Chapter 14: Grandaunt (Part 2)

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Then suddenly, Uncle Zhao Tiezu pushed the door while carrying a black cat and said: “Here’s your Sunspots”

Uncle Zhao Tiezu immediately put the black cat he was holding to Grandaunt’s arms. This black cat is very important to Grandaunt because it was personally selected by Grandmother for her.

Every time Grandaunt will visit here, she will always bring Sunspots with her. And Sunspots will just quietly and gently lie in her arms.

“Why don’t you get close to Sunspots?” Grandaunt said while stroking Sunspots’s head.

When I hugged Sunspots, he looked at me with his jewel-like eyes and then lie quietly.

“It seems that he is destined to be with you now.” Finally, Grandaunt showed a smile in her face, but this smile has a hidden sorrow which I can’t understand why.

Grandaunt was still saying a lot of words to me in my room when Mother personally came and ask Grandaunt to go out and have a dinner.

Grandaunt said that she was tired and doesn’t want to eat. I know that she was still feeling sad.

After dinner, Sister especially brought us food to my room. Mother took this opportunity and also enter inside.

Mother really want Sister to get close to Grandaunt to set her up in marriage, but Grandaunt only looks at her disdainfully.

She and Grandmother are in bad terms. So, in Grandaunt’s eyes she is not a filial daughter and naturally, she doesn’t want to see her face.

Mother probably know this, but still tried to act friendly and said: “Aunt, you see, what do you think about Lai Di ah?”

“She’s a beautiful girl.” Grandaunt emotionlessly said.

Sister kept her head down and didn’t say any word, but her hands were twisting hard her clothes.

“Aunt, it’s not that I’m boasting, but in my family, Lai Di is the most beautiful and talented girl. Sadly, I couldn’t find a few people to come with her in this village.” Mother said with full of pride.

“Mmm” Grandaunt just made a casual sound.

But still, Mother went on: “Aunt you see, this year she will turn 18 years old and it’s also the time to look for a special person for her. I’m not sure if Aunt knows someone that is suitable for our Lai Di.”

“In the past, an 18-year-old girl should get married and have children. But now that we are in a new era, those who are 18 years old are still children and they are still studying in the University. And here you are saying that Lai Di is willing to get married soon?” Grandaunt’s words are like knives that stab my sister’s heart.

Mother quickly nodded her head: “Willing, very willing, as long as…”

“I don’t want to get married soon, I still want to go to University.” Mother haven’t finished her words when Sister interrupted her.

Grandaunt squints her eyes and waved her hand to mother: “Since your daughter is not willing, then don’t force her and let her go to school. Don’t tell me that you think studies can’t change someone’s fate?”

“What studies? Marrying into a good family is the most important thing.” Mother impatiently said and glared back at sister.

Grandaunt coldly smiled: “Didn’t you disobeyed and left your mother just to finished your studies? So how can you say that studies are not important? Xiaoxia, if only you are not my sister’s only child, I would really hurt you. How can you do that to my sister for all these years? And now, you know that it’s your mother’s funeral, but look at what you’re wearing ah!?”

Grandaunt points out Mother’s pink coat, as she keeps shaking her head again and again. Mother would like to explain, but Grandaunt didn’t give her an opportunity. Grandaunt waved her hand and said that she was tired so they can leave now.

Mother sighed and wink at me.

I think she’s still not satisfied with what happened at noon. She still drags me and my sister out the door.

And because Uncle Zhao Tiezu was still standing near my room, Mother can only lead me and my sister to the backyard.


On the backyard, Mother raised her hand fiercely slap sister in the face. At that moment, sister’s mouth bleeds.

“What are you doing?” I stared at her and asked.

Sister seems accustomed to it and didn’t even react.

“Xiao Xi, what your sister said was wrong, so this is a lesson for her.” Mother said while glaring at sister.

This is the first time she called my name, but I don’t know why I didn’t get happy but instead make me feel disgusted.

“Lin Lai Di I’m warning you! If you don’t get marry then don’t even dream about continuing your study. If you understand what I’m saying then go and talk to that Old woman and start being friendly with her. And you Xiao Xi, I noticed that Aunt really like you a lot so you can help your sister to get close to her, right?” Mother said while revealing a smile.

That smile made my whole body shiver.

Sister was clutching her clothes tightly and didn’t speak. But, Mother continued her long speech while stroking gently her belly.

When Mother finished, she turned around and leave. The cold wind, pass through to my sobbing sister’s body. And I… … I really got disappointed. Is that woman really my mother?

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