Chapter 2

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Hi everyone, Tess here 🙂 When I first read this story, I love it so much because it was different from other stories that I’ve read before. I am hoping that you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks to Xixi and the admin for helping me getting settled here. Also thanks to Ocelot for helping me to edit this translation. Without further ado, enjoy chapter 2. 🙂

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Chapter 2

The moon was shining in the sky, brightly illuminating the T2 airport entrance making it look like a huge monster was towering the open space.

In the parking lot exit lane on the third floor, Jian Wei could see that the people around her – who were still surrounding the nanny car – had turned their eyes and were looking in her direction.

Jian Wei was frozen to the spot.

The girl’s cry had not only alerted the surrounding fans, but also passersby who were watching the scene. These days, Zhou Peipei was so very popular that almost everyone had heard of her. At the drop off zone where people were busy going in and out of the lane, it suddenly became so quiet that you could actually hear a slight cough.

Next second, the buzzing sound was getting clearer and clearer.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Jian Wei took a glance at the black nanny car which stood still in middle of the night, not knowing when it would launch.

Reluctantly closing her eyes, she felt that she could not stay at this place any longer.

Expertly reattaching her mask, she whispered “Sorry…” before turning around to leave. Who would have thought that, just as she had taken two steps, suddenly behind her there was an earth-shattering scream that could be heard through the whole airport?

Are you kidding me? This group of fans also secretly idolized Zhou Peipei!

Jian Wei broke into a run, but she was surrounded by the fans and the passengers who had heard the news.

She was pushed into the crowds again, and in her confusion, found herself to be in the centre of the crowd. She tried to explain herself but it was so chaotic that even when she shouted, she still could not hear her own voice. Her feet were stepped on several times, so much so that it pained her. She was unable to move forward and had to rely on the people behind her for support.

She seemed to have turned into meat, just waiting to be torn into pieces.

Security, where were the airport security?


When she was resigned to the thought that she was going to be torn into pieces, suddenly, from the nanny car a few meters back, the door opened and two black men jumped down.

Jian Wei’s eyes were wide open. She believe that they could squeeze through the crowd. When they reached her, with one person on either side of her, they began to guard her to move forward.

“I’m sorry, everyone! Don’t push! Let us through!!”

Jian Wei didn’t know how she should react when she found herself in front of the nanny car. One of the men said urgently, “Quickly get inside!”

Although he sounded anxious he still did not dare to push her inside, as if he was afraid that he would offend her.

When Jian Wei had safely boarded the car, the two men got inside as well and the car suddenly moved forward as the driver stepped on the accelerator. The fans around the car retreated like a tide, and soon they became a distant shadow.

The man in the passenger seat said with a light tone, “Man, this battle… I had only heard about it in the news before… Never thought that I would experience such scene.”

When Jian Wei heard his voice, she was stunned.

She knew him. Assistant Lin Hao, who worked for that person. Every diehard fan knew him.

When Lin Hao looked back, and found that Jian Wei was looking at him, he immediately put on a warm smile, “Just now, Zhou laoshi* must have been frightened. If I had known that you were in the airport, I would have brought along a few bodyguards to get you.”

*laoshi – literal meaning is teacher. Used for someone that is respected.


The light was not turned on in the back seat. In the dark space, the only source of light came through the window from the outside.

Jian Wei had lowered her head. She did not dare to speak a word, her fingertips couldn’t stop trembling.

It seems, they had misunderstood…


Beside her came a sound, it was low and filled with laughter.

Jian Wei’s heart skipped a beat. She had been aware for a while that there was someone sitting there, but didn’t dare take a look.

“Without an assistant or bodyguard, just yourself alone among the fans, Zhou laoshi, what kind of performance were you playing? I hope we didn’t disturb you just now.”

The voice was like a spell, causing her to move her eyes towards it as if she were sleepwalking.

Next to the window seat sat a man with long legs. He was dressed just as he was at the airport, but he already taken off his mask and the cap was covering his face, as if he was sleeping.

