Chapter 14 – The First Meeting with Lord Ouyang

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A white light flashed in front of his eyes and a sharp aura of the sword with limitless intention to kill mercilessly came towards him!

Ye Yichen narrowed his eyes and quickly turned sideways to avoid the killing move. He raised his head only to see Murong Xue’s mouth curled into a cold smile. She was holding a long sword that flashed cold light. She waved the sword into a stance and lurched towards him again; her pale-colored ribbon at her waist moved with the wind like a gracefully dancing butterfly.

She knows martial arts!

Ye Yichen’s eyes flashed a look of surprise and then disappeared. His mouth curled into a sneer – rumors are merely what people spread and guess, and he has actually believed them. How amusing. The gentle person that everyone speaks about are all nonsense and invented. This character is the real her, hidden in the Mansion, not revealed to anyone else.

A strange feeling formed in his heart but was suppressed quickly.

He looked at Murong Xue, with a deep gaze – after interacting with her for long, even with his good sight, he didn’t not manage to spot the soft sword hidden at her waist. Her disguise is astonishing.

However, ladies love to accessorize around the waist. Even if anyone spotted something abnormal at her waist, they would think that it is just a unique accessory, and would not link her sickly constitution with a killing weapon.

“You want to kill me!” Ye Yichen flicked his finger to push away Murong Xue’s soft sword, coldly looking at her.

“You deserve it. Who asked you to go too far in your bullying!” Murong Xue coldly replied, the long sword in her hand pierced towards Ye Yichen’s chest.

Ye Yichen flicked his fingers to wave away the sword, a complex look forming beneath this eyes. He is familiar with the roads near the Capital. Since Murong Xue had ran to the cliff, not only was it because she was not familiar with the roads, but also he had  forced her to it. He had assumed that her resistance and rebellion against him was because of her Mistress of the Marquis’ Household position and ego. If he forced her to a dead-end, she would give in and quietly go back to Prince Jing Mansion as his concubine!

After all, everyone would be afraid of death. Facing death, and given to option to be the concubine of Prince Jing’s Household, enjoying the wealth and prosperity that everyone envies, peacefully living her life would be such a beautiful and good choice.

But when Murong Xue stood in front of the cliff, she had not, like he had envisioned, give into him, and beg him, but had drawn out her sword and mercilessly attacked him…

She would rather be a murderer than his concubine.

“Swish, swish, swish!” Three cold lights flashed and Ye Yichen’s red wedding robes had three cuts. The edge of the robes had even been cut off and it flew into the air, leisurely circling before floating onto the ground. The red, brighter than blood, signified immense taunting.

Ye Yichen looked at the damaged wedding robes, his face scarily black. After learning martial arts, very few people could get near him, least to say injure him. He had only used half his skill just now and was distracted by his thoughts, allowing Murong Xue to audaciously slash his clothes!

What an overconfident little girl, taking advantage of his courtesy and becoming increasingly audacious. He must harshly teach her a lesson and let her know that her little life has always been in his hands! If he lets her live, then she lives, if he wants her dead, then she must die!

Lightly clenched hands suddently opened and inner strength accumulated to form an invisible knife, harshly hitting towards Murong Xue.

The strong and dense murderous aura swept towards her with all intents to destroy everything. Murong Xue eye’s formed a rare seriousness – this is inner strength? The attack power is definitely extraordinary. However, it is also not so easy to kill her!

Murong Xue clenched her soft sword tightly and welcomed the invisible knife with flashes of silver. “Dang, dang, dang” rang out and the sharp knife was twisted into nothing. Even the smallest threat was removed.

Looking at an unhurt Murong Xue, Ye Yichen’s sharp eyes narrowed. Without any help of inner strength, and only using the sword, she had disseminated his inner strength. What a good move! Is this the Murong family swordsmanship? It deserves its reputation! How rare for Murong Xue to reveal the amazing swordsmanship of Murong family. Well then, he will give it his all and battle with her!

The fingers beneath the wedding robes opened and closed and bursts of masculine and strong wind were sent out from under his large sleeves with the most accurate technique and the fastest speed, and came towards Murong Xue from all directions!

Murong Xue raised her eyebrows. When she used the sword against Ye Yichen, it wasn’t really to kill him, but to injure him so that he would not be able to care about forcing her to marry him. After all, everyone knows that Ye Yichen has gone to the cemetery to ‘welcome’ her. But she doesn’t want to be Prince Jing’s concubine. If Ye Yichen dies, she will definitely be seen as the murderer. She is not afraid of death but she doesn’t want to implicate nine generations of Murong clan to be beheaded!

Furthermore, she has just came to Qingyan and is in such a weak body. She can’t even manage to unleash half the strength she had in the modern era. But Ye Yichen is highly skilled at martial arts and has profound inner strength. Even if she wanted to kill him, she would not be able to do so.

Her sword moves previously only tore Ye Yichen’s wedding robes. It did not hurt him but angered him. Throwing out so much inner strength – he is prepared to kill her!

She is a weak lady with no inner strength and only a bit of physical strength. But if Ye Yichen wants to kill her, it won’t be that easy either!

Murong Xue’s mouth curled into a slight smile and she leapt to two meters away, waving her sword rapidly!

Standing from Ye Yichen’s perspective, he could clearly see – Murong Xue had stood on the central attack spot of his inner strength. Streaks of silver light flew around her, protecting her tightly and hitting his inner strength towards the huge rock on the side.

“Ping, ping, ping!” A loud noise rang, bits of rocks flew apart and soil flew into the air, choking Murong Xue, making her cough. She quickly backed up a few steps and waved her hand to disperse the cloud of soil.

A slight breeze blew and the top of the cliff was a lot clearer. Ye Yichen’s tall and straight silhouette appeared 5-6 meters away!

Murong Xue held on to the soft sword, her whole body on guard, only to see him stare straight ahead, “Ouyang Shaochen!” The low voice did not carry any expression, not letting anyone guess what he was thinking.

Murong Xue was startled. She followed his gaze only to see that 3-4 meter tall rock had been smashed to only a meter tall one, revealing an octagonal pavilion behind it. The pavilion had a stone table and chairs, and a young man was sitting in front of the table, holding a white chess piece. His eyes were slightly lowered towards the chessboard on the table.

The man wore a snow white long robe, its material smooth like water, and the snow-white sleeve brushed across the bluestone surface, with no speck of dirt. His black silk hair was tied up into a white crown and dispersed over his back.

Charming black eyes slanted into his fringe and the handsome face was like dream-like out of a painting. His cold aura like the lonely moon, like ice, like snow, bringing awe into people’s hearts!

Murong Xue’s cold eyes flashed a look of surprise. She had seen many types of handsome men in the modern age. After coming to the ancient era, she had also Murong Ye and Ye Yichen’s handsome looks and was kind of immune to handsome men. But the appearance of this man was so handsome that she almost could not look away.

He is Lord Freedom’s heir Ouyang Shaochen! According to rumors, he left the Lord’s mansion when he was eight and had a mysterious teacher. Without much effort, the policy papers he wrote became famous; without much effort, the flute he blew caused people to be drunk within the music. Generals that had been given pointers by him became undefeatable in battles and wars. He also had a god-like presence!

For the last ten years, he had travelled to many countries but had very rarely stepped onto Qingyan’s soil. Why did he suddenly return to the Capital?

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