Chapter 12 – A False Emperor Liu

By | June 6, 2017

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“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The frightened boy could only protect himself by wrapping his arms around his head.

Lu Jiuche couldn’t ignore him and lowered him, to avoid those three icicles coming their way. But she lost her balance and fell down from the her fantastic animal.

“Damn it!” Lu Jiuche screamed in her mind.

She also thought the former owner of her body must have been truly cursed. Because in the short time span, after her reincarnation, she had been through quite a lot: the King of Demons, the poisonous flower, and now she was even about to crash down from the sky?

It was a good idea to carry a hostage with her, but now she was about to become a victim as well…

Lu Jiuche sighed. While holding the boy she changed her position and preparing to hit the ground with her back to minimize the pain.

But time was going on and on, and nothing was happened. To the contrary, she felt as if something had hugged her, and now she was enclosed inside cold air.

Lu Jiuche opened her eyes, and she found herself face to face with someone else.

The eyes she saw were beautiful that were slighly leaning up with a pitch black pupils shining a light, which was similar to a distant stars in the night sky.

What a beautiful eyes…

Hadn’t she seen them somewhere before?

First things first…how did she get there with that person?

Lu Jiuche turned her head around and realized she was in his arms, which held her close to his chest.

With every breath, she could smell a fresh fragrance.

She had never been so close to a man before! The King of Demons didn’t count, for obvious reasons.

Seeing Lu Jiuche dazed, the man asked her, “Have you gone insane?”

“What?” Lu Jiuche replied.

“You actually went insane.” he stated then.

And with that he dropped her to the ground, where she hit and hurt her bottom.

The boy that Lu Jiuche was trying to save wasn’t any luckier because he face-planted himself to the ground.

Lu Jiuche finally managed to get a good look at the man.

He wore a long black dress, and a belt finely garnished in silver at his hips.  He was tall and hardy, and he appeared severe.

What drew the most attention was obviously his beauty. It was a work of art.

Lu Jiuche wasn’t the only one mouth agape. All the other boys were looking at the man in admiration, for he was an idol for the whole Empire!

And shortly after, a sympathetic voice said: “Emperor Liu…”

What? Emperor Liu?

That man was that Emperor Liu, the former owner of her body who cherished him so much?

How could it be? In her memory, Emperor Liu was a kind man, he would have never carelessly dropped her down like that.

That one had to be a false Emperor Liu!

“Emperor Liu… help…. Lu Jiuche got me…”

The Emperor Liu shut Shao Qingrou up with a gaze.

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