Chapter 12: Disgust (Part 1)

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To call mom and dad? I staggered a bit when grandfather pushed my hand. My mind was in chaos because I didn’t get a chance to use the word mom and dad since I was small.

Even though the distance of the town from our village will only take less than three hours. They never visited here to see me even once. When I was younger, I still didn’t know our situation, so I often ask grandmother to go to the town and find my parents.

At that time, grandmother will always say that when I grew up she will take me there.

Now I grew up, but I don’t have the slightest feeling for those two strangers. I don’t want to live with them.

Just by thinking about them I feel cold. No matter how much they wanted a son, no matter what my gender turns out, I am still their flesh and blood. How cold-blooded person they are when they ignored me for more than ten years?

“I will not call them,” I said while gritting my teeth.

Grandfather got surprised for a moment, he raised his hand and directly hit my face: “What? You grew up some wings now so you dare to talk back to your grandfather. Now that you don’t have a grandmother to stopped me I can even kill you whether you believe it or not.”

Grandpa went to the side to find a stick.

The village doctor quickly grabbed grandfather and said that now is not the time to fight. Instead, he needs to quickly make arrangements for grandmother’s funeral. After the village doctor said that, grandfather stared at me and went fast toward the living room to make a phone call.

Grandfather pick up the phone, but he hesitated for a long time. After all, they didn’t communicate for almost ten years.

Although grandfather hesitated to dial the number at first, but when the other end picks up the call, grandfather immediately turned completely happy. I don’t know what exact they talked about.

Usually, when he is at home, he is always swearing in front of me or when he is talking with grandmother, he always commands her like a general.

But now, I can actually see grandfather talking softly and laughing on the phone. I pursed my lips, I can no longer look at my grandfather. I just stared at my grandmother who was covered in a white cloth.

Grandmother’s corpse was still lying on the sofa. Doctor Liu Cun, our village doctor quickly ask grandfather to rent a coffin.

Now in rural areas, cremation is being implemented. So grandfather was just planning to rent a coffin for grandmother’s burial for three days.

“Really? you can come tomorrow? Good, that’s good, I’m really lucky ah! Ok, be careful on the road. I will wait for you at the entrance of the village.” Grandpa who was clutching his hand on the phone keeps nodding his head and was smiling.

And because I stood on the side for too long while crying, my body felt cold.

When grandfather hangs up the call, I sulked and said, “Don’t let them come in here, grandma doesn’t want to see them.”

For more than ten years, I didn’t even saw these supposed to be a daughter and son-in-law said their greetings in any occasions to grandma and grandpa. So what’s the use now?

Grandfather fiercely stare at me, but obviously, his mood has been a lot better now. So, he no longer bothers himself to me, he just went away to rent a coffin just like what Doctor Liu Cun said.

After a few hours, some men who were carrying the coffin came close to the door. I sat on the sofa and look at grandmother, I’m still thinking that grandmother was just sleeping and in any moment she will wake up.

But as soon as I saw my grandmother lying inside the coffin, the last trace of hope in my heart vanish and I began to cry.

Grandpa who is not feeling happy to see me told me to go inside my room because he wouldn’t let me guard grandmother in the living room. He got angry at me, but when more and more people came in our house they started drinking together.

I stayed in my room but sit near to the wall where the edge of the coffin is close. The next morning, grandfather began to change his clothes and then went to the village entrance.

Hei Wa’s mom and Aunt arrived in our house. Then, Hei Wa came over to find me. When he saw me in a bad mood he deliberately teases me to make me happy again.

But, how can I be happy?

“Xiao Xi, I heard my mother said that today your parents will come, is that true?” Hei Wa looked at me and ask because he knows that I don’t like my parents.

I didn’t answer, I just keep my head low and stay silent.

“Come in, quickly come in.”

This time, I heard grandfather’s voice came from the outside. Hei Wa immediately went to the living room and looked outside. After a few minutes, he excitedly said to me: “Xiao Xi, look! It’s your parents.”

In fact, when Hei Wa said this, I really want to stand up and look in a sudden impulse.

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