Chapter 17 – Neuter You. How About THAT? 1

By | November 21, 2016

Man curled his hand into a fist while holding back extreme pain, his fists glowing magnificently.

Lu Jiuque couldn’t help but focus her gaze on him. Is that black magic?

This type of glowing….This guy has gotta be a practicer of fire magic.

The scared looks of her eyes didn’t go unnoticed by the man.


Red flame wrapped up his fire like gloves. Auntie Chang was terrified by it.

“Let’s get out of here Miss…”

Flame caused by the Force of Xinghun is way stronger than regular fire. If hit by this fire Lu Jiuque would have a hard time surviving.

The man liked the way Auntie Chang was telling Lu to back off.

Hatred flowing through his eyes the man said, “It didn’t have to be like this. Today i’m not only going to kill you I’m going to kill this old granny as well. Both of you will die today and it will be UGLY!”。

Shao Qingrou thoroughly enjoyed this.

The man named Li Ronggui has always been the type of person to do what he promises.

She’s been waiting for Lu Jiuque to be burned to death for so long. She hates her so much.

The threats coming out of the man’s mouth made Auntie Chang couldn’t help but shake. She tried to stand in front of Lu Jiuque  to protect her but Lu Jiuque seems weirdly calm, as if she didn’t hear what he said.

There’s not a single trace of scaredness he can find in her eyes. Li couldn’t understand why.

“Hmm. Lu Jiuque, even if you kneel down and suck my toes today I would still kill both of you.”

Gradually something worth noticing happened. Lu Jiuque’s eyes starts to fill with dark glowing with endless anger in it.
The type of anger that would scare away anyone near her.
His threatening words get stuck in his throat.

He starts to feel his legs shaking.

If her eyes aren’t scary enough, that sudden smile that she put on could definitely be considered horrifying.

Li Ronggui was caught off guard as Lu Jiuque suddenly runs towards him.

Shao was absolutely shocked.

This is a black magic practicer with his hands on fire. Is she out of her mind trying to attack him at this moment?
Li Ronggui starts laughing loudly, “Good girl! Now go die!”

He waves his fists as the temperature rises. The fire wrapping his hands gets increasingly bright.

Shao Qingrou and Auntie Chang watched closely. Right at this moment Lu Jiuque jumped off ground over his hands and threw a big heavy blow on his face.


Li Ronggui was knocked off again and the fire was gone.

But Lu’s not done yet. She grabbed her bat and swings it towards his genitals.

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