Chapter 19 – Demon Knows 1

By | November 23, 2016

Ever since Shao Qingrou used dark magic in front of her, Lu Jiuque has figured out exactly how to cope with it.

Although dark magic is powerful and able to chop off the heads of dragons easily, these low level practicer sets off the attack really slow. They aren’t powerful enough to use it quickly.

Therefore if you could knock off the practicer before he tries to use dark magic against you, then you are all set.

That’s exactly what she did to Li Ronggui.

And now Shao Qingrou’s legs has been broken by the dragon so she can’t move at all. It wouldn’t be that much of a big deal to kill her right now.

But how could she let her die that easily?

Lu Jiuque glared upon Li Ronggui and Shao Qingrou and she smiled.

While playing with her bat Lu Jiuque said, “Miss Shao, there’s only two of us now with nobody else watching. Stop pretending like you don’t hate me. Well I hate you too so I won’t let your guy go easily!”

And then Lu Jiuque hit Li Ronggui quite a few times with her bat. This made Li Ronggui, who was already dying, even closer to dying.

Amused by the scene of Li almost dying, Lu Jiuque laughed again, “Hahaha. What did you say again? I remember you mentioning some Elder Li or something? Who the heck is that hahah. Damn I’m soooo scared!! Haha.”

Anyone who knows Lu Jiuque knows that she’s taking actions now, like an animal ready to hunt, trapping its prey.
Shao Qingrou stared at Lu for quite a while before she realized why she had enough balls to do this.

Because she doesn’t even know who Li Ronggui really is. That’s why she had the balls to beat him up so bad.

Well isn’t that good news.


Shao Qingrou is so happy she almost laughed out loud. She said to Lu Jiuque, “Haha. You naughty girl. Who else do you think Elder Li is? Elder Li is THE Elder Li from Tianyan Sect, Danxin Department! Level 2 practicer Elder Li Boyi!”

“Level 2 practicer Li Boyi?” Lu’s facial expressions changed dramatically. “WHAT! What are you talking about… No…No way… No way!! Don’t lie to me bitch. I won’t believe you. He’s not…How can he be the son of Elder Li Boyi!? You’re lying! You are definitely lying.”

Lu is such a talented actor. The kind of nervousness that she brings out even fooled Auntie Chang. Auntie Chang murmured, “Miss..Who is Li Boyi..”
Lu’s almost crying, “He.. He is a super duper badass alchemist…”

Auntie Chang is scared to death as if there’s not tomorrow.

The kind of high social status that alchemists have in Land of Tianchen is too great to be described by language.

Messing with a alchemist in Tianyan Sect… A level 2 alchemist…

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