Chapter 12 – The Other Half 2

By | November 18, 2016

Lu’s lucky. Or actually, the owner of this body was lucky. She had family left.

But from now on, Lu will be lucky too.

She smiled with softness in her eyes.

Lu Jiuque, Auntie Chang and others who are taking the test are assigned to live in the house together but they haven’t come back yet since they are supposedly “poisoned”.

It took her quite some effort to really wash herself clean. Looking at her own hands she was stunned.
Are these..really her hands?

She remembers that her hands are supposed to be small and yellowish, with callus and scars spread throughout.But in fact her hands are beautifully built, elegant like artpiece. They bore the innocence of a young girl; soft and delicate.

Even her hands are beautiful, let alone the rest of her body.

She finally got a chance to look at her new body from reflection. Although it’s not as clear as mirror it’s more than enough for her to realize how pretty she is now.

She has the kind of body that the whole world would stop and stare for a while.


She lacks nine elements including the element of beauty.

How can she be so beautiful then?


It must be that silver fire!

The fire transformed her body burning all the impurities out, which let her true self be seen.

She vaguely remembers someone telling her how pretty her mom was. The whole kingdom went crazy for her mom but unfortunately her dad came up and got her.

So many jealous people back then.

The fact that her mom was pretty disburdened Lu Jiuque.

But she doesn’t really care whether she’s pretty or not.

It’s just that her beautiful appearance might bring her a lot of trouble.

So she decided to try to at least make herself look darker so she doesn’t look that stunning.

And also this new body is far too skinny. She needs to eat more.


Also also the scriptures the Demon gave her! Can’t forget that one.

She immediately took the scriptures out and then got disappointed by it the moment after.

What the heck is this….

This is obviously just a crap book and it doesn’t even have a cover page! Wait, why does it look so familiar though.
As she read through the book she felt assured even more.

This has to be it. This is it!

This scripture is the other half of the Book of Medicine.

Suddenly Lu tripped over something and fell. Her head bumped straight into the sharp corner of the table and started bleeding badly.

Lu looked around and tried to find the thing that she tripped on. But she didn’t find any.

So..She tripped over herself?

Damn it!

Can the bad luck get even worse?

Lu Jiuque stood back up while failing to notice the blood that spilled on the book was absorbed completely by it.

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