Chapter 21.1

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barely made it on time, there’s still a demonic blizzard raging on outside, I almost fell today, the entire road to the bus stop was covered in ice *shudder* death is only one step away.

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Chapter 21.1



The endless meowing sound coming from the ground made the woman surprised as Ah Yao’s figure froze in her place.

FML, what is happening? Why was she meowing?

As Ah Yao was sorting through her thoughts, the woman looked at her, puzzled. This kitten was not injured, but why was it that after the kitten had finished meowing, it had an expression as if the world was soon going to end?

“What’s the matter?” She stretched out her hand and wanted to pet the cute kitten.

“Meow Meow Meow Meow!”

Despair! Facing a world where she could only meow, it was only full of despair!

If she could, Ah Yao felt like crying a river of tears at her injustice.

The woman stretched out her hand slightly at the little kitten, but Ah Yao avoided it like the plague and quickly ran away like the wind.

Woman: “…”

She felt that the little kitten’s running figure was also very cute.

Ah Yao slowed down as she finally realized that she was now stuck in a stupid cat’s body. Although she has said she would work hard to learn how to possess things, but … I’m sorry Zhen Zhen, my first time cannot be given to you, cry cry cry cry.

But compared to the sensitive topic of her first time, there was now a more serious problem in front of Ah Yao: she could not get out of the kitten’s body.

She didn’t even know how she got into the kitten’s body in the first place, how would she know how to get out?

Breathlessly running to Mo Zhen’s door, Ah Yao lifted up her front claws and desperately scratched the front door.

All of her spiritual power had disappeared, now she didn’t even have the strength to break a stupid door!

After scratching for a while, Ah Yao laid motionless on the ground with the front light shining on her as she waited.

When Mo Zhen came back, he found a black cat curled up on his door step.

His eyebrows were raised unconsciously; he felt that this scene in front of him gave him some déjà vu.

When he reached the door, the same small kitten that had been playing dead was as if a battery had been put in and was suddenly energized again. It ran around Mo Zhen in a circle, meowing furiously.

Mo Zhen looked at the stray black cat at his feet and studied it very seriously.

Since it was already well into autumn, the odds of the neighborhood cats wandering around were not very big. Now that he had considered this, Mo Zhen seriously studied the cat yet again, and it was only when he was completely sure that he did not recognize the cat that he opened the front door.

However, from the moment he opened the front door, the small cat slipped through his feet and casually walked into his house.

Mo: “…”

This kind of shameless spirit was very familiar.

The kitten meowed non-stop after it walked through the door, Mo Zhen stood and contemplated for a moment before finally entering the house, closing the front door behind him. Ignoring the kitten at his feet, Mo Zhen scanned around the room for a certain figure, but did not find Ah Yao. His eyebrows scrunched together. He had told her to obediently stay at home, and yet she ran away?

“Ah Yao?” Mo Zhen walked a few steps, looking up at the direction of the second floor as he called out.

“Meow!” Not waiting for Ah Yao’s reply, the kitten exclaimed excitedly and suddenly jumped skillfully onto the computer sitting on the living room table. .

Mo Zhen’s mouth widened in surprise as he watched the little kitten open the computer on the coffee table.

He did not think that the development of this story would be so bizarre, but as he quickly tried to adjust his brain to accept this scene, the kitten pressed the power button on the computer, turned it on and it even knew the password to the computer!

Mo: “…”

He felt that he still needed more time for the scene in front of him to settle in.


The kitten’s claws plattered onto the keyboard as it struggled to type a set of words out:

Zhen Zhen, I am Ah Yao QAQ

Mo: “…”

A cat’s paws were obviously not as flexible as a human’s hands, so trying to type sentences was a huge effort to do. But after she had typed the nonsense and calling him Zhen Zhen, she even had the mood to add emoji’s in there too?!

Different species really could not communicate with each other.

The silence lasted for at least three minutes until Mo Zhen finally spoke with doubt: “Can you please explain what happened?”

Ah Yao’s paws plattered on the keyboard in response as she pressed enter.

This cat was almost hit by a car, I wanted to save it, but I ended up accidently possessing it, and now I can’t even get out. QAQ

Mo: “…”

This was really a roller coaster ride of a story.

Mo Zhen let out a sigh of relief and pulled out a chair to sit down. “Could you be even stupider?”

Ah Yao’s big teary eyes looked at Mo Zhen as her paws continued to tap the keyboard, [This is truly a tragic story ]

Mo Zhen’s mouth moved in amusement, “No, this is obviously a comedy movie.”

Ah Yao: “…”

Tap tap tap tap – QAQ

Mo: “…”

Mo Zhen sighed again, and then rolled up his sleeves, “Alright, let’s first go take a bath.”

Hearing that, Ah Yao suddenly became very spirited, “Meow ~!”

Seeing this kind of reaction, Mo Zhen couldn’t help but smirk in amusement, “You’re the one washing, not me.”

Grabbing Ah Yao from on top of the table, Mo Zhen brought her directly into the bathroom on the first floor.

All cats unconsciously hated water, however, Ah Yao in Mo Zhen’s hands could only whine with her meows… If she could, she would prefer wailing instead.

“Stop moving around carelessly! The water is splashing on me!”


“I’m telling you to stop moving, where are you putting your tongue!”

“Meow meow!”

“Move your tail, you stupid cat!”

“Meow woo ~ ~ ~ ~”



even in cat form, Ah Yao is still as shameless as before

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