Chapter 2 – Time Travel, Doomed Dead?

By | November 7, 2016

Pain flew through Lu Jiuque’s body, as if she’s been cut in pieces by knife. Lu opened her eyes with great effort, only to find herself lying in a sea of red flowers.

Isn’t she…supposed to be dead by now?

What is this place?!

Just as Lu is about to get up, waves of memories which appear to not belong to her hit her like magic, leaving her miserable for moments.

Jesus Christ.

She time traveled to the mysterious Land of Tianchen, transforming from Lu Jiuque into Lu Jiuque?

Reborn, is it really a good thing?

Since Lu Jiuque has always been deemed disastrous by fortune tellers. She’s born dead, doomed to suffer.

Anyone who encounter Lu Jiuque will suffer from bad luck.

Rumor has it that even the fortune teller who worked with her barely finished the fortune telling before getting split by lightning.

Right after that, anyone from the Lu Family who was sent to war never came back.

In the end there was only her and an old servant left, the rest of the family being victims of murder and all were found dead in this place.
An orphan with no family, a girl unblessed. Isn’t that exactly the same as what she went through in her previous life?

Lu Jiuque…Lu Jiuque…

They even have the exact same names. Is this really just coincidence?

Lu Jiuque closed her eyes, feeling carefully the unique smell of this land, murmuring, “From now on, I, will be Lu Jiuque… I will replace you, and enjoy life….!”

Since she has become Lu Jiuque, those who resulted in her ending up here will get their punishment.

She has always been that big mean satan on the inside.

A feeling of extreme pain woke Lu up. Taking a look around, she was terrified with what she realized: the vines around her are alive and trying to pierce into her.

“Damn it!”

Cursing madly, Lu Jiuque grabbed that piece of vine and dragged it out of her with all her strength and threw it away, only to find it disappear suddenly.

What she then came to realize was absolutely terrifying: right below the sea of floweres… were tons zombies stacked on top of each other.

Zombies are everywhere.

Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

Exactly how many people…have died in this cursed place?

Had she not time traveled and transformed, she probably would have been one of the zombies herself.

Lu Jiuque calmed herself down quickly. After all she has saved more than this, and also killed more than this.

Lu assumed that these zombies can only consume dead bodies, since they were not attacking her.

Well then there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Lu grabbed some tuber which she used to fix her fractured leg. Looking around for a way out, she started walking.

Every minute spent here comes with increased chance of dying here.

Looking from far behind, the shabbily dressed skinny girl with blood all over her body were struggling through the crowd of zombies.

Her mouth stayed shut. That tough look on her face never faded. The way she walked like an old lady was funny, despite being a teenager.

Glowing like stars, her eyes are the only eye-catching thing on her entire body.

She was just like a rock isolated from the rest of the crowd, tough yet rough.
The conflicting scene made the person watching can’t help but laugh.

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  1. humbledaisy1

    Thanks for the translated chapter. I think perhaps the translator meant a piece of lumber to brace her leg with. A tuber is a root vegetable.

  2. libraryrocker

    maybe ghouls instead of zombies? Ghouls are often depicted as scavenging the dead, while zombies… usually actively go after the living to eat them. (exception for ghouls: Tokyou Ghoul)

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  3. midoriha

    oh, so she’s crossed over, neat! now then, who is that person watching her?


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