Chapter 16 – Beat You Up. 2

By | November 21, 2016

Zhao Qingrou is sitting on a wheelchair as she watches all this.

Lu being slapped makes her happy.

With this guy helping her, Lu’s in big trouble now.

This man is the son of Elder Li. You mess with him then you mess with Elder Li of the Tianyan Sect.

But Shao gotta pretend like she’s trying to help Lu. “Don’t.. Please don’t hurt her.. Careful! Miss Lu be careful!”

Lu is obviously fully prepared for this. She ducked the heavy blow while swinging her big metal bat on his head.

The sound of bat striking on his head came to be heard, followed by the man’s screaming in pain.


Lu sneered as she sees this. She’s going to beat him up today.

The man didn’t expect her to do all that as he looks surprised while backing down. He thought she wouldn’t fight back.

Hurts so damn much!

His arm is broken!

Looking at his weirdly cursive arm the man’s face is filled with anger and he said,”You little twat. Do you have any idea who I am? ”

Pointing her bat at the man, Lu put on a shallow smile with deep piercing eyes and evil mind,”What an idiot. What should I do if I don’t fight back? You want me to just stand here and let you hit me? Who the f* are you?”   As she speaks, Lu walked up to him again and threw another blow on his head.

That was definitely unexpected.

His head just took one hell of a hit that his eyeballs almost popped out like Glenn in the Walking Dead.

This just made him realize he shouldn’t have messed with her.    !
Lu Jiuque doesn’t even know who he is.. His identity doesn’t threaten her at all!

The man backed down shaking,”Lu Jiuque,  how dare you! My dad is an elder in Tianyan Sect!”

Lu ignored his speech and kept on attacking. Every blow was thrown at his vital points that would hurt the most.  ”

At the same time Lu yelled,”Elders in Tianyan Sect are always good guys… You are obviously not one of them! I don’t care who you say your dad is.  I’m going to be the vigilante today and beat you up!”

“Damn you… ”

“Ahhh stop it! Stop!”   “

“Stop hitting me you nasty bitch!”

His distorted face goes to show he’s scared, and mad.

The man climbs out of the way and came to realize Shao Qingrou is still standing there watching him. It was at this moment that he realized that he messed up.

He likes Shao Qingrou. This could have been an awesome opportunity to show off his strength but he messed up because he got beaten up by a girl.

Even though he can’t win her in a fist fight he still has one more thing in his arsenal: Dark Magic!

That’s right. How come he almost forgot about it!

Although it’s kind of shameful to use dark magic on a girl but who cares. As long as it kills her.

“All I wanted was to break your leg. But it seems to me that you want me to do more than that. Well guess what. I’m going to have to kill you today.”

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  1. mari

    HAHAHAHAHAHA the bit where jiuque beats him up is sooo funny. she just went for it
    thank you for translating (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)

  2. einy123

    while I do enjoy this series I think the translator should stay away from adding in stuff such as “His eyeballs popped like glenn from the walking dead”. By adding those in it honestly takes a lot away from the story and feels extremely awkward.


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