Definitely due to the light, she was mesmerized by his beautifully-shaped jaw that resembled a mountain, his Adam’s apple looking like a beautiful branch.

Jiang Yi.

The first time she saw those two words, she thought, it really was a good name with water and mountains.

*Jiang [江 ]means river; Yi [屹 ] means high and steep; mountain


Inside the car, the air-conditioning was turned on and the leather seats were exquisite. Her hands rested on the top of the seat, gently sweeping the leather; the excitement was spreading, causing her fingertips to tremble.

This nanny car was featured in a variety of videos about him countless times. Every time he bid farewell to the fans, he would get inside this car. His fans always joked around, saying that if they could have one wish from Aladdin’s lamp, they wanted to have a tour, Not around this male god’s bed, but a tour of this car!

Now, she was sitting right inside this car.

And he was just within her fingertips’ reach.

Jian Wei had to pinch her thigh to make sure that she was not dreaming.

“This is bad, we’re being followed.” Lin Hao frowned. He was observing the car through the rear-view mirror.

The driver asked, “Paparazzi? We just left the airport. How could we suddenly become so popular?”

After Jiang Yi made the transformation from singer to actor a few years ago, he had always played supporting roles. Last year, because of the company’s efforts, he was able to land lead roles in several dramas. However, the dramas hadn’t been broadcast, so even if the paparazzi had predicted that he would become the next big thing, his popularity wasn’t been that high yet so he really wasn’t worth such attentive tracking.

Jiang Yi was too lazy to even open his eyes, “I’m not popular enough, don’t we have Zhou laoshi here?”

The major airport has always been a place where paparazzi gather. Just now, their movements had attracted many. This, along with Zhou Peipei’s popularity, meant being followed was quite ordinary.

Lin Hao was a little anxious, “This is bad. This will certainly come out in tomorrow’s news. Jing jie will be angry when she sees this……”

He suddenly realized something and cast an eye towards Jian Wei and no longer continued.

Jian Wei knew the person that he called Jing jie was Jiang Yi’s agent, Zhu Jing, who had quite a temper. She was a little worried about causing him trouble.

Caught off guard, Jiang Yi took off the cap, his eyes looking straight at her. In the dim light his eyes were bright, showing indifference.

“What was wrong with you? Suddenly became mute?”

Jian Wei knew that she could no longer stay silent. Regardless of how much she looked like Zhou Peipei, their voices were not similar at all. Just now, because of the chaos, people really couldn’t tell, but in this situation where it was so quiet, adding the fact that these people were those who familiar with Zhou Peipei, just a few words could reveal the truth.

It’s not right, she suddenly thought. It’s not as if she was pretending, so why she should be afraid ……

“I am not ….”

She hadn’t finished the words when suddenly the driver turned the steering wheel, causing the car to make a sharp turn. Jian Wei was not wearing a seat belt, causing her to fall to her left.

Lin Hao cursed, “What is wrong with you!”

Driver: “Look behind, there are three cars following us! How else should I get rid of them?!”

Her body hit another body, a little hard, a little soft. She was feeling dizzy, and found out that two hands were holding her armpits. A strong arm, big hand on her back, making sure that she did not hit the car wall.

Jian Wei raised her head, her nose touched the man’s jaw.

She was touching that jaw she had seen numerous times before.

Her mind became completely blank as if it has been shut down, she became completely stiff.

“Get up.”

Jiang Yi felt a bit of pain in his chest as he had just been hit by this person’s arm. He had always disliked this type of thing, a beautiful girl throwing herself onto him purposely… Holding her up, he said, “Zhou Peipei, I’m going to charge you money for this…”

Jiang Yi’s words stuck in his throat. Because of the dim light he had not see clearly, but up close,- even if the face looked similar- it was not the same.

He paused for a moment, then asked:, “Who are you?”

Jian Wei did not answer. Jiang Yi rushed forward and said, “Shit, who in the world did you take inside?!”

