Chapter 14: Grandaunt (Part 1)

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After Mother slapped my face, Father rushed over and tightly grasp mother ‘s shoulders. He anxiously asked what had happened.

I didn’t use too much strength when I pushed her hand, so even if mother bumps into the coffin, it wouldn’t be serious.

But she was screaming so hard as if I knock her down. The village doctor checks her condition and said that she is fine. But, Mother was still glaring at me.

She even said that I intentionally pushed her because I want to kill her son.

“I did not!” I answered back as I gritted my teeth.

“Mother, she is just a child. So how could you say that Xiao Xi did it intentionally?” My sister defended me, but Mother only glared at her and immediately spit out more hurtful words.

“She is very rude and doesn’t follow any rules. I shouldn’t have given birth to her.” Mother angrily stared at me, her eyes look like a hungry wolf.

From that moment, I felt that perhaps in this life, I can’t really get her to love me. She hates me and that look in her eyes doesn’t have the slightest affection.

“See? This rude girl staring at me! I worked so hard to give birth to her, but she actually dared to stare back at me? Oh really shameful ah!” Mother cried.

I was biting my lips tightly. But when Grandfather saw me, he quickly went to my side and ask me to apologize to Mother.

“This girl, your Grandmother really spoiled you a lot. And today, if I will not teach you a lesson, you will really not know your place.” Grandpa saw that I still don’t want to say anything. He probably thinks that I don’t want to give him a face in front of many people, so he intended to teach me a lesson.

Grandfather lifted his hand, but suddenly we heard a sound right outside the door.

“I see, who’s wench dared to touch my Xiao Xi today!?”

When we heard the voice, everyone turns their head and looked toward the door. I saw an old lady with gray hair, wearing a white dress and was embracing a black cat.

I have been patiently holding my sadness. But when I saw that old lady my tears instantly fell, as if I saw my dearest person.

“Grandaunt!” I cried and excitedly rushed to her.

Grandaunt handed the black cat to the man behind her and then gently hugged me:

“My poor Xiao Xi, don’t be afraid. You still have this Grandaunt, so let’s see who will still dare to hurt you!”

Grandaunt’s sharp eyes look to all the people who are in the living room.

All the villagers know Grandaunt because she saves the village before by marrying the monk’s corpse, she’s the first person who owns a car in the village and she also donated a lot of money to build a cement road in the village. So, even the village’s chief will show his respect for her.

“Oh! so it’s Grandaunt, please come inside. But, didn’t you said that you will come tomorrow? So how come you are here today?” Grandpa graciously invited Grandaunt.

Grandaunt walked in front of Grandmother, her eyes got wet and her mouth muttered: “My elder sister, how come you suddenly died? You didn’t even wait for this sister of yours to come back and see you for the last time.”

“My elder sister, ah? She’s already dead so don’t talk to her anymore. I ‘ll just go now and prepare your room.” Grandpa said while smiling to Grandaunt.

Grandaunt frown her eyebrows when she heard his words and said: “You don’t need to prepare, I want to stay in Xiao Xi’s room.”

“But, Xiao Xi’s older sister is staying in her room now. So, there’s no more bed…” Grandpa’s cheeks changed in color when she looks toward Mother.

Mother instantly pushed sister in front of Grandaunt and said: “Aunt, this is Lai Di, my third daughter. Laidi, quickly greet your Grandaunt.”

“Grandaunt.” Sister reluctantly called out.

It’s not because sister hates Grandaunt, but because Mother wants her to get close to Grandaunt to find her a marriage partner.

Grandaunt nodded her head to sister, then took my hand: “I wasn’t able to visit here for years, so I want to stay with Xiao Xi. Let Laidi stay in the room that you will prepare for me.”

Grandaunt said and pulled me toward my room. When we get inside, Grandaunt immediately holds me in her arms again.

Her arms are very warm. It took a long time before she let me go.

She stared at my eyes and seriously said to me: “Xiao Xi, just wait for your grandmother ‘s funeral to be done. Then, Grandaunt will take you to the city and take care of you.”

“I can’t leave the village.” I know Grandaunt loves me, but Grandmother said before that I shouldn’t leave the village.

“Why? Do you think living with Grandaunt is bad for you?” Grandaunt curiously asked.

I immediately explain the reason to her. When Grandaunt heard this, she frown and repeatedly shake her head.

“Your grandmother spent her whole life in this rural village. I didn’t expect that she also wants you to stay here. Does she want to destroy  your life?” Grandaunt looked at me in distressed, as she keeps shaking her head.

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