Chapter 15 – Beat You Up 1

By | November 20, 2016

Lu Jiuque touched her head and realized the wound has healed.    事

Everything is healed. Not only the wound on her head but her entire body which was almost destroyed by the fight just now.

But the thing that she has no idea about is that there is a purple magic ball inside her body now.

She groped around her clothes trying to find the Book of Medicine but she failed. This bothers her a lot.

She thought she would finally get a complete version of Book Of Medicine..

“Miss! You still not done showering yet?” Auntie Chang sounds worried.

“I’m done! One minute!”

After her quick reply Lu Jiuque cleaned up the room a bit and washed off the left over blood on her body before she opened the door. Auntie Chang is waiting outside, looking worried.

As Lu Jiuque opens the door and steps out, Auntie Chang looks so startled that she literally paused.

The unexpected look of Chang caught Lu Jiuque off guard and a few minutes passed by before Chang finally opened her mouth with tears on her face,”Miss.. You look like. .. You look just like..”

Lu smiled awkwardly because she knew she looks like her mom.

But she didn’t expect what’s coming next.

“You look just like your dad!”

“What the heck..”

What!? Her dad looks like this? A man who looks like this?

Is that really a man?

Is she missing something here?

Wait. If she looks like her dad then what about her mom? What does her mom look like?
Auntie Chang carried on,” your dad was the youngest kid in our family and also gets sick the most. You are just like him… For the sake of your health you gotta eat more.. I made a lot of food for you.”

And it was at this moment that Lu Jiuque realized why her body is so thin.. Because the Lu Family is so poor and can’t afford meat!

There’s not even any meat in any of the dishes.

Nah. She’s gotta find a way to change this. She bleed so much she needs to make up for that.

But starting from where??
Suddenly she heard a man hard knocking the door and his angry yelling.

    “Get your ass out here Lu Jiuque!”

“Lu Jiuque! You bastard. Get out here and apologize!”

“Calm down dude. It doesn’t have to be like this… Miss Lu  don’t worry. I will help you.. Don’t be scared.”
Lu Jiuque is surprised to hear the familiar voice.

hao Qingrou?

Did she really just come to her? And she came with a helper?

Lu shook her head to Auntie Chang. Then she picked up a handful of dirt from the ground and rubbed it on her own face. Then she went ahead and opened the door while grabbing a metal bat.

The menacing man didn’t hesitate before he slapped Lu’s face while angrily cursing,”Go die, bitch!”
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