Chapter 20 – Let me make a mess of you for your whole life, what do you say? (Part -1)

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This heat … Yes, the boy in front of her was definitely the Master of Stars Power of the Fire Department.

Seeing the fear in Jiuche’s eyes, the frustration that was inside the boy finally found a way to vent itself.

A circle of fire surrounded the boy’s hand. The red rays that emanated from the fire made Chang Shen shiver to the point that she began to tremble.
“Miss, let’s just pretend nothing happened …Please… Miss …”

The flame produced by the Power of the Stars had a destructive force far greater than a normal flame. If Jiuche was to be hit, then she certainly would not have the slightest hope of surviving.


The boy was satisfied with Chang Shen’s surprise. How did these useless little beings dare to challenge them, the Masters of the Power of the Stars!

With his eyes injected with blood and grinding his teeth, he said, “Little bitch, are you afraid? Mmmh? Today, I’m gonna strike you so hard that you will not only lose your human appearance, but also become a commodity for the most squalid black markets like a bastard being attacked by a bunch of beasts. You will receive so many insults that you will die of embarrassment! Not only you will suffer the wrath, but also this old woman too! I will cut her in a thousand pieces in front of you. I’ll end the lineage of Lu! Stupid bitch! ”


Hearing those words, Shao Qingrou’s eyes were shining as she made a fist of both hands.
This Li Ronggui had always been a daddy, spoiled, and pitiless. Whatever he said, it has to be executed.


Shao Qingrou wanted Jiuche to be completely carbonized and then sell her ashes to the black market. “Death” was the only result she wished for. Only then she would be able to appease the hatred that was inside of her.


After hearing such a threat, Chang Shen’s legs were shaking. She wanted to defend Jiuche from the attack, but remained still. It was as if she didn’t want to face such a scary fate as Jiuche.


In her beautiful eyes, there was not the slightest trace of terror. She watched Li Ronggui, who was standing silently, giving a surprised face.
Is this girl so afraid that she has gone mad?
“Hmm, Jiuche, now bow and kiss my feet. Nothing can change your destiny. Do you underst…”


Gradually, Jiuche’s eyes became more and more dark as if inside of her she was fermenting a destructive anger.
A brutal, cold, obscure, murderous expression …
Even a wicked spirit wandering at midnight that crossing her gaze would change his or her path, let alone Li Ronggui.


If he had yet to say something, then it was stuck in his throat. He could not even say half a word …
How … How could it be that his legs couldn’t stop to shake…

Suddenly, Jiuche exploded in a loud laugh. The ashes that had spread on her face prevented him from seeing the amazing beauty she carried on her face as she laughed. Like a thousand trees in the full bloom, it illuminated the night of its splendor.


Li Ronggui was completely absent, so Jiuche leaned forward violently and threw herself on him.
Shao Qingrou was astonished, “Is Jiuche crazy?”
The Master of the Power of the Stars was ready to use his powers against her, but she did not retreat. Did she want to reincarnate again?


Li Ronggui returned to himself. He shouted with excitement and exclaiming, “If you get closer, then it is even better! Die!”
He clenched his fists.  The temperature of the whole room gradually increased. The rays of the flame got stronger, and the heat was unbearable.


Shao Qingrou and Cheng Shen stared with terror in their eyes. Suddenly, Jiuche raised her hand and put the iron bar on the floor. Then, using it as a lever, she fluttered with a leap in front of Li Ronggui, who held his own fiery punch, and violently struck his face.
Li Ronggui spat blood together with two of his teeth. The Power of the Spirit of the Stars that was emerging from the palm of the hand had been interrupted and the fire suddenly extinguished.


But Jiuche’s attack was not over yet. When she turned, she grabbed the iron bar from the ground and hit Li Ronggui between his feet.

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