Chapter 16 – The King of the Demons eaten tongue and lips (part 1)

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As Jiuche leaned over to pick up the “Canon of Medicine,” the small room was flooded with a violent breeze of wind. The roar made her jump.

Jiuche raised her head with surprise. The book had just attacked her, just like a tiger with her prey, and entered inside her.

The book had taken such a speed that Jiuche had failed to react. After a moment, she felt as if someone had split her soul into two.


She felt a bloody explosion in her ears, following a roar that sounded like a dragon. It was as if there was a giant two-headed creature rolling, turning, and destroying everything in her head.

She felt tremendous pain. It was so tremendous that Jiuche could not help but grind her teeth. Her blood continued to flow, and she could not stop screaming internally.

If Jiuche had the power to look inside herself, then she would surely see that in her head was an incredible battle scene.


A book and a silver dragon were fighting each other for the dominion of her body.

They did not even consider the will of the true owner.

They collided violently with each other so much that they did not even pay attention to Jiuche. She had become mentally fragile like child because she was not able to withstand such a force.


Jiuche was trembling because of the pain. The blood coming from the wounds made her face to become covered in a deep red color, even if she just washed it. The veins of her forehead had exploded, her whole body was in tremor, and she looked like a wounded puppy that was so pitiful and helpless.

The struggle between the book and the dragon, increasingly fierce, began make all of her facial cavities to bleed.

Seeing that Jiuche was in no way able to withstand the strength of that brutal and destructive clash, to the point that she was about to explode, a pure white figure appeared in front of her.

The figure had silver hair and eyes, an unparalleled purity and nobility. If it was not the King of Demons, then who else could be?


Seeing the blood flowing out of that little girl, the silver-plated eyelashes of the King of the Demons began to tremble,almost astonished.

It seemed so painful, but she didn’t let out even a single groan of pain?

Was she afraid that those insignificant beings around her would hear what was happening?

Ah, but then it’s just a stubborn little being!


The King of the Demons opened his beautiful lips and said lazily, “‘Sacred Book of Transcendent Knowledge’, I can fuse you with her and make you die horribly. You’d better know who your real boss is. If my slave dies, then you die too. ”

His echoed was like a metallic noise. The crazy book became scared and could not help but stop.

But this brief pause gave the chance to the silver dragon to crush him under his paw.

Victory or defeat was a matter of a moment!


The silver-haired dragon grabbed greedily the book and roared a long cry of victory. Then, the dragon stepped straight to the ground and turned again into a pearl that went to stick again just below the navel of Jiuche, in her area of the qi, with a great glitter of arrogance.

The book, after the defeat, stood for a while, then retire and stay in Jiuche’s head because it couldn’t do anything else.

After the curtain had fallen over that war of domination, a tomb silence fell on the “territory” that had been just disputed.


Obviously, the silver dragon has beenplaced inside of her by the King of the Demons.

The book was the “Canon of Medicine” that Jiuche had brought back from her previous life.

In fact, it was not called “Canon of Medicine,” its true name was “Sacred Book of Transcendent Knowledge”.

At first, since there was only half of it, Jiuche did not remember anything about “Sacred Book of Transcendent Knowledge”.

The King of the Demons had given her the second half of the “Sacred Book of Transcendent Knowledge” and had been able to blend it with the blood of Jiuche, so that it could meet with the other half, already present in Jiuche’s soul.

Now that the sacred book was finally complete, Jiuche could finally see everything clearly!

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