Chapter 14 – The Demon Doesn’t Have Lips Or Tongue 2

By | November 20, 2016

And no one knows why the Book of Dark Magic was split in half in the first place.

The Demon squinted at Lu Jiuque and walked up to her. He hugged her and laughed, “Damn you are good. I didn’t know you had the other half of that book.”

“Hey I’m talking to you.”

Of course she won’t reply. She’s almost dead.

The Demon took a closer look and seemed intolerant of the fact that humans are so weak.

Seeing how she is literally about to die at any moment, the Demon finally made up his mind and said, “Fine. Whatever. I’ll give it to you then.”

The Demon put down his sword and moved closer to Lu Jiuque. He touched her lips with his own.

The slight touch was accompanied by his silver long hair running down and tangling up with hers.

Silver and black…These are the opposite colors but they look so nice together at this moment.

It’s like a dream…

The Demon all of a sudden realized that he could’ve giver her the thing in a different way..

Well what’s done is done so whatever…

The Demon tries to open up her mouth and squeeze the stuff in her.

But Lu Jiuque is apparently not cooperating as she’s opposing him.

Her opposition made their lips touch even more and the soft feeling of kissing her was magnified, which made him kind of mad.

Never seen an ungrateful servant like this.

Finally he forced her mouth open and pushed a purple bead in her mouth.

Lu felt she couldn’t breath so she opened her eyes.

But just before she gets so see everything clearly she fell on the ground again.
This half dead poor girl was threw on the ground again by the Demon and just as she gets up she sees nobody in this room.

Lu Jiuque was angry, “Damn it. What just happened?? Did someone just come?”
Suddenly she felt something in her mouth.

“So weird. Did I just eat a candy? What is this….Well it’s kind of yummy actually..”

Hiding in the corner, the demon heard what she murmured and he was pissed.


He can’t believe she just said that.

The Demon stared at her viscously and left.

What could he do. He couldn’t just jump out and tell her that she just ate his lips and tongue because that’s what the bean is.
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