Chapter 13 – The Devil Doesn’t Have Lips or Tongue 1

By | November 19, 2016

Just as Lu Jiuque is about to pick the book up, storm suddenly rushed into the room making it look like an earthquake.

The wind caught her off guard obviously, because she immediately raised her head without even noticing that the book came to life and flew into her.

It happened so fast Lu didn’t have time to react. And the next moment she started to feel so much pain as if her soul is ripped apart!
It was a mess. She started to hear dragon sing besides her ears and the explosion following it, as if she’s being destroyed by monsters.

It was so painful she could barely stop herself from moaning.

If only she could see inside her own body.

Because inside her body right now the book is fighting a silver dragon and it seems like they are fighting for the ownership of this body.

And they are apparently ignoring what the actual owner, Lu Jiuque, is feeling.

Lu was being tortured from inside out and it hurt so bad that the blood bursting out of her scars dyed her face red.

She was shaking and struggling and climbing around on the ground.

As the fight gets increasingly intense so does the amount of blood bursting out of her body.

Just as Lu Jiuque is about to let go and die, someone appeared out of thin air.

It’s the Demon, with his characteristic silver hair and eyeballs.

Looking pitifully at the girl the Demon looks surprised.

Why is she not even screaming or even moaning a bit? She’s in so much pain.

She doesn’t want people to hear?

What a stubborn little thing.

With an arrogant smile on his face the Demon spoke,”Book. I can destroy you just like I can make you. You’d better know who’s your owner now. If she dies I won’t let you live either.”


The book seems to be scared by what he said and it stopped moving.

And immediately after that the dragon stepped on it.

The dragon won the battle.

The silver dragon grabbed the book and soared as the winner. It’s body made a beautiful swing and transformed into a dragon ball, sitting right on the Tan Tien of Lu Jiuque.

And the lost book paused for a moment and backed down into her head.

The fight for ownership comes to an end with Lu Jiuque almost died.

The silver dragon was put into Lu Jiuque by the Demon.

And the book is the Book of Medicine which traveled into this world with her.

In fact, it’s not really called Book of Medicine. It’s called Book of Dark Magic.

At the very beginning the Book of Dark Magic was in dormancy because there was only half of it.

And the other half of the book successfully mixed with it.

From now on the Book of Dark Magic is complete!

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