Chapter 20 – Demon Knows 2

By | November 23, 2016

Auntie Chang looked up towards Shao Qingrou and begged, “Miss Shao… After all we both come from the same country…We could be friends…Could you please..”

Auntie Chang’s begging was interrupted abruptly by Lu Jiuque falling down entirely and crying in front of Li Ronggui.

“Mr Li…Please don’t die… Don’t die on me…Are you ok…”

“Please please don’t die on me..”

Shao Qingrou didn’t expect Lu Jiuque to be so soft because she’s not the type of person to be soft like this. She always plays tough.

In other words… Lu realized that she’s not going to make it?

Exactly. Even if Prince is here right now he wouldn’t be able to save her.

She’s messing with the son of a alchemist. That’s a big no no.

“Hey.. Hang in there please..”

Of course Lu Jiuque is just pretending to be crying. She’s not really crying, instead, she’s destroying Li Ronggui’s vital points.

Poor guy. He was already half dead and now he passed out.

Shao Qingrou saw that Li passed out and she finally reared her ugly head.

“Lu Jiuque! You are done! You are so done!! You made Li passed out. His dad won’t let go of it! Not only you, but your old grandma too! You are all dead meat now. Hahaha”

Shao Qingrou is so happy she’s out of her mind now. She’s not scared of Lu Jiuque.

She laughed disgracefully with that high pitch voice, which contrasts sharply with her nickname Rose of the Kingdom.

Lu Jiuque knows exactly what to do. Doesn’t matter if she has that bat or not. As long as she has silver needles she can do some serious damage.

Timing carefully, Lu Jiuque threw three silver needles at Shao Qingrou’s vital points.

Shao stopped laughing immediately.

Nothing can move but her eyeballs.

Lu Jiuque stood up slowly and took her time to look around. Her tears are no longer on her face, and the regretness is gone.

She put on a beautiful yet sly smile.

“Hmm. Auntie Chang will you look at this. What do you think of her face.. Is it bad enough? ”

Auntie Chang has no idea what is going on.

What just happened?

Auntie Chang replied in response, “Yes. Her face looks bad and evil.”

“Like a mad person?”
“Yes… Like a mad and crazy person.”

Lu Jiuque nodded in satisfaction. She has a plan. And this all made the Demon, who has been watching all along, interested.

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