Chapter 14.1

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“You really are still lingering.” Mo Zhen looked at the faint light of the candle on the table. Although sarcastic remarks were coming out of his mouth, his scrunched up eyebrows had finally relaxed.

(TN: What it means by this is that Ah Yao’s spirit is still on Earth. He’s confirming that she really hasn’t passed on or disappeared)

The sound echoed in the darkness. Ah Yao’s figure slowly appeared in front of Mo Zhen, “I’ll say it again. Until I remember who I am, I won’t leave.”

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows. Ah Yao’s figure looked like a white hazy light in contrast to the black darkness around her. She folded her arms as she floated in the air, condescendingly looking at Mo Zhen, like a … … female rogue.

Your entrance was very cool and elegant, now could you please turn on the lights?”

Ah Yao: “…”

She huffed angrily to Mo Zhen’s side, and articulating slowly word for word, she said: “No!

The corners of Mo Zhen’s mouth lifted up, and he was rarely ever in a good mood. The faint candlelight from the cake sitting in the dining room table was the only source of light nearby. Although the room was still pitch-black, it did not prevent Mo Zhen from moving to find the light switch.

Seeing Mo Zhen stand up from the sofa and attempting to turn on the lights, Ah Yao stopped in her tracks: “Wait, at least blow out the candles first!”

Mo Zhen looked back at Ah Yao, his mouth hung with a smile, “Do you mean to make me walk all the way to the dining room in the pitch dark?”

Ah Yao opened her mouth to retort back, but no sound came out. Finally, she took the little cake from the dining room and drifted towards the living room. The cake floated in the air with two burning candles on top of it; when Mo Zhen saw the cake flying by itself leisurely towards him, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Although he was used to it, Mo Zhen felt like it was illusion when he saw it up close.

Unconsciously turning away, Mo Zhen had only the back of his head towards the cake. After the cake floated into the living room, it fell softly on the coffee table. Ah Yao looked at the back of Mo Zhen’s head and snorted, “You just didn’t want to get up and move.”

The orange candle flame reflected a shadow on the wall. Mo Zhen came back and with a puff, he blew out the candles. In the next moment, the living room flashed and the room was bright as ever.

“How could you be so careless and let the candles go out!” Ah Yao looked at the leftover  smoke from the two burnt candles, frowned and the candles were lit once again.

Mo Zhen: “…”

He went to the table and bent down, and repeated the same wishes he had asked for on the Ferris wheel, “I hope I can get 5 million, amen.”

Ah Yao: “…”

It seemed like he really really wanted the 5 million.

Having to blow the candles out once again, Mo Zhen had a slight headache when he looked at the cake. Such a big cake, how could he eat it? Thinking about the other celebrities in the company who had been endlessly reprimanded by Tang Qiang for drinking cups of water, his heart felt a little a guilty.

The plastic knife on the side of the cake shook and jumped out to start cutting the cake. The cake had been ordered by Tang Qiang, it was Mo Zhen’s favourite fruit mousse cake. Ah Yao looked at the tempting fruits and cream on the cake. She swallowed her bitter tears as she cut the delicious looking cake and placed it in front of Mo Zhen, “Happy Birthday.”

Mo Zhen looked at the big piece of cake floating in the air, considered a moment, and finally reached out, “Thank you.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have insisted on going to the amusement park.” Maybe it was because she had gotten used to Mo Zhen’s presence every day, she had forgotten that Mo Zhen was, in fact, a very very famous celebrity that all the girls in the country worshipped.

Mo Zhen pierced a fruit with his fork and placed it into his mouth, “Where did you go afterwards?”

Ah Yao, a little frightened, honestly replied: “I was too tired to fly back, so I rested in the amusement park.”

Sure enough, it was exactly the situation Master had explained. Swallowing the piece of fruit, Mo Zhen cut a small piece of the cake and pulled out his phone.

The screen was full of messages from family and friends who wished him a happy birthday, Mo Zhen wrote a short thank you message, and mass-sent it to everyone. The paper plane, which symbolized the sending of the message, flew for a moment before showing that it had been successful.

He had only put the phone down for two seconds when the phone started buzzing again.  Mo Zhen looked at the screen as  the caller ID, Du Du, appeared on the screen.

Ah Yao’s eyes looked at the screen, “Your  niece?”


Emperor Mo Zhen strikes again making poor Ah Yao his slave

emperor mo: “Benwang orders you to bring the fruit pudding to me.”

Ah Yao floats to Mo Zhen, trips, a fruit pudding hits Mo Zhen in the face.

Slave Ah Yao: *sniff* “im sorry, this slave wasn’t looking and tripped, Emperor please take pity



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Mo Zhen’s one of those people whos going to have high blood pressure when he get older…

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