Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 12.2:

“No.” Calmly turning a bend, Mo Zhen drove in the opposite direction of the Ferris wheel, Ah Yao looked back and watched as the Ferris wheel got farther and farther away. “Mr. Mo, today is your birthday, do you not want to celebrate?”

Mo Zhen’s eyebrows jumped and he chuckled, “Today is my 26th birthday, not my 6th birthday.”

Ah Yao”…”

“Who says the adults can’t go to the amusement park?! We should be young at heart, life should be interesting!”

“After meeting you, my life is already too interesting.”


Seeing that Mo Zhen did not fully understand her meaning, Ah Yao started roll around her seat, “I want to go to the amusement park I want to go to the amusement park I am going to the amusement park I want to go to the amusement park !!!!”

Mo: “…”

He felt as if she was using her entire life to scream.

“So annoying!” Mo Zhen braked, turned the car back into the direction of the Ferris wheel, until they were parked right in front of the entrance of the amusement park, he came to the realization that he could let the ghost play on her own, he did not need to accompany her ah!

“Let’s go in!” Ah Yao’s eyes sparked as she looked at the door of the amusement park, like a child seeing a new toy.

Mo Zhen’s head was lowered, and the hood of his coat was also pulled over his head, “I’m going back, you go play.”

“No!” “Ah Yao blocked Mo Zhen’s escape route, she looked at the large brown sunglasses facing her and said, “You’re already at the entrance, you can’t back out now!”

Mo: “…”

There’s a good reason for wanting to escape you know, ah, your uncle!

Mo Zhen cursed her many times in his heart, at the entrance there were many young couples passing by, all giving him weird glances, Mo Zhen lowered his head and quickly walked into the amusement park.

Ah Yao excitingly followed him, shouting hysterically when she saw something mildly interesting. Mo Zhen had his head down as he walked, although today was a working day, students were on summer vacation so the amusement park had some people, if he was recognized, he would most likely become a skeleton at the end.

He never would’ve thought that one day he would have to accompany a female ghost.

“Ferris wheel, let’s go to the Ferris wheel!” Ah Yao excitedly wanted to pull Mo Zhen’s arm, but the transparent hand had passed through his arm. Mo Zhen frowned, and saw that the Ferris wheel line did not have many people and they bought a ticket to ride the Ferris wheel.

Ah Yao climbed up into the Ferris wheel after him, when Mo Zhen saw the face of Ah Yao across from him, he thought that this was actually pretty good, at least he could save some money.

When the door was closed, the Ferris wheel moved faintly. The sounds outside was blocked out by the glass as if it was in its own world, Mo Zhen looked at the scenery outside of the window, his heart gradually calming down.

Ah Yao’s face was plastered to the window, happily watching the scenery outside. Mo Zhen finally took off his hood and raised his face, looking at Ah Yao sitting across from him, he said “If you can fly so high, why do you want to ride a Ferris wheel so badly?”

Since Ah Yao could not physically ride a car, it was the same for Ferris Wheels too.

Ah Yao: “…”

Can you cut people some slack please?

“How is flying and riding a Ferris wheel the same thing?”

Mo: “…”

Really is not the same ah.

The Ferris wheel climbed up all the way slowly, Mo Zhen was silent for the entire time, Ah Yao felt that being with this person in a Ferris wheel was really too boring!

In this small confined space, only a man and a woman, Ah Yao could feel her cheeks turning hot and her heart beating fast as she sat in Ferris wheel.

“What are you thinking about?” Mo Zhen’s faint voice came from across, interrupting her fantasy. She coughed a few times, sitting up straight, she said, “no, nothing.”

Mo Zhen saw her glances, but did not speak again. Ah Yao also sat quietly for a while, when she saw the Ferris wheel gradually get to its highest point, she began to get excited, “I heard that when the Ferris wheel gets to its highest point, you make a wish and your wish will come true!”

“Oh,” Mo Zhen’s reaction was flat, he was never a man who would believed in a silly legend.

Ah Yao’s mouth flattened and drifted to Mo Zhen’s side to sit down, “Make a wish, today is your birthday!”

Mo Zhen looked Ah Yao sitting at his side, his brown sunglasses blocked his beautiful eyes, making Ah Yao unable to see his expression. Looking out the window, Mo Zhen made the gesture of making a wish, “I hope I can earn five million, Amen.”

Ah Yao: “…”

This wish simply had no sincerity! “Don’t you already have 5 million?!”

Mo Zhen looked down the window, the corners of his mouth rose a little, “Who doesn’t want 5 million dollars?”

“But you can’t all at once ask for 5 million dollars!  You should ask for 50 dollars first to test out the waters.”

Mo Zhen: “…”

Really sorry ah, it was he who did not think carefully enough.

They had been in the Ferris wheel for more than twenty minutes. Ah Yao had also wanted to pull Mo Zhen to play some of the other rides, but suddenly, they heard the sound of a sharp voice piercing the sky, “It’s Mo Zhen, look!!!”

it’s no longer run Ah Yao, it’s run Mo Zhen


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