Chapter 12 – Taking Advantage of the Moonlight Night Attack

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Cecil was angry.

  After she laughed, he quietly got under the sofa.  No matter how Yi Ti called him, he wasn’t willing to come out.

  Yi Ti sighed and ran her hands through her hair, messing up her ponytail.  She didn’t mean to make him angry.  She thought he was deliberately being funny to make her laugh…and it was very funny.

  “Cecil, I did not mean it.”


  “I’m going to get you those energy bars to eat for a few days.”


  “Then I’ll save enough money to buy you the premium ones.”


  Yi Ti thought she understood why Cecil had shape changed.  Yes it was funny but she was also moved by his effort.  Although it may be something small, but not everyone would do something like that just to cheer them up.  Because she was aware of this, Yi Ti found it even more valuable.

  But …

  “Cecil, you do not have to deliberately become a person.” Yi Ti was lying on the sofa and through the tiny gap down said, “For me, you look very cute.” She always wanted to poke or pinch him and resisting each time was very hard.


  Yi Ti sighed a little.  It seemed this apology was going to take a while ah. And, he has been kept busy talking, so he should also feel tired, right? She decided to let him rest while she went and took a shower to cool off.  Then, she would try again.

  Although using Aura could effectively allow her to resist the heat, she was still a novice on that road.  She would often forget, remember, then get distracted and forget again.  In the end, Yi Ti’s body still sweated.

  She took two steps, and suddenly felt something seize her foot.

  Yi Ti looked down, and sure enough found a blue tentacle wrapped around her ankle. She crouched, stretched out her hand, and gently unwrapped the tentacle wrapping it in her fingers.

  “You forgive me, right?”

  The tentacles rubbed her fingers twice.

  “Then hurry out, the dust below the sofa is almost cleaned from you rubbing it.” Yi Ti said laughing. “If you really want to help me, how about doing some cleaning? You see, some corners of my home I can not get to, but your tentacles can easily hit it right? “

  His tentacles immediately erected, and he looked very motivated.

  When she came out of the bathroom, Cecil had already begun to clean, and each of its tentacles were wrapped in a small piece of cloth.  He wiped back and forth in the corners and from time to time he would pull in the tentacles, rinse the cloth in the basin, then there will be other tentacles to help clean.

  Everything looked so orderly apart from……

  Yi Ti looked into the living room, hesitated, and asked: “Cecil, are you sure you want to waste energy?” She was thinking of the previous “horrors” and how to make him better.

  “… …” he froze.

  “Wait don’t! -“


  Yi Ti: “… …” Ah!

  That day, Yi Ti didn’t refine any drugs.

  After enjoying a generous meal, Yi Ti and Cecil stayed in the yard for a long time in the moonlight.  She listened as he recited the story of Chang’e of the moon to her.  She found listening to Cecil’s reading was a very interesting thing, because no matter what kind of content, he can read it out seriously. Of course, the reason was probably because his blunt tone was so natural.

  Well, Yi Ti thought about giving him some classic novels.  She really looked forward to hearing from his mouth, “the goblins ground up people” or “I will give you 30 million to sleep with me,” and lines like it.

  It was not until the night was deep that she yawned and put Cecil on the couch (though she had proposed to let him sleep with her in the bedroom, but he seemed to actually like the sofa) and went back to the room. Then she headed to sleep.

  Before going to bed, Yi Ti looked out the window at the moonlight and the beautiful white flowers that bathed in it.  She decided not to pull the curtains shut.

  These days, after repeatedly doing the same thing, although her physical condition was good, but the fatigue of her spirit was not so easy to recover.

  So she was asleep in almost a second.

  It was the so-called “black night with raging wind, when abnormal things attack” (not!), Cough, although the moon was not black nor was there wind, but the night attack thing seemed to be there. Yi Ti sleep was interrupted, due to the feeling that something was around.

  Her senses were now much sharper than before, so the disturbance was almost instantly discovered. Yi Ti suddenly opened her eyes and saw a blue slime trying to climb into her bed.  He saw her about to speak and two tentacles shot across her mouth to cover it.

  Yi Ti: “… …” Although Cecil didn’t think she would do anything bad, but they were now the shape … … or very strange ah!

  Hesitant, Cecil had climbed onto the bed, leaned on her pillow and said softly: “There are people outside.”

  “!!!” Yi Ti opened her eyes, outside … … of the home is the yard ah! So, was this a home invasion? Speaking of which, burglarizing single women has long been nothing new.

  She held out her finger and pointed to his tentacles, indicating that she would not be loud. After the latter loosened, she said softly, “Yard?”


