Chapter 15 – The Other Half of the Canon of Medicine (Part – 2)

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Apparently, Jiuche was more lucky than her owner. At least, she could say she was more fortunate than her ancestors, no?
But from now on, she would be a lucky person too.
She stopped thinking and smiled. In her eyes, she had a sweetness never seen before.

Jiuche, Changshen, and other people were to take part in the test were together in the yard. Since the “poisonous flower” had not returned yet. They all felt very calm.
Jiuche had to use up to three water basins to get rid of all that dirt. Lowering her head she watched her hands.

Were … these really her hands ?!
She remembered that old Jiuche had a thin body and a colour of wax, a callous abdomen, and several scars.

But the hands she was looking at, though small, were more graceful and slim. Her skin had assumed a darker colour, almost like jade, so delicate that it would suffice a gush of wind to break it. Not to mention the scars, you could not see the slightest defect. It seemed like a work of art.

Her hands were beautiful, and so was the rest of her body. Her skin was light and bright as ice crystals.
Jiuche frowned. She looked at her face reflected in the water and even if she could not see it distinctly. She was extremely surprised.

Eyebrows of the colour of distant mountains, green eyes like jade, red lips like fire, and clear soul like autumn water …
What did all of this mean?
Shouldn’t Jiuche be the one “without any colour”?
So why did she has that face with a devastating beauty?
It was the silver flame!

After being cleansed through the flame, all of her impurities had been cleansed, and this had made her original appearance to come back.
Then, she remembered clearly that someone told her that her mother was a shocking beautiful woman. She was so awesome that it made the whole empire go crazy. However, in the end Jiuche’s father took her away, avoiding a rain of blood.

In the early days, Jiuche’s father fulfilled all of his wife’s wishes. They travelled with her throughout the Celestial Empire. How many people would have killed him for envy?
But what she wanted to understand was not a genetic mutation. Jiuche calmed down.
She absolutely did not care about being beautiful or not.

She feared more that having this aspect, which would certainly be noticed, would have caused her a few problems.
After thinking about it for a while, Jiuche decided that she would find a decoction of herbs, and she would have spread it on her face. Her facial features would not change, but at least have a darker complexion. She would go unnoticed.

There was still a problem. She was too lean. She has to recover a bit of weight then it would be fine.
But of course, she still had the book she had been given by the King of Demons!
She quickly pulled out the book, but she was disappointed instantly.

What a mysterious book …
Mmh … It was so worn that it did not even have the cover! However, how was it that the content looked so familiar to her?
Jiuche started browsing the book. The more she read it, the more she was apprehensive and shaken.

She was not wrong. She absolutely was not wrong!
This book was the other half of the “Canon of Medicine”. It was just a case to say, “Gods helps those who help themselves!”

Jiuche began to walk due to the emotion. She was thinking about that book until she suddenly stumbled over something and fell face down. She struck her head with the sharp corner of the table and in an instant began bleeding a lot.

Jiuche, with a grimace of pain in her face, looked down, but found that there was nothing at her feet.
Did that mean that she stumbled upon herself?
Stars of the Firmament!
Could she be more unlucky?
Jiuche stood up holding her forehead with one hand. She found out that her blood had sprinkled on that awkward book and soaked it …

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