Chapter 2 – Demotion of Wife to Concubine

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Ye Yichen’s face darkened. Lowering his eyes, he patiently explained, “You have been sick for many years, and your body is weak, even after annulling the engagement, it is impossible for you to marry into a good family. You have a marriage agreement with me, and have waited for me for so long, I will not treat you shabbily. After marrying into the Prince Jing household, you will be the first concubine, and your position will only be slightly lower than the first wife…”

“The first concubine is still a concubine. I am the Marquis’ first wife’s daughter. No matter how bad the marriage is, I will never be a concubine!” Murong Xue harshly rejected his proposal, fire brewing beneath her eyes. She had already been so clear, yet Ye Yichen still wanted to take her as concubine. Did he really not understand her or was he acting as if he did not get her meaning?

Ye Yichen is young and handsome, with many military accomplishments. He has control of the army and is highly valued by the Emperor. Lots of girls from prestigious families in the capital would give up on the first wife position to marry him as concubine, but those people definitely do not include her, Murong Xue!

Her cold voice pierced through his ear drums and pounded onto his heart. Ye Yichen stiffened and frowned as he looked towards Murong Xue. She wore a dress of pink smoke silk; the edges of the skirt lightly brushed the ground, enhancing the delicate shape of her body. Her hair, like a waterfall, was lightly rolled up using a green snow floral pin, revealing a smooth forehead, and a slightly pale but bright small face. Her black eyes were like stars in the dark sky, calm but determined!

It had been three years since the last time he had seen her. The weak and sickly girl in his memory, that even the wind could blow her down, had grown in a beautiful young woman. Her gentle nature had also become cold and indifferent. Her gaze directed towards him was even colder, with not a hint of admiration and attachment. This is her – noble and proud, elegant and calm, like the red blossoms in the cold winter months, quietly blooming and presenting her beauty, not making a sound but is exceptionally attractive.

When she asked to annul the engagement, she really meant that she wanted to annul the marriage agreement and it was not a bid to play hard and attract his attention!

Her stubbornness had directed the situation into developing the opposite path to which he had envisioned, growing it completely out of his control! He did not like this feeling.

A dark haze passed Ye Yichen’s eyes as he looked up at Murong Xue, “Our engagement is our parents’ wish, and the matchmaker’s words. How can one lightly change it?”

“The engagement my parents agreed upon is for me to marry your highness as first wife and not to become your highness’ concubine. When your highness demoted me to a concubine, it already went against the wish of my parents!” Ye Yichen destroyed the marriage agreement in front of the entire court and still dared to reprimand her for not obeying her parents’ wishes – how utterly shameless! If she were to marry this type of person, don’t even mention about being a concubine, even if she were the first wife, she would not even give a care for it.

Ye Yichen’s gave her a meaningful look, “You still blame me!”

Such an unfeeling and unrighteous person. He was just wasting her time. All she wants to do now is to draw the line between him and her, and not have anything to do him ever again!

“Prince Jing is marring the Princess of Mobei for the sake of the people of Qingyan. How could I possibility blame you? By taking the initiative to annul the marriage, I am supporting your Highness and the Princess, and looking forward to the peace between Qingyan and Mobei. Am I wrong? Unless it is not enough that your Highness marries your beloved Princess Yuyuan as first wife, you also want to take me, the ex-fiancée, as concubine, to fulfill your carnal desires?”

At the last few words, Murong Xue’s tone grew heavy. Ye Yichen heard the derision in her voice, his handsome face became overcast and his eyes flashed darkly. He gave no care to carnal desires; he allowed Murong Xue to be his concubine because…

“Miss Murong, please don’t be angry. It is all my fault…” a gentle female voice suddenly rang out in the great hall.

Murong Xue raised her head towards the source only to see a beautiful lady standing behind the marble stage. Glass-coloured butterfly hairpin adorned her small delicate fringe, a long tassel hung down, complementing her elegant long dress; the edges of her skirt were embroidered with fresh-looking begonia flowers. It lightly gathered at the waist, reflecting her slim figure and willow-like posture. That exceedingly beautiful little face was full of apology, “I did not know that Miss Murong and Prince Jing had a marriage agreement. That’s why I came to Qingyan. I am so sorry that it caused a misunderstanding between the both of you.”

Qin Yuyuan and Ye Yiyuan are deeply in love with each other and have definitely poured their souls out to one another. How could Qin Yuyuan not have known about their marriage agreement?

Furthermore, we have been debating about the marriage agreement issue for half a day. Qin Yuyuan did not speak up earlier, or wait till later; she conveniently chose this moment when Ye Yichen has been rebuked till he has nothing more to say to speak up. She is obviously trying to help Ye Yichen out of his predicament.

Murong Xue sneered internally, and calmly said, “Your Highness is too serious. Your Highness is marrying into Qingyan for peace between both countries. Your Highness’ marriage to Prince Jing as first wife is even more so for the millions of citizens of both countries and not for your own selfish reasons. You do not have to be sorry about purposely breaking another’s marriage.”

Qin Yuyuan looked embarrassed, her eyes flashed uncomfortably.

Murong Xue pretended not to notice and continued, “As a woman, and with serious illness, I cannot help my country. The only thing I can do is to annul the marriage engagement with Prince Jing, and allow your Highness and Prince Jing to marry, and having a small part in helping the citizens of both countries. I am backing down from this marriage willingly; no one has forced me. Your Highness really needs not blame yourself!”

Qin Yuyuan faintly smiled, “Miss Murong is righteous in doing so but I feel guilty about it. If Miss Murong does not mind, I am willing to be the concubine and Miss Murong can be the first wife.

Murong Xue raised her eyebrows. They failed by using force so now they are trying to entice her, letting her be first wife? It’s all just empty talk. After marrying into Prince Jing’s mansion, the person making all the decisions will be Ye Yichen. After the mansion door closes, who knows whether she will be demoted into concubine or a lowly servant-concubine.

Even worse, he could give her a bowl of medicine and let her “die from serious illness”. She’s not that stupid and suicidal as to enter the wolves’ den: “Your Highness is so kind. Murong Xue is extremely grateful. But Xue cannot bear for your Highness to suffer. It is best that our engagement be annulled!”

“Miss Murong…”

Murong Xue waved her hand to interrupt Qin Yuyuan, looking fixedly at her, “How can the Princess of Mobei be a concubine! Even if your Highness does not care, the King of Mobei will, and Prince Jing will definitely not allow your Highness to suffer…”

“Prince Jing is a good person and will definitely treat Miss Murong well after marriage.” Qin Yuyuan urgently explained, full of sincerity.

Murong Xue scoffed internally and coldly said, “I do not want to come between your Highness and Prince Jing and prevent your marriage. I definitely do not want to be scorned by the people for being a fool and for not being perceptive by impeding upon such a perfect match and happy couple. Please do not stop me from breaking the engagement anymore, your Highness!”

Upon finishing her speech, Murong Xue bowed towards the Emperor, clearly enunciating her words, “I earnestly request your Majesty to order the relieve of the marriage agreement between Prince Jing and I!”

The calm and determined voice travelled to everyone’s ears and the court was astonished – Murong Xue really wants to annul the engagement! Qingyan’s capital has countless young ladies adoring the Prince of War but she is throwing it away like it’s something she detests, and giving it to Qin Yuyuan without any reluctance – not wanting it anymore.

Qin Yuyuan stiffened; her gentle and moving smile awkwardly froze on her face.

Ye Yichen’s face darkened and he lowered his eyes to cover up the dark flashes within….

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