Chapter 13 – Trainings

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Yun Ye sat down quietly, deep in his own thought.

After a few moments, he was surrounded by golden fire as if he was among the golden army troops.

All of the sudden, he saw a pair of eyes that were indescribable. The eyes were clear and transparent, like his soul was about to be sucked into it, it looked like a newborn’s eyes, as innocent as a baby without complications.

Yun Ye’s heart raced slightly.

Suddenly, the eyes shot out two ray of lights, one was black and another was white, the two lights then combined together and became a ball of bright shadow, shuak, the lights then penetrated swiftly into his temple.


Yun Ye trembled and felt a huge force inside his body, it flooded all his emotions and mind.

The penetration was speedy, it went out fast from his body as well, Yun Ye opened his eyes as soon as he felt it, and realized he was still sitting in the old house.

That scene kept replaying in his mind, however, this time he could see it clearer than before, especially the pair of innocent eyes, he would never forget it even after a thousand years later.

Yun Ye let out a faint sigh, and concentrated on his meditation.

At that moment, he noticed a faint black and white lights crossing over on his chest.

The ray of lights had finally came to him when he was conscious.

“You were hiding here all along?” Yun Ye was thrilled, he had spent most of his time finding these lights, and now they had finally come to him.

The aura lights then mixed together beat softly like a heart.

When Yun Ye was just about to take a closer look at it, the lights made their way into his body and vanished.

“What just happened?” Yun Ye was puzzled, he checked all over his chest but could not find them.

But since it had appeared to him, the lights must had been inside him body.

Those eyes… Yun Ye squinted his eyebrows and felt that the pair of eyes were somewhat related to the aura lights.


Just then, a faint sound came to him.

Yun Ye turned around and was surprised.

“You’ve absorbed both mid class aura stones?”

“Wicked, Chen Mo, your talent is wicked!”

Dang! Dang! Dang!

A soft bell rang suddenly from afar, the echo of the bell spread throughout the hills.

“What happened?”

“This is the bell to gather all disciples of Zha Yi, isn’t the examination starting after ten days, how come it starts today?”

Yun Ye who was still shocked with Chen Mo’s talent, turned around to see what was going on.

The examination for Tian Jian’s disciples happened once every three years, anyone who could meditate on gods’ level were qualified for this exam.

Yun Ye and Chen Mo stood together in a huge colosseum, the whole place was crowded with thousands of students from Zha Yi.

The mountain of Tian Jian had four main peaks, namely Wuying, Juejian, Lanyue and Zhaixing.

Each peak contained ten different categories of valleys, Yun Ye and Chen Mo were standing at Tian Zhu Valley. This valley was located under Wuying Peak, which was a place to collect and harvest divine medicine.

Tian Zhu Valley had ten other small places for planting medicines, processing them and harvesting.

The place where Yun Ye and Chen Mo stood was in one of the stadium in Tian Zhu Valley, whereby four to five thousands of disciples from Zha Yi would have to plant, process and harvest the medicines.

All of them were astonished by the changes of the examination, but none of them dared to speak a word.

In front of them, stood a shining black Excalibur in the mid-air, each time it shone, the bright ray would reflect to all corners. The light then moved forward to combine with another sword’s aura from Wuying Peak.

The sword light from Wuying Peak mixed with the light of Tian Jian Valley were incredibly mesmerizing.

Yun Ye had always been watching this amazing creation of Tian Zhu Valley from afar, he had promised himself many times that one day he would become the disciple of Tian Jian Tian Zhu Valley.

But now, all he could feel when he saw this marvelous ray was resistance.

If last time he submitted his dedication under this light to become a disciple out of fear and loyalty, now the reason he joined this exam was to improve his skills and become like the sword’s mighty aura.

The other Zha Yi disciples were all completely stunned by it, they could not even breath properly and their bodies were rigid, Yun Ye breathed in deeply and he felt calm again.

He squinted his eyes and tried his best to look at the Excalibur.

He felt something indescribable, this Excalibur was not only strong and mighty, it had a heavenly rule as well: if anyone could handle this power, his aura and skill would improve at a maximum level and easily get to the gods’ stage.

Yun Ye stood quietly and closed his eyes, he wanted to feel the power of the heavenly rule, it did not matter even if it was just a slight bit, it would still be useful for him in the future.

Suddenly, Yun Ye sensed the black and white aura lights again in his body.

Even though his eyes were closed, he could sense that the Excalibur was drifting towards him, a strange aura was absorbed into his flesh and bones.

When it entered him, Yun Ye could feel a clear and conscious flow inside him and created a ball-like ray, the ray then blinked a bit and disappeared.


The bell rang across the hills.

Yun Ye came back to his senses again and opened his eyes, the Excalibur was still in its place in the mid-air, shining brightly.

“Huh? Refining four-fold? Not bad.”

A surprised remark came from behind.

Yun Ye turned around to look.

A young man in silk with a foldable fan in his hand was smiling right at him.

“You must be gifted to practice this level at your age, I can see that your future is bright. Good, you will follow me from now on and be one of my man. Remember, I am Duan Chenfeng, from Duan family in the city.” The young man folded his hand fan and pointed at Yun Ye.

Yun Ye frozed, he could have bear with it if it was Qing Qianhan, but this man looked as if he was here to join the examination, and he talked to him in such an unpolite manner, Yun Ye ignored him and stared coldly at him.

“Duan family in the city, what was that?”

He smirked and showed off his white teeth like a wolf.

Duan Chenfeng was stunned, nobody had ever talked to him like that in his eighteen years.

Who did not know that those from Duan were the royalty of Jing Dynasty?

“How dare you!”

Three men shouted from behind, and they took a step forward. The men were fierce and ferocious, they were all the warriors of refining four-fold.

“Do you really want to fight here?”

Yun Ye laughed coldly.

He must be out of his mind to act this way in the examination colosseum, Yun Ye figured he was the innocent and arrogant person who had zero knowledge about the teachings of refining.

Duan Chenfeng waved his arm to stop his men, he looked at Yun Ye full of interest, “good, but I promise that you will regret for what you had said just now, maybe next time you will beg me to keep you as my follower.”

With that, he opened his hand fan and walked away.

Yun Ye raised his forehead and thought the best description for this young man would be idiotic.

In the world of refining, statuses and riches were useless, it was all about teachings here.

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