Chapter 13 – A fake Emperor

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No, rather than being left speechless, it seemed as if someone had plugged Shao Qingrou’s mouth. It seemed that someone was clutching her throat, so that she could not even breathe. Under the dirt, even her face was becoming pale, and her entire body was spasmodically moving. When he saw that his interlocutor was silent, Emperor Liu nodded his head and asked coldly at Jiuche.


“What are you still doing here?”

Jiuche did not understand, “What?”

Emperor Liu frowned, his beautiful face full of impatience, “Shouldn’t you take your admission test?”
Jiuche nodded repeatedly, “Oh … yes, but certainly!”
“So why are you kinking here? Go! Move!”
“Yes, I’ll go right away!”
Jiuche helped that boy with his mouth still full of mud to stand up, turned, and jumped to another flying creature. Then, she ordered the boy to mount the beast and later disappeared into the sky.


Only after having flew for quite a while, Jiuche made up her mind.
Why as soon as he had ordered her to leave, she did leave? Why should she obey blindly the orders of that Prince Liu?
Was it about … slavery ?!
Too weird!

Even after thinking and rethinking, Jiuche could not find an answer. She could only concentrate on the flying creature.
After wondering about it again for a while, Jiuche shouted suddenly, “Damn it!”
She was not able to witness the defeat of that “poisonous flower”, who was all cute on the outside, but a devil in the inside. She was missing a lot!


But, what problems would she had to face if that “bloody flower” true essence was discovered?
That little boy was deeply scared by Jiuche due to her yell that his body was extremely contracted.
When Jiuche saw his tension, she raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’s your name?”


The expression of that little boy showed all of his uneasiness. He almost seemed to be trying to avoid the question. He was feeling a blend of fear for Jiuche’s “meteor” fame and gratitude for saving him. Seeing his gloomy look, Jiuche raised the boy’s eyes to the sky and tapped his head, “Answer!”
“Yehui … my name is Yehui!”


Jiuche began digging into her memories. Yehui, that kid, was General Ye’s son. He was the descendant of a general just like her.
The only difference was that Yehui was far more lucky than Jiuche. He had both parents. His family had achieved brilliant military successes. In short, he occupied a rather respectful position.


Seeing the doubtful expression of the boy, Jiuche realized that she did not have much desire to talk to him, then shrugged and ignored him.
If he had not been the only one to not mock her in front of everyone, then she would already made him experience the blockage of vital points, a heart-breaking pain.
But as Jiuche closed her eyes, Yehui blushed and began to look at her secretly.


Even though she was still dirty, the tip of her nose was so sharp and her labs were so beautiful …
Yehui’s heart was beating in awe. How was it possible that until then he did not realize all the qualities of Jiuche?
As soon as Jiuche raised her eyebrows, Yehui turned to the other side blushing.


After observing Jiuche, he did not know how to react, so pressed his chest and tried to relax.
He kept repeating, “No, I must be wrong, I, without any doubt, must be wrong …”
Jiuche was ugly, so ugly that it was impossible to find her … cute… Or not?

When Jiuche went away, the temperature dropped so suddenly that the frost pervaded the air, and the people felt like a glacier.
But, who had caused the frost was Emperor Liu himself.
Luckily, Emperor Liu did not wait too much. Otherwise, everyone would start thinking that they could die.

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