Chapter 2: Through a Parallel Universe and Back Being a Nobody

By | May 21, 2017

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Lu Jiuque feels immense pain through her body, as if someone were torturing her with a knife. She struggles and opens her eyes, and she finds herself in the middle of a meadow of bright red flowers.

Shouldn’t she be dead already?

What is that place?

As she tries to lift herself up she hears all her bones crackling, a memory that doesn’t belong to her takes over her mind, and in a little while she feels fine again.

Oh God.

She was transported through space to this unknown continent called Tianchen. She’s no longer Lu Jiuque: now she is Lu Jiuche of the Lu family.

To live a second time, is that luck or what?

A fortune-teller Lu branded Jiuche as a bringer of misfortune, a predestined nobody. As her name (“jiu che” – “lack of nine”) suggests, she would miss all of the nine elements through her whole life. Anybody who got close to her would be hit by dire misfortune.

It is said that, soon after making that prediction, the fortune-teller barely had the time to speak a few more words, before being struck dead by lighning.

From that day on, not a single member of the Lu family who fought on a battlefield ever came back home, their fate unknown.

Eventually she and an old servant remained the last two living members of the Lu family, and she herself was murdered on that very meadow.

Somebody with no one to love, disdained by everyone else… isn’t this just like her previous life?

Lu Jiuque, Lu Jiuche…

Even the names are almost identical, maybe that’s what destiny had in store for her?

Now a large smile appears on her face. Lu Jiuche closes her eyes and breathes in the air of that special land. She says to herself: “From now on, I’ll be Lu Jiuche… I’ll live a better life on your behalf!”

She wants to take revenge on those who brought her there, no one will get away with it.


Bitter pain takes Jiuche back to reality. She realizes that some vines around her are moving, and they are trying to pierce through her skin!

Lu Jiuche grabs the branches and tears them off, along with the skin they attached to.

Then Jiuche notices a sea of corpses underneath all of those flowers!

Hidden by the pleasant scent of the meadow, there is a mountain of bodies and bones!

Are there a thousand people? Ten thousand? One hundred thousand?

How many died in that devilish place?

Had she not woken up, she would now be a corpse among them.

Jiuche guesses that those vines feed on the dead.

Jiuche picks up the rigid trunks of some flowers and splints her broken leg, then she starts searching for a way out.

Every moment she remains there, the danger grows even greater.

From far away, it is possible to notice that slender, bloodied girl with her clothes torn up, staggering along.

Her gaze is firm, but although she is only 13, maybe 14 years old, she is walking at the pace of an old woman.

Out of her whole body, only her eyes are shining, and they burn like stars.

That peculiar and nonsensical picture makes someone, who so far watched in silence, burst into laughter.

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