Chapter 13: Longevity lock (Part 2)

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“Xiao Xi, quickly come out! Ji Chuan Cheng actually came.” Heiwa stands in the kitchen door and shouted at me.

Ji Chuan Cheng is our classmate, but because he is the village secretary’s son and lived in the city before, he usually doesn’t visit or contact his classmates in school.

Heiwa said he came to our house, I guess it’s because grandmother cured his “disease” before, so he wants to express his gratitude.

“Is he with his father?” I asked faintly.

When Heiwa heard my question, he paused for a moment, then said: “He went alone and now is standing in the living room.”

“Alone?” It made me a bit curious.

Grandmother had cured Ji Chuan Cheng’s disease before and now that grandmother has died, Secretary Ji Kang didn’t even want to mourn?

“I’m going to check.” I said to Heiwa and walked towards the living room.

When I arrived at the living room, I saw Ji Chuan Cheng was standing in the corner and was looking around, as if he was searching for something.

“Are you here to see my grandmother?” I looked at him and asked.

Ji Chuan Cheng nodded, but his eyes are showing that he was lying, so I deliberately stared at him.

He looked back at me and then said: “Well actually, I only want to get something back.”

“Get something? What is it?” I looked at Ji Chuan Cheng and asked.

Ji Chuancheng pursed his lips: “My longevity lock. Ever since I was born, it has been with me. But, when I got sick your Grandmother took it and didn’t return it from me. Today father asks me…”

Ji Chuan Cheng hasn’t finished his words, but I immediately interrupted him: “I didn’t see any longevity lock and I don’t think Grandmother will casually take other people’s things. Why don’t you go home now and look for it!”

My tone was not nice because for so many years Grandmother always helps the villagers whenever they get sick and assist them with their wedding or funerals. Most of the time, those are for free. And even if she does receive some money from them, she will spend it to buy candlestick and put it in their house to eliminate evil spirits.

And also that time, when Grandfather took all the expensive wine that Secretary Ji Kang had brought, Grandmother had argued with him. But now, Ji Chuan Cheng actually came and said Grandmother took his longevity lock, this is simply too much.

“I… … I really saw your grandmother took it and she also cut my hair.” Ji Chuan Cheng said and slightly lowered his head. I saw the cut-off hairs on the middle part of his head.

“My grandmother cut off your hair in order to cure you. So why would my grandmother steal your longevity lock?” I was so angry, I’m almost shouting my words to him.

Grandfather was still talking to a few uncles in the village. When he heard my voice, he turned around and saw me shouting at Ji Chuan Cheng. He got a little anxious and said: “Xiao Xi, what happened? Why are you shouting? Chuan Cheng, you just recovered from your disease, right? Go back home for now.”

“Ok.” Ji Chua Cheng looked at my grandfather and nodded. He glared at me and left angrily.

Heiwa shook his head while watching Ji Chuan Cheng: “Xiao Xi, don’t get angry. You know already that Secretary Ji Kang doesn’t believe in ghost or evil spirit. In fact, that is good.”

“Oh, so now you can see who is good.” Heiwa suddenly closed his mouth when I stared back at him.

In my opinion, Ji Chuan Cheng didn’t want to thank my grandmother, but instead he wants to insult her by saying that she took his longevity lock. So how could I take that?


“Your Grandaunt will come tomorrow, so bring your sister with you when you go to  the village entrance to pick her up.”

Mother speak to me, but she didn’t even call my name. She just directly gives out her order and looks at me with her extremely cold eyes.

After a while, I learned what my mother’s real intention was. She wants me to take sister because she wants my Grandaunt to get familiar with her. She was planning to ‘marry off’ my sister soon.

“I’m not going!” My gentle sister suddenly rejected mother’s proposal without any hesitation.

Mother stretch out her hand and twisted sister’s ear and said: “Why are you getting stubborn? Don’t you know how rich your grandaunt is? You are now at a marriageable age, so if your Grandaunt can introduce someone rich to you then you don’t need to marry an ordinary guy.”

“Mother, I’m only seventeen. I want to take an entrance exam in the university.” Sister looks at Mother and plead.

Mother increases her strength in her hand, but Sister only bites her lips to ease the pain. While Father only stood there and watch coldly, as if this scenes are very common in his eyes.

“Let go of my sister!” I couldn’t stand her action anymore and went directly to push mother’s hand.

When I pushed Mother’s hand, she was unprepared so she staggers a bit and takes a few step backward and bump into Grandmother’s coffin.

“This rude girl!” Mother screamed and raised her hand. She gave me a slap in the face in front of so many people.

Although I grew up in the countryside, Grandmother never lets anyone to touched or hurt me.

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