Chapter 14 – The Other Half of the Canon of Medicine (part-1)

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In staring at the silhouette of the Emperor walking away, everybody realized what was going on.

In truth, the Emperor had not looked at anyone other than Jiuche as if they were all just trash.

The Emperor Liu seemed very different from his usual. He felt proud, ruthless, cold; but, he felt no hate, only a deep admiration.

That is how a true ruler, one with the innate power of making his subjects idolize him, had to be.

But that man, who seemed so different, was he really their Emperor Liu?

If someone had seen Shao Quingrou, then they would have immediately noticed that she was staring at the Emperor Liu with a passion bordering on madness.

Once the fear faded away, the pain came back. Everyone began moaning again.

“Help… help…”

“How long will this damned pain last?”

But Lu Jiuche did want them to suffer.

When Ye Hui came back with the reinforcements, he saw those people still rolling on the floor. The Empire sent their doctors as well, but to no avail.

Considering how strange Shao Quingrou behaved, moreover, everyone was convinced they had been poisoned. Some even blamed the misdeed on a rival country.


Meanwhile, in a different place, Lu Jiuche was facing an old lady crying her eyes out.

The old lady wore a black modest dress, her white hair were kept gathered by a rope, her face was covered in wrinkles, but her eyes were still bright with full of love. Yet, her cries were unbearable.

“Miss, I beg of you not to travel so carelessly the next time… if some tragedy were to befall on you, then the Lu family would be really over… how could I, if you die, say that to the souls of my Lu masters?!”

“Miss, please be careful…”


The old lady cried and held fast to Jouche’s hand, who didn’t dare to withdraw, because she knew the elderly really loved her.

She was Changshen, the most trusted person she had. If it weren’t for her, then Jiuche would have died a thousand times already.

After all, Jiuche was Changshen’s only loved one.

The memories of the former owner of her body came back to Jiuche, as if she had lived them firsthand.

Jiuche comforted Changshen, “Changshen, I’m safe now. Don’t you see? Let me take a shower, ok?”

Changshen had a sudden realization, “Oh boy, I wouldn’t forget about the most important thing of all?! Go have a shower, miss, then I’ll prepare you a nice dinner. You’ll see that tomorrow you will impress everybody!”

Changshen then began her preparations, leaving Jiuche bewitched.

Was that how it felt like to have a family?

Even though she was a bit grumbling, it was not annoying. On the contrary, it made Jiuche’s heart feel protected.

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