Chapter 12: Can’t Wait for a Divorce?

By | April 10, 2017

Chapter 12: Can’t Wait for a Divorce?

Noticing the sparkling lights in Xu Jing’s eyes, Song Wuyou laughed, “The clothes in the closet are too thin. I’ve just miscarried, it would be bad if I caught a cold.”

“Miss, you should dressed more like this in the future. It is s lot nicer than those clothes you used to wear.” Xu Jing smiled and said.

Song Wuyou returned her smile: “Is it?”


“Okay, I will dress this way in the future.” Song Wuyou agreed as she took small steps towards the dining room.

“…………..” Xu Jing’s eyes followed as she watched Song Wuyou in a daze.

Not only Miss became much prettier, she also became more agreeable.

Previously, Miss would get angry at the smallest things, but now Miss would give her a smile at the smallest things…..

In the dining room, Gu Yanhao was seated on the head of the table, having his breakfast.

He had overheard Song Wuyou and Xu Jing’s conversation.

When Xu Jing was complimenting Song Wuyou’s way of dressing, his curiosity was aroused.

Even before Song Wuyou entered the dining room, his line of sight had already been fixed to the doorway.

Right after Song Wuyou appeared, a flicker of admiration fleeted across his deep cold eyes. His actions desisted for two seconds.

Although he was curious, the contempt he held against Song Wuyou was stronger.

In accordance with her taste and those clothes collection of hers, how beautiful could she be?

Thus it had been totally out of his expectation, that a simple dress could make her look so stunning.

Subconsciously, Gu Yanhao’s sight fell upon Song Wuyou.

The number of beauties that paraded themselves in his sight was akin to the stars in the sky ― countless.

Those with figures and looks that were much better than Song Wuyou’s, were more than he cared to remember.

But never one that had made him felt such admiration. This Song Wuyou, was a first.

“Morning, Young Master Gu.”

Song Wuyou thought Gu Yanhao had already left for the office long ago, so she had not expected for him to still be in the villa at such a late hour leisurely having breakfast. She was startled at first, but quickly regained her composure; Song Wuyou greeted Gu Yanhao with a brilliant smile.

“Song Wuyou, did a ghost possess your body?” the corner of Gu Yanhao’s lips rose in mockery.

Song Wuyou controlled herself, and answered, “You are the one who’s possessed by a ghost.”

Why was he cursing her this early in the morning?

“If it isn’t a ghost, then you must be a nutcase.”

“That’s right, I am a nutcase so you better stay far away from me.”

“A night had passed. Have you considered it carefully?” Gu Yanhao asked as if he did not really care.

Song Wuyou pulled out a chair and sat down, looking at Gu Yanhao with irritation: “Can’t you let me dine in peace?”

“The faster you come to a decision, the more benefits you’ll receive.” Gu Yanhao’s eyelashes fluttered as he glanced at Song Wuyou meaningfully. A look that clearly stated: charity.

“Why are you in such a hurry to divorce me? Is it so you can marry Song Jiuyue as soon as possible?”

“That is none of your business,” Gu Yanhao paused for a moment and added, “and you don’t have the qualification to ask.”

“My apologies,” Song Wuyou smiled charmingly yet her bright eyes were freezing cold, “I’m still considering. Didn’t you say I have one week time to think it over? In this one week, we are still husband and wife. Your matters, I have the right to ask.”

Gu Yanhao’s bottomless eyes stared at Song Wuyou. Usually, every time he to mentioned ‘divorce’, she would blow a fuse.

Now when he mentioned the divorce, her response only grew calmer and colder each time.

Gu Yanhao could not understand this woman more and more.

Gu Yanhao frowned; when did he ever understood her?


Finished breakfast, Song Wuyou appeared before a big shopping mall in the center of the city.

She wanted to buy some decent clothes. The ones in the closet were not anything to her liking.


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