Chapter 2 – Post Civilization Era

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All livestock is scared, they almost escape from the barn, but the herdsman stops them, growling violently, it is a panicking situation.

At the same time, there is a woman comforting her child crying.
There are lots of herdsman praying while kneeling down on the ground, very solemn.

They are not surprised of Chu Feng because a lot of passerby walked passed their territory, and some of them stayed in their tent for nights.

After a long time, the situation finally calms down.

Chu Feng rubbed his body with warm water.  He drank a glass of fresh tea, then he gave all his candies to the kids.

These kids have a red cheek, the red color is so bright, a big smile on their face, he finished giving away his candies, they are all happy and feeling satisfied.

Chu Feng is curious in what really happened on the mountain, he has a lot of questions, perhaps this place also has Manjusaka growing all over here?

An old man comes out of the tent. His hairs were all white and wrinkles on his face. He was looking into the mountain.

Quickly Chu Feng finds out there is a slight blue fog floating in the air, makes the livestock all scared like they are going to escape.

However, there are no Manjusaka in there, but the fog sure is thick.

“Why are you looking into the mountain?” Chu Feng asked.

“That one is the holy mountain.”. The old man answered him.

Kun Lun is the name of the mountain, it is called the holy mountain, its legend is famous from <<San Hai sacred book>> to <<Huai Nan Zi>>, and again <<The History Diary>> and so on, these are all ancient books.

At first, the fog is not that thick, but somebody saw it coming from the holy mountain.

The mountain is covered by white fog and there is blue fog in the deep layers. It was so thick.

As if there is a blue sky on top of the mountain, it is floating in there, although it is far but the light is like a lightning.

Gazing into the distance, it is really mysterious, blue lights are dancing in the air, it is a pleasant view.

Because of it, some of the old shepherds are praying while facing the mountain.

Though the strangeness in the sure surprises them, the thick fog still covering in there, it is more than the one Chu Feng saw in the desert.

What is the cause of all this? Chu Feng is thinking about it.

He comes out with a reason, maybe it is caused by the quake from the mountain.

Long before, something same happened in one of the region in there, it was frightening that time.

In case the mountain has a severe earthquakes it may cause the magnetic anomaly to be extremely high which can can affect the electromagnetic field. The electric charges towards the clouds and it will discharge the electric, adding the aurora effect, it makes more colorful.

Chu Feng doesn’t believe in rumors, he thinks that it is caused by nature.

But, no matter what he said, the shepherds won’t believe him, they thought he underestimated the holy mountain, they almost tell him to leave.

In fact, there are parts that can’t be described, like the one Chu Feng just experienced in the desert.

He slightly sighs, in this “post-civilization era”, there are so many indescribable things, if a human is putting more effort, maybe the world’s questions will have their answers.

The war has destroyed half of the earth, it almost turned into waste oils, although years of recovery, the earth gained its life again.

During the years, there have been a lot of strange happened, without knowing the cause.

In the morning, the bright red sun appears throughout the horizon, bright morning in the fields and a morning smell.

Chu Feng farewells and continues his journey.

He walks to the west, towards the highlands.

Along the way, he understands that the cause of the mysterious blue fog.

“Is that another mysterious phenomena?” He’s talking to himself.

In histories, there were always big things happened in the past which has not been answered.

In the Tibetan areas, the sky is particularly blue with white layers of cloud, as it feels like they are touching the ground, like he can touch them with his hands, the field is also calming, this is such a peaceful if he must say.

On his ways, Chu Feng heard so many rumors.

Some herdsman says that the living God in the holy mountain awakens so there are blue fogs everywhere.

Some say there are holy trees growing and the flowers bloom.

“The dragon mastiff will born!” Some also says that.

There is also a rumor about a dragon mastiff living in the mountain, one will born in hundreds of years, very strong and can conquer the evil, even the lions and tigers fear of it.

Days later, Chu Feng arrived in the holy mountain area.

He knows, along his way there is slightly transparent blue fog, it is like the one in the history.

At the same time, this means that this will be the same as before, no one will ever know the reason of it!

As for results, no one knows what the fog will affect them.

It is pretty strange, that time is autumn, the Tibet area is supposed to be cold, but these days it gets warm and warmer.

Days before, the yellow leaves are falling down, but for now it’s different.

It is like the trees has its life again, no more yellow leaves falling down, they were all green.

Especially when he comes to Kun Lun, along his way, the fields are all green as the tree leaves, the weather is clear and warm.

It is autumn now, but lacks of those leaves falling and rustles in the air.

“The weather is warm, perhaps another weather change?” Chu Feng guessed.

Finally, he sees the Kun Lun mountain.

The mountain is far from, yet he feels pressured by looking to it.

A high towering mountain, magnificent, it is like a backbone of the sky and earth,  is sitting there.

It is magnificent yet forceful, cannot be compared to the other mountain, this is one of the most ancient mountains.

This mountain has a lot of legends even until now still covered by countless legends and rumors.

He walks to the town, but hears a lot of rumors of the strangeness in Kun Lun mountain about the blue thing, he decides to come near the mountain.

“This is the place.”

Chu Feng arrives at the destination, he is standing under the mountain. The mountain is like a big mysterious castle, vigorous and huge, sitting on the west ground.

This is just part of the Kun Lun mountain, this area has been blazing blue in days ago and a lot of people saw it, but now they are not daring to approach it.

Chu Feng goes into the mountain, he gradually climbs.

The mountain is up high, huge stones everywhere in the way, the road is hard to pass by, plants and herbs on the field and it is strange in fact it is autumn in that timing.

“Is there an earthquake in the past days?” Chu Feng is curious.

The mountain has a scratched, and a lot of them, and there are traces of huge stones rolling down.

This is the big mountain, where strangeness always happens.

“What’s this?”

Chu Feng saw one huge stone, there are words craved for it, the cravings are deep but was buried half of it in the ground.

After the earthquake, part of mountain cracked up, and the huge stones appeared on the ground.

There’s a green layer on the big stone, it looks like some kind of withered moss.


Chu Feng touches the craving words on the stone, this is an inscription, a very long inscriptions engraved in the ancient times.

Some people can’t understand it.

Chu Feng is curious, he keeps thinking, why is it written those two words?

Here he saw the west and king, two words, perhaps there was a real west king in the ancient times?

“Maybe it was just some ancient people left this old tablet.” Chu Feng shook his head, answering to himself.

“This is pretty weird!”

Suddenly, he startled, he found out the withered moss on the stone is not normal.

“The green bronze medal!” This result surprises him.

This tablet was sealed and buried in the mountain, it shouldn’t be any moss growing, it must be buried pretty long time until the earthquake and it appeared on the ground.

Its material is like some kind of bronze!

But, this big ancient copper is really rare.

“Cultural relics and bronze medals from the Yin ruins are not even a ton heavy, it was called the big green bronze relic, but this……”

Chu Feng digs up the stones, this green copper is likely 2,5-3 tons, this surely is a piece of the heaviest relics.

The big stone is green, it looks like it is an ancient treasure that has been buried for years.

If that really is a tablet, Chu Feng thinks that someone left it on purpose, but this one is pretty huge, he is not sure.

Who spends time for nostalgia the old ancient times?

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