Chapter 12: Prince Jing wants to force the marriage

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Relationship Diagram

Murong Xue raised her eyebrows, no wonder the Mansion’s guards did not manage to give a warning when the enemy came – they had met Ye Yichen.

Ye Yichen’s people are all blood-soaked soldiers who have climbed out from the dead. They were good at martial arts and their every move was filled with wrath. They were able to easily defeat the Mansion guards who have not been out of the Capital, such that other than fighting for their lives, the guards could not manage to do anything more.

A flash of dark blue stood in front of her eyes – it was Murong Ye blocking in front of her, using his thin and weak body closely to protect her. Black jade-like eyes cautiously looked at Ye Yichen, “What are you here for?”

“To welcome my concubine!” Ye Yichen coldly answered. His sharp gaze swept over Murong Ye and looked towards Murong Xue who was standing behind. please read only translator’s website

He knew that Murong Xue would not docilely get onto the wedding sedan. He had thought of all the ways of dealing with her. No matter how difficult Murong Xue was, he would be able to easily marry her into the Prince Jing Household. please read only translator’s website

But he never imagined that she would wear a plain white dress and run to the cemetery to pray to the dead on their wedding day!

Is she not happy with her status as concubine, or is she purposely trying to bring bad luck to their wedding?

Murong Ye didn’t know what Ye Yichen was thinking. He glared at him and said word-by-word, “My sister will never be anyone’s concubine. If you want to marry my sister, then use an 8-person sedan chair to carry her into the Prince Jing Mansion as first wife. If you are unable to do so, then break off the engagement!”

Ye Yichen glanced at him, “Murong Xue and my marriage is none of your business!”

That look of contempt and casual tone showed that he totally did not think much of Murong Ye.

Murong Ye’s handsome face reddened and he thundered, “I am her older brother – her older brother from the same mother. Her issues are mine. Why do I not have any right to meddle?”

Ye Yichen smiled at him disdainfully. He didn’t care to waste his breath with idiots!

He lightly treaded and moved towards Murong Ye step by step, “Move away!”

Ye Yichen was a battle worn veteran and from his bones emitted an aura of decisive ruthlessness, making anyone afraid. But he was also a scholar – the refined aura combined with his sharp stance made people less afraid of him.

Now, Murong Ye overconfidently challenged him and caused him to rage internally. The iron-blood like powerful aura mercilessly pressed on. Even if army generals were here, they would be stunned and afraid, not the least Murong Ye.

Murong Ye couldn’t breathe properly and both of his legs was trembling. His body was also frozen into a block but he stubbornly refused to give in, gritting his teeth and saying word-by-word, “No way! Unless I am dead, I won’t allow you to forcefully marry my sister!”

Ye Yichen heard him and contempt flashed across his eyes. He wants to die? I’ll grant his wish!

Seeing Ye Yichen clench his fingers and preparing to lash out, Murong Xue’s eyes flashed and she raised her arm to pull Murong Ye behind her, coldly looking at Ye Yichen, “Prince Jing and Princess Yuyuan are in love with each other. I had also suggested breaking off the engagement and letting both of you be. Why do you insist on taking me as concubine?”

“You are Uncle Yue’s daughter and you are weak and sickly. I respect Uncle Yue and am prepared to take you into my Household so that I can more conveniently take care of you!” Ye Yichen lightly said, his tone casual.

Murong Xue sneered internally, her eyes full of ridicule, “If your Highness’ definition of taking care is by taking me as concubine, and letting me face the hate, disdain and the people’s ridicule and humiliation, then forget it.”

“I’d rather not marry for the rest of my life, and die old in the Marquis’ Mansion. At least I am still the noble Young Mistress of the Marquis’ Household and can be buried in the Murong family ancestral cemetary when I am dead. If I enter Prince Jing’s Household, when I am alive, I will be the lowly concubine, humiliated by everyone; after I die, I will be regarded so lowly that I will not even have the right to be buried in the ancestral cemetary.”

Heartlessly demoting her, stamping on her, and he still wants to gain the reputation of being righteous and caring? How utterly shameless! Of course, all the court officials and the citizens in the Capital will not laugh at Ye Yichen and definitely will not reprimand him, because he is the always victorious God of War, holding the reins of the armies and deeply trusted by the Emperor. Talk about him behind his back? Not unless they don’t want to continue living.

Watching her furious like an angry cat, Ye Yichen’s eyes flashed something, and he amazingly resisted his temper, “Yuyuan is caring and kind and innocent. As first wife, she will take care of you and will definitely not bully you. She will definitely not let the servants humiliate you. You will enjoy the same benefits as the first wife and after you die, I will instruct that you will be properly buried into the ancestral cemetery…”

“Really?” Murong Xue smirked. please read only translator’s website

Qin Yuyuan is the Princess of Mobei and has lived in the palace for over ten years experiencing it. Even if she had not actually used those inner palace’s shameless and dirty methods, she would have definitely seen them. After a long while in that environment, she is definitely not innocent. Caring and kind? Innocent? He thinks that she’s blind and cannot see that? please read only translator’s website

Ye Yichen’s sweet talk is very tempting. Pity, she had heard countless of such pledges in modern television that she already developed immunity towards such sweet talk.

“Of couse, Yuyuan cares a lot about you. When I left the Mansion, she had kept telling me to quickly marry you so that you both can be good sisters.” Ye Yichen’s deep voice said in all seriousness.

But Murong Xue laughed internally. As a woman, she knew clearly that if a woman loved a man, she will wish that that man’s whole heart is hers, and that he will not spare a single glance at other women.

Qin Yuyuan is a noble and arrogant lady. Even if she is used to men having multiple wives, she will still definitely hope that Ye Yichen only sees her and is unable to store other women in his eyes and heart!

Ye Yichen promised that her status will only be just below the first wife’s status, and marry first into the Household, and he thinks that she will happily marry in? You can’t even get that lie pass a ghost!

“Does your Highness know that being together refers to a man and a woman really loving each other such that they are unable to have a third person? There should be 2 reasons why Princess Yuyuan encouraged you to take a concubine. First, she is jealous and wants to test your attitude. Second, she doesn’t love you so she is able to open up her heart and not care if you take a concubine.”

“Nonsense!” Ye Yichen’s face turned scarily black as he coldly stared at her, “Murong Xue, know your status and don’t provoke the relationship between Yuyuan and I!”

Murong Xue tutted, “I am not interested in provoking your relationship. If you want to know whether I am right, you only need to go back to the Mansion and test Qin Yuyuan!”

“I will return to the Mansion, but you have to come with me!” Ye Yichen looked at Murong Xue, his eyes flashing darkly. please read only translator’s website

“Ye Yichen, my father, my mother and my grandfather’s graves are all here. Today, in front of them, I will state clearly – I, Murong Xue of the Marquis’ Mansion, am able to take care of myself and do not need you hypocrite!”

The cold voice passed through his eardrums and hit directly at his heart. Ye Yichen’s handsome face turned black till it could almost drip ink, and his eyes colored with darkness. She dared to sneer that he is a hypocrite? How audacious!

He moved like a light cloud and suddenly stood in front of Murong Xue and reached out to grab her…

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    Black jade like eyes cautiously looked at Ye Yichen, “What are you doing for?”

    Black jade like eyes cautiously looked at Ye Yichen, “What are you here for?”

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    Ye Yichen glanced at him, “Murong Xue and my marriage is none of your business!”

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