Chapter 18 – Neuter You. How About THAT? 2

By | November 21, 2016

The strength of the impact was so strong that Li went off flying.


Blood keeps bursting out of Li’s mouth as he squatted down with cramp.

Damn it.

This surprised Shao Qingrou and Auntie Chang. They almost heard his testis break in half.

Li Ronggui is definitely going to face infertility.

Lu Jiuque walks to him and quietly asked, “What did you say again? I didn’t hear.”

Not a single word came out of Li’s mouth as he stares at her terrified.

“Huh? What did you say again? You wanna kill..who?”

Lu Jiuque’s so mad right now because of Li’s threats to kill Auntie Chang.

And that is a no-no.

She doesn’t care who he is or who’s behind him. She just wants to end him.

Oh wait. It would be too easy for him if she just kills him.

Torturing him a little before killing him seems to be a awesomely good idea.

“Well well well. Look at this. How do you feel right now down there? Does it still work?”

Lu Jiuque asked as she stepped on his genitals again.


Li Ronggui squealed like a stuck pig. Lu Jiuque didn’t just step on his penis. She stood on it and jumped on it.
This guy won’t be able to have children anymore.

Unbearable pain stimulates Li Ronggui. Tears along with blood keep bursting out.

“AhhHHHhh Help!!”

It was at this moment that Lu Jiuque remembered that there’s someone watching her all along..She turned and looked at Shao Qingrou, with hatred.

This scared Shao quite a bit.

“Lu…Lu Jiuque! What are you doing…Stop now.. He’s the son of Elder Li. You can’t do that!”

Shao’s run out of words. And she seems so helpless.

She couldn’t hit Lu again otherwise she wouldn’t have came to Li Ronggui for help.

She wants to marry the Prince but he loves Lu Jiuque.

The Prince would be so mad if she hurt Lu Jiuque.

She doesn’t want to make herself look like the bad person. That’s why she wanted someone else to help her kill Lu Jiuque.

But she didn’t expect Li Ronggui to be so weak that he lost to Lu Jiuque..

And what’s more, if Elder Li knows that she watched Li Ronggui getting tortured without helping him she would be kicked out of Tianyan Sect.

Now…What does she do?

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