Chapter 15: Sunspots (Part 1)

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My sister cried for a long time. But, when she finally got tired, she went to the backyard room to sleep. I also went back to my room and saw Grandaunt was holding Sunspots while sitting in bed. And then, she waved her when she saw me.

“Hurry and go to bed now.” She and Grandmother are always afraid for me to get cold so they will give me a warm blanket.

I took off my coat and pants and climbed into the bed. Grandaunt hugged me and gently patted my back to coax me to sleep. I lean in her arm the same way I lean to my grandmother. In an instant, it cured my worries and I felt sleepy.

When I woke up the next day it was only me and Sunspots who are still in the bed. Sunspots started licking my cheek with his small and pink tongue.

Today is the last day of my grandmother’s burial so it will be the busiest day. In our village, they believed that a cat’s body has an evil spirit inside,  so Sunspots can only stay in the house.

Grandaunt also told me to stay in my room. She told me that I don’t need to help them, so I just had my breakfast in the room and accompanied Sunspots to play.

From time to time, I can hear Mother’s voice while talking to Grandaunt. Suddenly, I feel that it will be a happy thing if she can do the same thing with Grandmother.

At night, Grandaunt told me that they will bury grandmother at 1:13 in the morning. This was clearly written in the letter she sent to Grandaunt before she died.

Although Grandaunt doesn’t understand why she must be buried this way, she still clearly announces the time according to Grandmother’s letter.

“Midnight burial is bad, it’s bad luck.” Grandpa raised his objection.

“What’s bad luck? My sister wants to buried this way so you must listen to me. The funeral will be held early morning.” Grandaunt sneered after she spoke.

Grandpa frowned when he saw Grandaunt was very determined to do that. He looks at the other Uncles in the village and said: “I will trouble everyone to help me send the body to the town now. But, I’m not sure if they can immediately burn the body.”

“Who says you will burn my sister’s body?” Grandaunt broke Grandfather’s words.

This time not only grandfather got shocked, but also all the villagers that were present. They all stared blankly at Grandaunt.

“My eldest sister doesn’t want to be cremated, she wanted to be directly buried.” Grandaunt once again made everyone stared at her blankly and looked at each other.

After all, burying the body directly is absolutely prohibited. Although it was done a few years ago in the village, but it was done secretly by few old people.

But right now, there were so many people who heard that Grandmother’s body will not be cremated. This thing will surely spread out incredibly in our village

“My older sister did a lot of things to help everyone in this village. So, if there is anyone who could help to solve this matter, then I am willing to give a reward.”

It seems Grandaunt was already prepared for this. When her voice fell, Uncle Zhao Tiezu immediately took out a dozen bag, each bag has a bulging amount of money. When Grandfather tried to open it, he saw that there are two thousand yuan inside!

When we saw the money we all got silent. After all, two thousand yuan is nearly a three months income of a family in the village.

Grandaunt coughs a little: “Of course, if anyone will carry the coffin the reward will be three thousand yuan. Unfortunately, we all need to suffer first.”

“No harm, this strong lad can handle this suffering and can carry the coffin. I am willing to take this job.” The one who first speaks was the most notorious person in the village, Zhao Kun.

He is a 30-year-old man that will mix himself to different people to drink and eat. And today, when he saw the village people went to our house, he uninvitedly went in and eats for dinner.

So naturally, he will stand up immediately because Grandaunt said she will give three thousand yuan to anyone who will carry the coffin.

“Carrying the coffin was originally a son-in-law’s responsibility. So certainly, my husband will carry the coffin.” Mother suddenly interrupted.

Father pushed his glasses frame and gently smile.

Grandaunt said lightly: “I only need four people to join and carry the coffin.”

It seems grandmother stated in her letter that she doesn’t want a big funeral. As long as there will be four people to carry the coffin, the family can go already to start the funeral.

However, my Grandaunt forbids me to send Grandmother to her last journey so I will stay alone in the house.

I know my grandmother’s intention, she doesn’t want me to get close to a place where there is a strong evil force. And since it was specially ordered by Grandmother, of course, I will agree to it.

However, Grandaunt got surprised when Mother said that she will go up to the mountain with my sister. She also said that she has many regrets in these past few years.

She felt that she is a really an unworthy child of Grandmother. And now that she is also a mother, she knew that being a mother is not an easy task, so she wants to send grandmother on her last journey.

Grandaunt got surprised to see mother for a while, after that her eyes showed a trace of comfort.

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