Chapter 15: Harassed by the young Lord

By | October 21, 2016

Murong Xue looked towards Ouyang Shaochen, only to see him flick his fingers. The white chess piece between his fingers mercilessly shot towards Ye Yichen. His thin lips coldly spat out one word, “Scram!”

Ye Yichen’s eyes flashed. Strong inner strength shot out from his finger and hit the chess piece head on. “Ping!” The chess piece disintegrated mid-air and the inner strength dispersed suddenly as well!

He looked at Ouyang Shaochen, who was calm like the clouds and wind, and his face darkened, “I did not mean to destroy your chess game. Don’t be too much…”

Chess game? What chess game?

Murong Xue curiously looked at the chess board on the stone table, only to see pieces of rock all over, messing up the orderly black and white chess pieces. Some chess pieces had even fallen onto the ground after being hit by the rocks. A piece here and there made it very conspicuous…

She coughed lightly and her eyes flashed uncomfortably. Ye Yichen’s inner strength had destroyed the rock resulting in bits of rocks flying and messing up the chess pieces on the board, spoiling Ouyang Shaochen’s game! It was only natural if Ouyang Shaochen came after him!

There were black and white pieces on the chessboard. Obviously Ouyang Shaochen had been playing with himself for a long time. She had been at the cliff for such a long time and didn’t even realize that there was someone nearby. was it because her level of alertness had dropped or because Ouyang Shaochen was too good?

Ouyang Shaochen stood up, his snow-white long robes falling like water, showing off his slim and lanky shape. His black jewel-like eyes were like deep pools, drowning people within and not letting them reach the shore. Golden rays dyed his surroundings, forming a halo of warm light, causing people to be unable to look away.

“Since you had destroy my chess game, why not compensate me with one?” The clear voice was like a chord, melodious.

Ye Yichen was stunned then a look of understanding crossed his eyes. He gave a faint smile, “Since Lord Ouyang is interested then I will keep you company to the end!” His hand moved slightly under his sleeves and a few pieces of rocks with the size of egg flew up from the ground and shot towards Ouyang Shaochen like arrows!

Ouyang Shaochen stood tall and calmly looked at the wave of rocks. His snow-white sleeve lightly floated and a few white chess pieces shot out and heavily hit against the rocks mid-air. “Ping, ping, ping!” With muffled sounds, the rocks and chess pieces disintegrated into dust mid-air…

Murong Xue widened her eyes in surprise. This is what they meant by ‘playing chess’? It is definitely different when experts exchange blows.

She raised her head towards mid-air only to see black and white chess pieces and rocks hitting each other and bursting into clouds of dust. The chess pieces shot out very rapidly; after a batch had been shot out, the next batch followed closely. Piece by piece, overwhelming the vision. The broken rocks also shot out quickly but was lacking in just a bit of strength.

Wave and wave of strong clashes disintegrated countless chess pieces and small rocks. In the cloud of dust, Ye Yichen realized that the area where both clashed was inching towards him.

His sharp eyes narrowed. Ouyang Shaochen is relying on his deep inner strength and is prepared to silently push the clashing of chess and rocks towards him so that he will be seriously injured by the explosions. What wishful thinking!

His lightly clenched palm suddenly opened and his strong inner strength shot out. Countless rocks and gravel flew from the ground, and with the speed of lightening, shot towards Ouyang Shaochen.

Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes turned cold. Beneath his sleeves, his hands opened and closed and countless black and white chess pieces immediately floated in front of him and flew towards the incoming rocks!

“Ping, ping, ping!” Chess pieces and rocks clashed and a thick dust cloud blocked their vision!

Ye Yichen was just prepared to move more rocks when he saw a few chess pieces fly out from the cloud shooting towards him.

His rocks had also disintegrated yet Ouyang Shaochen’s chess pieces were still intact. How amazing.

Ye Yichen’s eyes flashed coldness and he flicked his fingers to disintegrate the chess pieces. Suddenly, a pain hit his knee and he involuntarily took a step back. He looked down only to see a black chess piece lying on the ground in front of him, obviously the culprit that had hit his knee.

Ouyang Shaochen actually surprise attacked him. How hateful!

Ye Yichen’s eyes slightly cold, opened his palm and was just prepared to use his inner strength when he saw chess pieces fly out from the dust cloud and immediately to his front. He couldn’t stop them in time, thus quickly stepped backwards. The ground beneath him disappeared and the red and tall body fell like a broken kite to the bottom of the cliff. “Splash!” Water sprayed up!

Murong Xue hurriedly walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down only to see endless flowing water. The famous God of War Prince just hit into the valley, unsure whether he is dead or alive. How inconceivable…

In front of her passed a corner of a white sleeve. Ouyang Shaochen leisurely walked over, his snow-white sleeves floating like a butterfly, enhancing his aura of peace and nobility!

With the ground as the chessboard and stones as the chess pieces, Ouyang Shaochen had won well, and with such expert skills at chess, he was daunting!

A faint bamboo scent waffled to her nose. Murong Xue’s eyes flashed uncomfortably. She had a role in destroying Ouyang Shaochen’s game as well. Ouyang Shaochen had bullied Ye Yichen so badly; he would definitely not let her off easily. She didn’t have any inner strength and can’t even move a piece of rock; she couldn’t battle Ouyang Shaochen using small rocks like Ye Yichen did, and definitely did not want to have such a sad ending by falling off the cliff like Ye Yichen. She had better run!

Murong Xue secretly glanced at Ouyang Shaochen only to him stand at the edge of the cliff looking down upon the flowing water at the bottom. His eyes lowered, covering his expression, giving no hints about what he was thinking of. He didn’t notice her at all. She silently sighed in relief and quietly turned around to hurriedly run.

“Stop there!” A clear male voice travelled into her ears and Murong Xue froze. She halted for a while then without looking back she continued running. Ouyang Shaochen definitely knew that she was also a culprit in destroying his game. Calling her to stop was only to teach her a lesson. She’s not an idiot; she will not stop so that he can throw her into the valley.

A breeze came from the back of her and Murong Xue’s arm was caught and pulled backwards.

Murong Xue did not expect that and her slim body fell heavily into the man’s arms. Her small face touched his outer robe, like touching cool silk, smooth and soft like nothing.

She smelled faint bamboo, like bamboo after the rain, the refreshing scent intermixed with moisture, uplifting spirits. The man’s warm breath fell onto her hair. Murong Xue was both startled and angry. She was a noble lady. It had always been her teaching others a lesson. Today, she was actually being harassed by someone!

Soft as though boneless body leaned into his arms. The lady’s unique lotus smell drifted into his nose. Ouyang Shaochen’s tall body startled and his heart raced. His black jeweled eyes flashed a strange look.

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