Chapter 12: Disgust (Part 2)

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However, thinking about all the years that they didn’t come to see me. I bite my lips and stubbornly stayed inside the room as if I didn’t hear Hei Wa’s words.

“Lin Xi, quick, quickly come out. Your parents and sister came.” Grandfather called my name, but I still didn’t move.

Soon, I heard the sound of the footsteps into the living room. This time, I looked up to look at those people.

Behind my grandfather is a tall man with eyeglasses and gray hair. He should be around 50 years old.

And he is holding the big belly of a thin woman who has a white complexion.

Next to that thin woman is a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl. This girl should be my sister, she has a rosy white skin.

“Xiao Xi, come quickly and greet your Mom and Dad.” Grandpa smiled and waved at me.

I refused to go near them and pay respect.

Although, my heart is honestly longing for their love, but they are looking at me like a stranger.

“She grew up in this rural village, she must be accustomed to act rudely.” Although, mother’s voice is not loud, but her words are like a knife that stab my heart.

“Yes, I am a rude girl. But, how about you? You only come to visit because grandmother died?” I stared at her angrily.

When Mother saw me staring at her, she got surprised, but her surprise was soon replaced by contempt.

“This girl, how can you talk back to your mother ah?” Grandfather glared at me.

I shook my head and walked directly toward my room.

Heiwa also came in and said that he will go back first. I stiffly nodded my head and then he added: “Xiao Xi, your parents might have visited here to pick you and live with them in the town. So, don’t be stubborn and be obedient.”

I didn’t say anything, so Hei Wa left.

Not long after, my door was pushed open again. But this time, grandfather came in with my sister.

“Xiao Xi, this is your third sister called Di. She will stay and sleep in your room.” Grandpa said and let my sister come.

Sister smiled at me with exposed white teeth, her warm smile makes people want to get close to her.

She is different from my mother because she gave me a warm feeling. Even though it is our first time to meet, but I already feel like we’ve been together for a long time. Perhaps, this is what you call family.

But I feel so shy to speak with her.

Grandpa brought her luggage and left. Then sister immediately shut the door and opened her luggage, she pulled out a doll and gave it to me.

“Xiao Xi, sister specially bought this for you.” She smiled and reached out her hand to touch my cheek, she also said: “While we were traveling,  I’ve been thinking what my sister would look like, I didn’t expect such a lovely girl.”

“Sister?” I cried out in a low voice, I got emotional for her goodwill.

When sister heard me call her, she softly whispers to me: “Xiao Xi, although we haven’t met for all these years, but we will always be your family. So, don’t hate our parents, ok? They just want to have a son and this time they got their wish. ”

“They didn’t get it,” I said without hesitation.

“What?” Because I said it with a serious face, sister looked so surprised.

In fact, Grandma said that to me before.

She said it was father and mother’s fate. So even if Mother gave birth to several more children in this life, she will never give birth to a son.

And now, Mother is in her late forties, so the child in her belly should be the last one.

“I’m sure you really resent our parents that’s why you are saying that. But, don’t be sad anymore because this time, we will take you back to town.” Sister looked at me gently with her firm eyes.

“Take me back to town?” Although I already heard it from Hei Wa, but now I felt another feeling when I heard it from my sister.

“Yes, we will live together. After all, we are a family.” Sister happily said.

But, I felt dizzy because for all these years I never once thought that my parents will take me back to live with them.

“I’m not going,” I said and put down the doll on the table.

When Sister heard me she got stunned for a moment, then sighed: “We will discuss this matter after a few days. Today, I’m so tired, I’d like to rest first.”

I lifted my eyes and saw sister look exhausted. So I quickly rolled out the quilt for her. She patted my head and then went to bed.

I turned off the lights in my room because I’m afraid that it may affect sister’s rest.

“Dad, you have to clean up this house again. How can I sleep if it’s so dirty?” I could vaguely hear Mother’s voice from the door.

Her voice makes me feel very uncomfortable. So, I just lie on the side while facing my favorite sister.

The next day, I got up early. After looking at grandmother in the living room. I diligently prepared a hot water for my sister to drink. But, I saw Father come out from the bathroom and grab it to use it to gargle his mouth.

Father looks very gentle on the outside, but his eyes are looking at me coldly just like Mother as he slightly smiles to me.

“Xiao Xi, you woke up early?” He said while his hand was about to touch my head.

I instinctively move my body to avoid him. Father felt embarrassed and recover his hand, his eyebrows slightly frown and his mouth whispered: “In the countryside, they really cannot educate the children properly.”

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