Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 20.1


Mo Zhen was slightly surprised for a moment. He turned to look at Ah Yao, a light gleaming in his deep black eyes as he asked, “You thought of what?”

  Ah Yao shook her head and continued to stare intently at the painting on the wall, “No, I just thought that this oil painting looked really familiar. I know! Don’t you think it looks like an orange that has exploded in a microwave?”

  Mo: “…”

  He picked up the glass in his hands and sipped some water. “I usually use a juicer to make orange juice.”

  Ah Yao: “…”

   Must he use such a mesmerizing voice to insult her? Really terrible!

  As for the waiter who was standing on the side serving them, despite seeing Mo Zhen eat Western food at a table all by himself, the waiter could only expose a professional and calm smile – although his heart was curious to death.

  Watching as Mo Zhen readjusted his position in his seat, the waiter politely retreated. Ah Yao watched as Mo Zhen elegantly ate his western food and she also felt a little hungry, but she wasn’t sure if the hunger was from her heart or from her stomach.

  ”The cheese platter here is very delicious.” Mo Zhen forked a small piece of bread as he showed it to Ah Yao in front of him.

  It was as if because he had the height advantage to pick the grapes, but when he picked the grapes, he would still deliberately show off how sweet and delicious they were. (idiom)

  Ah Yao raised her eyebrows and chuckled a few times, “Really? Then you must eat them for me.”

  Mo Zhen felt a little uncomfortable. Although he had intentionally teased Ah Yao about her shortcomings, when he saw her drooling over the food he couldn’t watch any longer. “When we go back I’ll ask my master to see if there is any way to help you eat,” he said.

  Ah Yao’s eyes lit up when she heard this and she almost burst out of her chair, “Really? Really can I eat?” Since she had become a ghost, she had been unable to eat or savour anything at all!  Not being able to eat her favourite snacks was akin to going through torture!

  Mo Zhen tried to ignore the person happily dancing in front of him… Uh, ghosts, when they cry, there shouldn’t be a sound.

  Ah Yao continued in excitement, “You have a master?”


  Mo Zhen’s mouth stopped moving, as if he had accidently revealed a secret.

  Regarding Master, Mo Zhen has always tight-lipped and deliberately never mentioned his master to anyone; all of his private information was absolutely confidential to the outside world. So what happened that summer vacation, the only two people who knew about it were him and his grandma. After the death of grandmother, no one knew about his matter.

  And yet he had so naturally mentioned his master in front of Ah Yao.

  ”He can’t be the priest person you were mentioning before, right?” Ah Yao continued to question curiously. Mo Zhen thought, since she wasn’t technically a person, she can’t be considered an outsider, right? Justifying it in his head, Mo Zhen nodded frankly. “When I was very young, I could see some wandering ghosts. It was only after I met Master that they all disappeared.”

  ”Oh,” said Ah Yao nodding, “Why can you see me then?”

  ”I don’t know.” Mo Zhen smiled silently, and he remembered that the first two words that Master had said to him was…


  Maybe he was referring to this.

  Although he was sitting in the corner, Mo Zhen still had the identity of a celebrity, and there were many guests who could not help but glance at him. Most of the people who came to this restaurant had very genteel etiquette. Although they were not fans that would frantically take pictures and ask for an autograph, most of them still possessed gossiping hearts.

  Not to mention, they had no idea why Mo Zhen was talking to the empty space in front of him. People could not help but make up a story in their minds of how ‘Mo Zhen had been so stressed and frustrated that it slowly developed into a mental disorder’ kind of story.

  ”Zhen Zhen, I feel like more and more people are staring at you.” Ah Yao looked around for a while and felt that there were many eyes directed at them at that moment.

  Mo Zhen coughed, his right hand covering his mouth , “So don’t talk to me again right now.”

  Ah Yao flattened her mouth, but she really no longer opened her mouth to speak.

  The sound of high heels clicking on the floor came close. Ah Yao twisted her head in the direction of the noise and saw a woman wearing a black dress come from the side. Her hand was holding a glass of red wine as vibrant and gorgeous as her lip lipstick. Her black high heels were at least 10 cm high, but still she floated gracefully as she came closer.

  ”Emperor Mo, what a coincidence…” When the woman reached Mo Zhen’s side, she stopped and swiveled the red wine in her hand, “You’re by yourself?”

  Ah Yao looked up at her. Her smooth straight black hair was compiled into a fancy and delicate hairstyle, and a diamond necklace hung on her neck as more diamonds hung from her earlobes like a beautiful statue.

  If you wanted a word to describe this woman, compared to the word beautiful, describing her as delicate was even more appropriate. Not to mention her face had exquisite makeup painted on, and even her lips were curved wonderfully, as if she was a sophisticated noble lady.

  ”Ah.” Mo Zhen sipped his water quietly and wiped his mouth with a paper towel.

  ”What a coincidence, I’m also by myself. Would you mind if I sat down?” Although the woman was asking politely, in reality, her body was already prepared to resolutely sit beside Mo Zhen.

  Mo Zhen put down the paper towel in his hands and raised his head to look at this woman.

  He had never really lacked any accompaniment. Whether it was someone alone, or a group of people, there would always be someone willing to stick themselves to him.

  But Tang Xiao should be among the best of them.

  The born-to-be a model Tang Xiao, after spending some time shining in the modelling industry, opened up her own economic company and retreated behind the scenes. From the runway, it was extremely difficult to even see her shadow. It was only through various parties in the entertainment industry that people would have the honour of seeing Tang Xiao’s grace and beauty.

Emperor Mo gets hit on yet again, I’m sorry Zhen Zhen, I wish I could relate but I really can’t…

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