Chapter 18 – Beaten Black And Blue Part – 1

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Jiuche did not yet know that the weird King of Demons felt a grudge against her. She touched her head and found that the wound she had was already gone.

Truth, not only the wound she had on his head was gone, but also the “Sacred Book of Transcendental Knowledge”. Her jingmai channel that had been broken by the dragon, her qi area and her mind, had all been healed by the purple pearl that had been given to her by the King of Demons.


However, of all the amazing events that had just happened, she only remembered the last scene when the “Canon of Medicine” had unexpectedly entered inside her and still had no purple pearl in her body.

Jiuche was repeatedly touching every part of her body, but did not find the smallest sign of the “Canon of Medicine” and that made her sad.


It was not easy for her to realize that she had received the entire knowledge contained in the “Canon of Medicine”. Maybe, it was just a daydream?

At that moment, Chang Shen’s worried voice was heard, “Miss! Are you not prepare? ”
Even though she did not feel good at all, Jiuche answered promptly, “I’m ready. I’m almost there!”


After having responded in a hurry, Jiuche quickly reorganized the room, washed again the traces of blood, and finally opened the door.

As understandable, Chang Shen was awaiting with apprehension outside the door.
As soon as she saw Jiuche leaving the room, she could not help but stare at her.


Seeing that Chang Shen was staring at her, Jiuche’s blood freeze. Only after a while Chang Shen exclaimed with tears in her eyes, “Miss … you … You Just look like…!”
Jiuche smiled. She knew she was very much like her beautiful mom.

Still she did not know that the continuation of the sentence would make her jump.


“You are identical to your father! ”
“Ah …”
What? Did her father really looked like this? A man with this look ?! Did not he look like a bad guy?

Could she have been wrong?


Wait, if she looked like her father, then what about her mother? What did her mother look like?

Chang Shen had not noticed the confused look of Jiuche, wiping her tears, and said, “Your father was the smallest of our Lu family. Since he was young, he had a thin slim body, so he often looked ill. You are just like your dad when he was a incredible young … man … to stay healthy you have to eat a little more. Chang Shen has prepared you so many good things … my god … ”


After Jiuche was forced to eat and with her stomach full of “herbs,” she finally realized why she was so thin. It was because her family was too poor!
There was nothing on the table that was not a vegetable!

That wasn’t right. She had to find a way to change this situation. She had just shed a lot of blood, so she had to recover her strength!
Yeah, but where to start?


Just when Jiuche began to make some accounting mentally, someone knocked violently at the door. An angry voice of a man could be heard.
“Jiuche! Come out immediately! ”
“Jiuche! Guilty! Come out and confess your sins! ”

“Great master, stay calm, is not as you say … Miss Jiuche, do not be afraid. I’ll help you ask indulgence. Do not be afraid, okay?”


In this exchange of sentences, Jiuche recognized a familiar voice. Her expression changed slightly. She was no longer felt panic, but was pleasantly surprised.

Shao Qingrou ?!
She still had the courage to come and look for her? Not only did she come to look for her, but also she had taken with her other people.


Oh, what a pleasant coincidence. It was just the right occasion to find nourishment!
In front of Chang Shen’s terrified expression, Jiuche leaned over and picked up a handful of ash and spread it in her face, then took a metal stick in her hand and went to open the door.

As soon as the aggressive boy saw that figure so small and slim, he lost no time to talk and hit her in the face. Then, he exclaimed with anger, “Little bitch, I’ll see you in hell!”

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