Chapter 2: Eyes of death (Part 2)

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“What?” I got stunned and stared at my grandmother.

Grandmother patted me on my shoulder: “Lili is a good girl, so grandma had to see her last night and help to encoffined her. Today is her funeral and her cremation will be tomorrow. Her mother decided to bury her ashes in the mountain.”

“Last night, you went to encoffined her?” I ask ignorantly.

Grandma nodded her head: “Yes, I went to their house after dinner.”

“That’s Impossible! Last night Lili came to see me and I talked to her.” I look at my grandmother with wide eyes.

At that moment, grandma got surprised and then asked: “Last night? Exactly what time?”

“A little bit late before midnight.” When I got up and went to the hall to follow her, I was able to glance at our wall clock.

Grandmother’s body is shaking, I stretched out my hand to hold her, but when I touched her hand it’s so cold. As if she is scared of something.

“My child, you cannot tell these things to other people, ok? Even to your grandfather don’t tell him!” Grandma stared at me with blood red eyes.

I can see that grandmother is so nervous,  although I don’t understand why, but still I quickly nodded.

Grandmother didn’t loosen her grip to my hands, as I looked at her, I hesitated to ask her: “Grandma, I saw Lili’s injuries, did she die because of that?”

“Lili is already dead. You’re not allowed to mention her again. Go to your room now and have a  good rest. Grandmother will be very busy tonight, remember, don’t try to go out.” Grandma looks very gloomy, so I just nodded.

Late at noon, grandma went inside my room to give me some food and then she went out. From the outside, there is a heavy rain. But still, my grandpa is drinking liquor again on the side.

I sighed, sit on the bed and my mind tried to remember last night when Liu Xiu Li came to me. I really can’t accept the fact that she died.

The more I think about it, the more I get sad. I couldn’t help but cry, and when I got tired from crying I lie on my pillow and fell asleep.

“Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi!”

I know I am sleeping so I got confused when I heard someone is calling me. I opened my eyes and saw Liu Xiu Li was standing in front of my room. She is wearing our navy blue uniform, but her dress button is in a mess and she’s not wearing them completely.

“Lili, is that you?” I couldn’t see her face clearly, the bedside lamp is blocking her. But still, I tried asking her with trembling voice. Grandma told me last night that Liu Xiu Li died. So how come she is here now?

“Xiao Xi, it’s so painful, tell your grandmother to help me.” Liu Xiuli said and look at me with her scarlet eyes.

I got shocked, her eyes seems to be bleeding.

“Ask your grandmother to help me, please help me.” Then she turns back and left my room. I chase after her with barefoot, but, Liu Xiu Li just disappeared.

I tried to pinch my own cheek to see if I am just dreaming, but it’s very painful and there are still wet footprints on the floor. Liu Xiuli really did come, I know that she is not a person anymore, but I am not scared of her because she is my best friend.

The next day, I want to say every word that Liu Xiuli had said to grandmother. Even though I don’t know what exactly help she is asking, but I still tried helping her and beg grandmother.

As always I can’t argue with my grandmother, she flatly refused and it’s also the first time she loudly roars at me.

“Yesterday, I told you not to say this kind of things and if Lili always comes to you, wear this and never remove this amulet,” Grandma said and put on a triangle amulet to me.

I got very sad because this was Liu Xiuli last request to me. I am her best friend but I can’t help her.

Grandma did not only help Lili, but she also locked me in my room and didn’t let me go out.

The next day, I heard my grandfather said that the “body thief” went to the village and steal Liu Xiuli’s body.

When this happened Liu Xiuli’s mother fainted on the spot, the villagers help her at once, after all, she is pregnant with Liu Xiuli’s younger brother.

But tonight, Liu Xiuli visited me again.

She is standing in front of the window of my room, I look at her through the glass window, blood tears are flowing out from her eyes.

I felt distressed when I looked at her. I know that her soul can’t rest in peace because her body got stolen. I open up my window so that I can closely look at her.

However, she moves far away from me, the skin on her face began to rot,  she pointed out to my chest and shouted that she was afraid of it.

I know that it’s because of my grandmother’s amulet.

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