  Yi Ti felt that for this matter, they should take advantage of the intruder not being prepared for them to take the initiative to attack.  When one side is prepared, it is never a good idea to attack. She thought, made a gesture to Cecil, then dodged into the space.  When she came back, she had a bottle of self-defense syrup made specifically by her master. It is said that as long as it was thrown, it will immediately act upon the enemy.

  She was beside the jelly star and made a “toss” gesture.

  Cecil knew what she intended. With a tentacle wrapped around the bottle, the other tentacles quietly opened the window buckle, it silently pushed open the window a small amount. Then, with the speed of a thunderbolt, the bottle of syrup was tossed out!

  The next second, he quickly closed the window.

  Yi Ti thought this was really the right decision, because almost at the same time, from the yard came a burst of green smoke. The faint smell passed through the windows and subconsciously she covered her nose. You can imagine the serious situation now. Then she remembered that Cecil could also smell the smell, and his sense of smell was more sensitive than her own.  So, she turned up the air-conditioning and wrapped him in a blanket.

  Cecil: “…”

  “Wait, just wait -“

  Yi: “…”

  “What is this ah ?!” At this time, from the yard actually came a familiar voice, “Keke Keke! What did you do?”

  Yi Ti: “This voice is not … …”

  Liang Chen felt very put out.

  This afternoon, was the second rescue of that stupid woman. That bastard surnamed Xue actually tried to stop him and they carried out a very unpleasant conversation.

  The conversation was started with Liang Chen: “Good dogs do not block others!”

  Xue Wan laughed: “Between us who is more of a dog?”

(*changed Night to Wan.  Makes a little more sense)

  “You want to fight?”

  “Of course not.” Xue Wan spread out his hands, motioning that he was not hostile, “I just want to ask you something.”

  “Quickly, I’m busy.”

  “Yeah, it’s a full moon tonight… is it hard?” The young man chuckled twice.

  Liang Chen frowned: “Is this nonsense all you want to say?”

  “Of course not.” Xue Wan went on to say, “Before you thought you didn’t like me in your territory looking for prey and it now appears that the human seems to be very special for you.  Actually for her to go to my place to shop… “

  “… it does not matter to you!”

  “Really?” Xue Wan said, smiling, “Liang Chen, but we have an agreement…don’t make waves. I am not guilty this time…you are the one who transgressed.”

  “You threaten me?”

  Xue Wan shook his head: “No, I am just reminding you.”

  “I will not let you touch her even if you break the agreement.” Liang Chen’s words are very firm.

  “She is just a human. Why do you want to do this?” The young man showed a puzzled expression. “She looks really good, but I remember you don’t eat blood.”

  “She’s the new owner of the flower shop.”

  Xue Wan was surprised: “… … that flower shop?”

  “Yes.” Liang Chen snorted, “If you understand, stay away from her.”

  Finished, he directly turned and walked off.

  He didn’t walk more than a few steps when behind him came laughter –

  “I was almost cheated by you. Liang Chen, if that human really inherited … how can you be so worried about her?”


  “How do you actually have feelings for humans? This is really outrageous.”

  “This kind of thing has nothing to do with you.” The young man who looked like a young man turned his head, his green eyes actually exposed a murderous aura. “In short, she is mine!”

  Although it was said, but he also knew Xue Wan wouldn’t give up so easily. Even if he didn’t eat blood for food, he could tell how good she would taste by smell.  It was enough for him to make trouble.  Liang Chen had warned her not to get close to Xue Wan and she agreed.  But still…

  So, that old man really gave him a nice big problem!


  However, even without her, on nights of the full moon like tonight, nothing ever went smoothly.

  Speaking of which, he and the old guy first met, on such a full moon night in his yard.

  So thinking about it, Liang Chen unconsciously, went there.  Because he was thinking about how unfair God was, he didn’t hear the subtle sound of the window opening.  So easily…

  A sudden Attack!

  If the omnipresent smell of ordinary people was already a weapon of destruction, the smell from the bottle, for him, was simply an atomic bomb.

  So when Yi Ti, wearing a mask, went into the yard, a paralyzed Liang Chen fell to the floor and kept retching.

  “What are you doing h…” Her voice stopped short.

  Yi Ti’s stunned eyes fell on his head where brown ears appeared and behind him she could see a tail of the same color.  There was something not good … …


  Although she wanted to understand this, but … … that ears and tail were moving ah ah ah!

  A word emerged from her mouth: “Dog?”

  Then Yi Ti saw that very fluffy brown tail suddenly puff up, into a huge feathers.

  “You are a dog !!!”

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