The two men didn’t understand his words, but suspecting that it was because Zhou Peipei had attracted the paparazzi, they tried to smooth things over, “Yi ge don’t be like this. No matter what, you and Zhou laoshi are brother and sister from the same company. You have the heart to throw her into the fire? Your cp powder* won’t allow it!”

* Cp powder: fans that ship two artists as a couple


“You look at her yourself, this is Zhou laoshi.”

Lin Hao was surprised for a moment, turned his head and stared at Jian Wei for a while, his eyes opening wider. “This is ….. How can this be?  Zhou laoshi, you had plastic surgery?”


Jian Wei finally recovered her voice. “Yes, I am sorry. I am not Zhou Peipei. Just now, everyone was mistaken, you…you were also mistaken…”

Lin Hao was stunned. The driver could not take a glance, but he also wore the look of the unimaginable. Jiang Yi was the first to calm down, his long legs bent on the front row chairs as he lazily stretched his back.

Jian Wei suddenly had an illusion that he was like a big cat that was hibernating. Finding something amusing, he suddenly got up!

“Pata”, a sound was heard as the lights were turned on and warm yellow light shone.

Jiang Yi’s eyes, like a stream, fell onto her face.

This girl had a small face and a pair of bright eyes that were big enough to cause people to assume her to be as naïve as a deer. Her lips showed her nervousness and a shallow dimple was shown, causing him to imagine the soft look she would have when she laughed.

She was a very beautiful young girl, in her early twenties.

However, this was not the most important thing.

People could not ignore the fact that this slightly immature face and that popular actress really looked similar!

Jiang Yi was staring at the mole by her left eye, the biggest difference between those two faces. “What is your relationship with Zhou Peipei?”

Jian Wei, mesmerized by his eyes, replied softly, “No relation….”

He was a little surprised, “Nothing?”

Jian Wei suddenly thought about when she was on the plane just now.

Zhao Feiyan and the concubine had no blood relationship, but they had very similar faces. In this world, there really was such thing?

Before Zhou Peipei became an instant hit and her omnipresent stance appeared in Jian Wei’s world, she thought that doppelgangers only existed in TV plays.

His hand supporting his chin, Jiang Yi looked at her and finally let out a laugh. He was laughing like crazy, his eyes still looking at her.

Jian Wei’s cheeks were hot. She suspected that she must be blushing hard, and could not help but say, “Don’t laugh. Could you not laugh…?”

The sound was soft and a little waxy, not really complaining, and sounding a little bit spoiled.

She thought that she would be tortured by Jiang Yi’s laughter for a while; she didn’t think that this soon he would returned to normal. “Miss, I am sorry we mistakenly took you. We’ve done wrong. You let the driver know where you are going, and after we get rid of the paparazzi we’ll let you go at the first opportunity.”

It was the longest sentence he had spoken since being inside the car. He then re-covered his face with the hat and seemed to be going to sleep. Jian Wei was originally a little confused. It was only when the car had driven for a while that she finally understood the situation.

He had found the incident funny, had finished laughing about it, and no longer had any interest in the matter. He closed his eyes, too lazy to give her attention any longer.

Lin Hao had been staring back at Jian Wei… he almost twisted his neck. “This…miss, where are you going? You see, thing troublesome thing is… We didn’t know, so you won’t sue me for kidnapping a girl, ah…?”

“Baby, pick up the phone, quickly pick up the phone….”

A man’s gentle and laughing voice sounded, interrupting Lin Hao’s words. It was Jian Wei’s phone ringtone. Her whole body stiffened, she quickly opened her bag to find the phone. The caller id showed Lai Xiao Shuang, probably to ask her where she was at the airport.

Before she had time to pick it up, Lin Hao asked hesitantly, “This, Yi ge, isn’t this your voice?”

Jian Wei turned around.

Jiang Yi was holding the hat and had pulled it down, his eyes falling onto Jian Wei’s face.


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