Chapter 15: Sunspots (Part 2)

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In my opinion, Mother’s twitching face looks too unnatural. And as if my mother’s personality will change just because of few tears in the corner of her eyes.

After the villagers left, we stood and surrounded Grandmother’s coffin in the living room. Grandpa said to Grandaunt that he only rented the coffin. Then, Grandaunt said that money is not an issue which makes grandfather’s face revealed a joyful look.

I stand near the edge of the coffin, when I saw that grandmother’s face has become gray, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling.

At around 11 o’clock, we all went to the living room because Grandaunt wants my grandmother to be buried at exactly 01:00 in the morning.

Sister’s face is not looking good, when she sleep last night in the backyard room she catches a cold. The village doctor check her condition and said that it’s only a low-grade fever.

” Cough cough cough.” Sister patted her chest, while she put her other hand on her forehead. She turned her head and whispered to Mother: “Mom, I feel really uncomfortable, can I not go?”

“No, you need to take advantage of this opportunity to have a good performance, so that your Grandaunt will like you. Your fever will not kill you.” Mother took a step forward and stared at her.

Sister’s body staggered a bit when she helplessly went to the front yard. I also went outside and saw Zhao Kun was staring at my sister with his hostile eyes.

He was looking at my sister with the same eyes that I saw when Zhao Long was looking at Liu Xiuli’s body. His lips also raised with a smile.

I hurriedly walk in front of sister and stared fiercely towards him. Zhao Kun froze at that moment and then withdrew his eyes.

No matter how much he likes Sister Laidi, he still doesn’t dare to miss this opportunity to make money. So naturally, he will not dispute with me.

“Let’s go now.” Grandaunt commanded and everyone went outside the house. Uncle Zhao Tiezu also wants to go with them so he gave Sunspots to me.

Sister was still holding her forehead while walking three steps behind from mother. I feel distressed, but I just stayed quietly while holding Sunspots in my arms.

I stood in front of the door and look at them for a while before going back to the living room. I wanted to stay in the living room while waiting for Grandaunt to get back, but suddenly Sunspots flee from my arms and then ran toward the back yard.

“Sunspots! Sunspots!” I called his name several times and tried to catch up with him in the backyard.

During at night, the wind is really cold and strong in this backyard.

“Sunspots, come out now.” I stand in front of the threshold of the backyard and shouted loudly.

In the backyard, the lights continued to flick and because Sunspots is a black cat I can’t find him easily.

“Meow, meow!” Sunspots voice echoed in the backyard. Although it was somewhat weak, but I was still able to hear it clearly.

“Sunspots, come out now,” I shouted while walking toward the backyard room.

The backyard room’s door was half open, it seems that Heiwa stayed inside. But, when I was about to completely open the door, I saw Sunspots was meowing and bowing his body.

Later on, I learned that when a cat was frightened, he will act this way and bow his body to manifest a self-defense.

“Sunspots, what’s wrong with you?” I said and pushed the door. The room’s lamp was still lit but I saw nothing strange inside.

“Let’s go, this is my sister’s room now.” I was about to hold him.

But as a result, Sunspots raised his hand and his claws fiercely caught me. The blood immediately appeared on my palm and Sunspots ran outside the room.

“Eh?” I couldn’t help but frown when I looked at the blood on my hand.

I want to know why did Sunspots attack me. Because under normal circumstances, he’s never been against me.

I went outside and closed the door of the backyard room. Then, I went to living room and saw Sunspots was lying in a wooden chair silently as if he was sleeping.

“Sunspots?” when I called his name, he raised his head and his bright eyes looked straight at me.

I carefully stretch out my hand to gently stroked his head, but instead, he sticks out his small tongue and licks back my wound. His eyes showed a guilty feeling.

Sunspot is nearly a ten-year-old cat, grandmother said before that he is like a human.

“Don’t worry, it’s not painful,” I said while holding Sunspots in my arms. I couldn’t help but look in the direction of the backyard room again.

At around four o’clock, Grandaunt and the others came back. Each one of them looks very tired, Father was holding mother when they sat down and mother’s face somewhat looks pale.

My sister was coughing, while Zhao Kun was holding her around her thin waist.

“Let me help her.” When I saw Zhao Kun’s hand was groping my sister’s body I became restless. I immediately put down Sunspots and walk in front of Zhao Kun to help my sister.

Zhao Kun felt unhappy and stared at me. Sister still said her thanks to Zhao Kun because he helped her along the way.

Zhao Kun licked his lips and giggled at my sister. Grandaunt started distributing the money to those people that help to carry the coffin.

Zhao Kun took the money, but still stand in the living room. It seems he doesn’t have the intention to leave. Grandfather forced himself to cough to remind him that he should leave now.

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