Chapter 13.2

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The intercom showed Tang Qiang’s naïve face, “Emperor Mo, happy birthday.” Mo Zhen opened the door and Tang Qiang, carrying a cake in his hands, came in, “Emperor Mo, I never knew you enjoyed visiting amusement parks?” .

Mo: “…”

He knew Tang Qiang would not deliberately come over just to wish him a happy birthday.

Ignoring Tang Qiang, Mo Zhen went back to the kitchen and continued to guard his noodles. Tang Qiang put the cake on the table, and also followed into the kitchen. Looking at the large clumps of noodles in the pot, the surprised Tang Qiang raised his eyebrows, “Being chased by fans in an amusement park have put you in such a good mood that you’re even cooking to celebrate?”

Mo: “…”

He glanced at Tang Qiang, his hands holding chopsticks and stirring the noodles, “I thought the news wouldn’t be reported so soon?” Only a few hours had passed, but the media outlets these days were truly very efficient.

“The news didn’t even need to report it, Weibo has already exploded.” Tang Qiang said as he took out his phone from his pocket and opened Weibo, “Look.”

Mo Zhen gave Tang Qiang’s phone a glance, and sure enough, the hot trending topic was “Emperor Mo goes to amusement park alone,” it had more than a thousand comments already, and one could even hear the voices of the thousands of fans calling- Emperor Mo, please bring me!

Mo Zhen blinked and gave Tang Qiang his phone back, “It was just a whim.”

“It was just a whim?” Tang Qiang wanted to go over and bite Mo Zhen out of anger. “The next time you want to go on a whim, if you are caught, do you know what are the consequences?”

“I don’t even want to know.” Mo Zhen looked at the time and took the plate out of the cupboard. Tang Qiang looked Mo Zhen’s carefree expression, a frustrated feeling bubbled up in his chest, “Emperor Mo, you are a public figure, you can’t go to an amusement park alone!

Mo Zhen looked at Tang Qiang in the eyes, and said: “Next time, I’ll bring someone else then.”

Tang Qiang: “…”

That would be even worse! Fortunately, this time Mo Zhen had only been photographed alone and the media could not blow up the article too badly, they would only report on how Mo Zhen felt so cold and lonely on his birthday. But if you changed it to two people, female or even male, the media would analyze it and blow it up until it was impossible to tell if it was the truth or just a rumour.

Tang Qiang sighed, and finally wisely chose to end the topic – anyway, even he continued to lecture Mo Zhen, there wouldn’t be any real conclusion to it.

As Mo Zhen put the fish into the noodles, Tang Qiang wandered around the house. Mo Zhen put the seasoning onto the fish and looked towards the direction of Tang Qiang, “What are you looking for?”

“A Woman.”

Mo: “…”

“If you want a woman, go to the red-light district.” Mo Zhen held the plate and sat down, not bothering to tell Tang Qiang the food was ready.

Tang Qiang did not care, he went to the table and placed the cake onto the table, and stuck a candle in it, “Why don’t you make a wish first.”

“Forget it.” Before he had been looped into the wish promise on the ferris wheel, but the results of it had been a horrifying fan chase, and now, maybe if he wished again, a meteorite would fall directly out of the sky.

Tang Qiang pulled a chair to sit beside Mo Zhen and sat down, “Why isn’t your girlfriend accompanying you on your birthday?” And since there was a girlfriend in the picture, why did he go to the amusement park alone? This was not something a normal male with a partner would do.

Mo Zhen rolled up a spoonful of spaghetti, coldly glanced Tang Qiang and said, “how do you that I have a girlfriend?”

Tang Qiang choked, facing Mo Zhen, he said: “I asked you last time, and you did not deny it.”

Mo Zhen recalled and facing Tang Qiang, he smiled, “You’ve misunderstood, I meant my little niece, not a girlfriend.”

Tang Qiang was startled, and then he suddenly realized that the original woman in Mo Zhen’s house was his niece ah! And he before, had even felt betrayed that Mo Zhen had a girlfriend without him noticing.

The month long heavy betrayal hovering in his heart was suddenly swept away, he patted Mo Zhen’s shoulder, smiling: “Your little niece is not sensible, I understand, but please tell her not to share any information about you on the internet. ”

“… … ah.” Mo Zhen said lightly as he ate a spoonful of pasta.

Tang Qiang saw the bowl of noodles at Mo Zhen’s side, and suddenly became hungry. Listening to the “growl” sound coming beside him, Mo Zhen glanced at Tang Qiang with a carefree expression, “I don’t need any more rice.”

“… … I’m leaving.” Tang Qiang in his anger got up, and left the villa.

Mo Zhen finished his noodles, and looked at the time, he scrunched his eyebrows together when he realized it was almost 8 o clock. That fool shouldn’t be lost, right?

Looking at the greasy plate on the table, Mo Zhen had some regrets, he should’ve made Tang Qiang washed the dishes before he left.

Since Emperor Mo had no choice but to wash his own dishes, he got up and cleaned up the kitchen just before the clock hand pointed to 8 o clock.

Feeling a little restless, Mo Zhen laid on the sofa and surfed the channels on the TV, but there was nothing interesting on. The room’s lights were suddenly extinguished, Mo Zhen’s eyebrows wrinkled and then he saw that the candle in the restaurant bought cake was lit up.


sorry guys for any mistakes, this was done really rushed.

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