nose immediately rubbed back at the large palm.

  Mo Zhen lowered his head, and could not help but laugh, this was the first time he had discovered that teasing a little kitten would be so interesting.

  Speaking of which, was she hungry?

  Using his fingers to rub the fur on Ah Yao’s neck, Mo Zhen whispered: “Are you hungry?”

  ”Meow!” Ah Yao nodded heavily.

  Mo Zhen thought for a moment and from the fridge he took out a carton of milk and poured it in a small dish in front of Ah Yao. Ah Yao licked the milk with her tongue for a bit, and suddenly ran towards the living room computer.


  Mo Zhen felt that his head hurt.

  taptaptaptap – I do not like to drink milk.


  Mo Zhen inhaled and exhaled before saying: “Cats should drink milk.”

  Not happening!

  Ah Yao angrily fumed as she furiously typed, ” I want to eat chicken.”

  Mo: “…”

  It is now confirmed that it is a dog!

  taptaptaptap – I want to eat chicken!

  This time around, even the exclamation marks were used.

  Mo Zhen blinked for a few times, “If you keep on complaining, you can eat cat food instead.”



  Tang Qiang as a qualified full-time nanny, cough, gold medal talent agent, had finally realized that he had not brought food to Mo Zhen’s house for a long time. So as Emperor Mo’s faithful nanny, Tang Qiang took the initiative to bring several bags of food to Mo Zhen’s home.

  But he did not think, after opening the door, he would see this kind of scene.

   A little kitten … was gnawing on chicken wings?

  Tang Qiang feel that his three views were not very good. Although a cat was an animal that would sometimes eat meat, but… a cat who would directly hold a chicken wing while eating it? …It should be a very unique cat.

  ”Your family’s cat is really special, it can even bite chicken wings, hahahaha.” Tang Qiang felt the plastic bags in his hands became even heavier, as if the weight of his life had suddenly become unbearable.

  Fortunately, when Mo Zhen saw that all of these plastic bags were filled with food that was specifically bought for him, he voluntarily took the bags from Tang Qiang’s hands, “No wonder you are Kai Huang’s most timely rain man.”

  Tang Qiang’s mouth moved slightly. He had known Mo Zhen long enough to know that this was not praise for him, “Mo Zhen, when did you start raising a cat?”

  ”Just now.” Mo Zhen walked to the refrigerator and started to transfer the things in the plastic bag into the fridge.

  Tang Qiang was continuing to stare at Ah Yao in a daze. The cat was even able to eat chicken wings…really too talented…

  ”Meow ~?” Perhaps the power of Tang Qiang’s stare had interrupted her appetite, because Ah Yao raised her small head and looked at him.

  It was only a look, but it had made all the ice in Tang Qiang’s heart melt.

  So cute.

  ”What is your name?” Tang Qiang bent down and was just about to hold the little kitten up, when the kitten in his hand was suddenly taken away.

  ”There are fleas in the cat, don’t touch it carelessly.”



AWWWWW Zhen Zhen ur adorable.

*pat pat* not you Ah Yao

this entire time I have been crying over the fact that i am allergic to cats.

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