Chapter 2 – Fearless

By | November 24, 2016

The blue light flashed away, the cold ice slowly cracked in the air which made the temperature slowly going down.

Yun-Ye took a deep breath while slowly tip toed to escape.

“Perhaps the Gods hate me too?”

From the bottom of his heart, Yun-Ye took three years of training and he also learned some secret techniques. He was very talented that he was one of the outstanding from other disciples with the same level. He could pass one level in one year so that means three years he already reached the third level. Maybe this was the cause the Dao Lie-Liu envied Yun-Ye so much.

There are a total of seven levels of body training, first is bone training, to strengthen the bones and muscles; the second is blood transfusion training, to feed the blood from all kinds of toxins; the third one is pulp washing, this was needed so the body can produce pure essence of blood and gain more strength. The fourth one is the organ training, it is to train all organs in the body, The fifth is to train the chi; the sixth is to train the sensibility, and the seventh is to train the aura, to absorb the spiritual air and turn it into chi.

Each level of training has a huge gap in power, although Dao Lie-Liu was still on the fourth level, but he could still beat Yun-Ye easily.

For now, if it was the ice snake, it has the same level as third, Yun-Ye got a chance to fight the snake but it was so hard for him to defeat two ice snakes at once. If he was like Dao Lie-Liu maybe he can kill the snake.

The ice snake didn’t march forward towards Yun-Ye, it was just staring Yun-Ye with deep cold eyes.

Yun-Ye thought he saw a little ray of light, showed him escape road, but the dust was so thick which made him hard to see.

“What should I do? Perhaps the time has come for me to die?” Yun-Ye staring to the ice snakes in front of him while sweating.

The man and the snakes started to battle.

Acknowledge Yun-Ye’s fighting skills, one of the snake began to approach him.

Yun-Ye did not dare to escape, he knew if he stepped out, the snakes would march toward him. A single bite could freeze the man while it’s toxic flowing into his body and cause death.

It was such in a hard situation, the another snake was watching him really carefully.

The snakes were so fast, with the look of the cold air and sharp fang already made Yun-Ye could not stop sweating.

Yun-Ye took a deep breath, wrinkles on his forehead. He did not know ways to escape from death, this moment he regretted to came inside the second region. This was a very dangerous for a disciple like him.

Without hesitation, Yun-Ye slowly made an escape.

At this very moment, the three-meter long snake throws its body into the air and blocked him.

Yun-Ye shocked and escaped from the blow. At the same time, he made a flashing light on his palm and threw it pierced the snake body.

Three years of training gave him such results. But in these three years he had been holding down his rage, at the moment he was going to die, he will rage quit.

This time he threw a dagger and pierced through the snake body.


A crackling voice produced by the sound of the dagger crossed to the snake’s body.

Yun-Ye kept hitting the snake but it was not used, the snake body was so thick.

“Not good.”

Yun-Ye attack did not work, he threw his daggers away and glide forward.

At the moment he let go his daggers, a ray of red light appeared and shining on the daggers.


The daggers flew toward Yun-Ye but he managed to dodged.

He was still gliding while dodging.

At that time, the snakes also marched.

One side the snake attacked from afar, and the other snake also running towards him, it did not matter how much he had run, he cannot attack two snakes at a time.

It seems Yun-Ye’s death was near. He was on the edge now.

Yun-Ye’s eyes flashed like some kind of bloodshot, because of the current situation, he suddenly had a crazy killing intent.

He did not run yet he ran towards the snake, managed to dodge all attacks and grabbed one body, then he punched fiercely into the snake’s mouth which was its weak spot.

“So you do want me to die, then, do it fair and square. An eye for an eye.”

His eyes showed madness, full of bloodshot, monstrous killing intent from eyes of his.

Yun-Ye seemed did not feel pain and he did not even care. He did not think of anything else. His eyes were set on the ice snakes.

One punch followed by another, fiercely strike into the snake’s mouth.

Freezing cold of the snake’s body did not bother him. He was like a volcano, once he explodes, he just throw all his strongest attacks. With the iron fist of his, he kept punching the snakes, especially their mouth.

The snake cried out loud of pain like it’s calling for help to the other snake. It’s mouth opened so wide that cannot closed, even the weakest spot, the throat was destroyed bloodily by Yun-Ye’s iron fist.


Cold light flashed pierced directly to Yun-Ye’s shoulder.

However, Yun-Ye only stopped for a while, he seemed did not feel any pain by the painful attack, he even grabbed the snake’s head with one hand and strike fiercely with his right hand.

“Just die!”

Yun-Ye was insane. He was so bloody. He grabbed it and tore the snake down with all his power.

The snake’s head being torn down while alive by him, directly until its inner organs were there to be seen.

The snake was so in pain, before dead it shook its tail, fiercely slashed to Yun-Ye’s body and wounded him.

But Yun-Ye did not notice.

This time, the other snake marched forward to him and rolled its body to hold him, with such wide mouth strike to bite Yun-Ye’s head.

“Come at me!”

Yun-Ye growled fiercely, his iron fist strike so hard to the snake’s head.

This snake was different from before, its body has more spirit power, added by Yun-Ye had wasted too much energy, this fist won’t do any much damage.


Yun-Ye’s arm was bitten, huge pain and freezing toxic flowing through his body, it could completely freeze one’s body.

The snake tied him up more tighter, his bones were crunched and will be crunched into pieces.

Yun-Ye has weaken, the ice freezes his body like an ice flower.

“Is it the time?”

Yun-Ye’s vision began to blur. His life was taken just like that, frozen to death.

With all his might, he came into Tian Jian faction so hard. He spent three years of hard training, being bullied by Dao Lie-Liu, he claimed his life was like slaves, not slaves but pigs and dogs. This entire shameful life was only for the sake of being immortal. Being immortal means no one dare to bully him, he could have freedom life and justice.

However, all of his hard work and uncompleted dreams is coming to an end?

“No! I won’t die like this!”

Yun-Ye growled so loud for the last time with all his little strength.

Right at the moment Yun-Ye was near death, the skies suddenly appeared a black and white lights, after that he closed both his eyes. The entire sky was so bright that made the wild beasts cannot even look to the rays.

The black and white lights shining brightly on top of Yun-Ye’s head, he only felt so much spiritual power.

Yun-Ye’s imagining that his surrounding was on terrible situation while still closing his eyes.

The earth shattered, tornados spinning around, the valleys all collapsed, the forests were burned as there were hopes for the living creature there to continue to live.

But, at this terrifying situation, there are two shadows appeared in front of him, one black and one white.

The two shadows charged from afar, one step can charged thousand miles.

Hurriedly, Yun-Ye could see through the thick fog. He saw a golden shadows coming through.

Those are the golden warriors, although they were far away, but their aura and warrior stance made Yun-Ye felt like praising them.

The golden warriors rushing toward the two shadows.

Yun-Ye finally could see clearly, those two black and white shadows were one male and one female.

At this time Yun-Ye’s heart stopped beating from before, feeling endless dread, he could  not even described it into words.

At the same time, a black and white ray rushing hurriedly into Yun-Ye’s body.

Yun-Ye only felt like he lost his life.

His mind went blank, knowing nothing.

After some time had passed, Yun-Ye opened his eyes. Looks like the rays did not attack him but it pierced into the darkness upfront.

These rays went back up the sky and whirling while shining down the earth.

In thousand miles ahead, a thick fog came from Tian Jian faction outer region, came an old man with grey-ish robe. He turned his body around and saw the black and white lights.

“So much spiritual power, why did it appeared on my Tian Jian faction valley?”

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