Chapter – 12 Demons

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“This… this is the mid class aura stone?” Chen Mo was dazed by the beauty of it, his heartbeat was racing and his face turned red.

A mid class aura stone was similar to hundreds of low class aura stones, Chen Mo was the new follower and he knew the difference of these two classes aura stones, but he had never seen one in real life before.

“Yes, this is mid class aura stone.” Yun Ye nodded, “if you absorbed half or part of its aura, you will definitely level up by twice and new blood will flow in your bloodstream.”

Chen Mo was excited, his hands were shaking, “this is too precious.”

“Aura stone has a value, but brotherhood is more valuable.”

Yun Ye smiled, “this aura stone is nothing to me, but you’re a slow learner, so it would take time to absorb the aura into your body, don’t be frustrated, be patience.”

Before Yun Ye saw the black and white aura lights, he used up one whole day to absorb the aura from the stone, if his assumption was accurate, it would consider as good if Chen Mo could absorb one percent of the aura in ten days.

“Brother Ye…” Chen Mo hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Ye looked at him curiously.

“Is it really slow to absorb the aura?” Chen Mo blurted, “is this the difference between low class and mid class aura stone? Why could I absorb the low range aura stone in few seconds?”

“Absorb low class aura stone in few seconds?” Yun Ye was surprised.

Chen Mo nodded bitterly, “I receive four aura stones each month, but I used only few seconds everytime.”

Yun Ye raised his brows and looked at him unbelievingly.

How could that be.

This talent… They all had that talent?

“Brother Ye, did I say something wrong?” Chen Mo asked carefully when he saw Yun Ye stood rigidly.

“No… nothing…” Yun Ye breathed in deeply and turned his palm, showing another mid class aura stone.

Chen Mo was clueless, “Brother Ye, this?”

Yun Ye patted his head slightly and smiled, “you try to absorb the aura from this stone now.”

Chen Mo understood he was testing his speed on this, he nodded gratefully and wanted to sit down.

Suddenly Yun Ye remembered something and waved his hand to him, “let’s go inside my house.”

Chen Mo did not think much, he gathered himself and walked into the old house with Yun Ye, he then sat down with crossed legs under the guidance of Yun Ye, he focused on his meditation with two aura stones in his palms on each side.

Soon enough, Chen Mo’s palms shone brightly, the two aura stones started to shone even brighter each time he was concentrating.

Yun Ye realized the speed of absorbing was swift.

How could this be?

He could only absorb ten of these aura stones after the black and white lights’ situation. But Chen Mo could probably absorb ninety percent of it in one day, this speed was amazing yet taunting.

Yun Ye tried not to show his excitement, even though he was clueless on why this boy could have such absorbing speed. But he knew this was a secret, he could not reveal this talent to anyone, even if Chen Mo could gain favor in the eyes of the elders when he was strong enough, he might die if his talent was revealed now.

“Chen Mo! I have never seen any disciples who could get into the clan of Tian Jian nor anyone who has the talent of gods, but I can be sure that you are extremely gifted, even better than anyone who is more powerful.”

Yun Ye stared at Chen Mo, continued on, “even Qing Qianhan and his people would be tiny rice when it comes to the both of your talents!”

Chen Mo’s eyes went wide; he could not believe his ears.

Yun Ye breathed in deeply again, he cringed at the thought of what happened just now.

“People will get jealous with this potential, for they fear of what you will become, so before you succeed in your teachings and meditations, you must not let anyone else knows about this.” He warned Chen Mo, in a serious mode.

Chen Mo had not regained his senses, but listening to Yun Ye’s heavy tone, he nodded slightly.

Yun Ye sat down and reminisced, he was overwhelmed with his first fight with an outsider, even though he was assisted by the black and white aura lights, he now had a clear understanding on the disciple’s attack.

Especially the black divine sword, it was so different from his low class divine weapon. Yun Ye could remember clearly the long black sword, that pierced mightily through the sky, the other disciples could have been killed and crushed completely if they lose focus just for a second.

It was still nearly impossible for Yun Ye to defeat it at his current level, but when he sensed the immense aura of the lights, he knew for sure the Hei Yao Sword could not harm him at all.

That unexplainable aura was flowing in his body, he could feel every sense of it in his bloodstream, it vanished when it was compressed by Hei Yao Sword, leaving no trace behind.

But the aura was marked on his mind, he could feel it even in his dream, he was completely awed by it. He could visualize how powerful he would be if he mastered the aura, by then, he could overthrow thousands of Qing Qianhan without difficulties.

Yun Ye sat silently, his mind was still going through the scene of his duel with Yu Liu. The appearance of the aura lights, his strong fists which destroyed the divine sword.

It all happened too fast, it was remarkable.

Yun Ye wanted to dig in to the secret of that aura desperately.


Suddenly, Yun Ye recalled the scene where he was dying under the threat and attack of Qing Qianhan.

A loud pang was heard, the black and white aura revealed themselves once more.

He remembered the two ladies, who marched in fearlessly, everyone was frightened with them, the ladies possessed this immense aura that even the sky would have fallen because of them.

“What kind of sorcery was this?”

Yun Ye knew they were not ordinary.

He fantasized the two ladies standing in front of a whole golden army, they did not shudder nor backed away, they seemed to stand still in front of the army.

He had heard rumour when he first joined Tian Jian clan, that meditation was just the second level of gods’ teachings, there were more high levels than this. The highest level, Jing Dan could destroy a high tower with one blow.

Did the Jing Dan seniors possess such talent?

Yun Ye had no idea.
He breathed slowly to calm himself, he had to find out more about the black and white aura lights.

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