Chapter 111: Indulge …

By | July 12, 2017

Chapter 111:  Indulge You.


“Those women who wished to gain my favor only cared about the superficial aspects and my power. ”


“If I were to lose everything, status, power, wealth—would they still look at me ?”


“Even so, you saw me at my weakest moment, even saw me cry. If I don’’t marry you, who else would I marry?”


“But what happened to you? You changed and became wayward and unruly, ignoring the things I said and even crashed several of the cars I loved.” Despite saying that, Gu Yanhao’s tone was gentle, as if he was spoiling her instead.

Compared to her, what were those few ten-million-dollar luxury cars worth? Gu Yanhao’s palm grew warm and he gently touched Song Wuyou’s forehead. The tenderness in his eyes seemed to be as sweet as sugar. Unfortunately… Wuyou could not see it.

Gu Yanhao lips hooked as he smiled gracefully and then laughed helplessly, “Forget it, be as you please. I’ll still forgive you ah. Whether you’re wayward, arrogant, selfish, or even naive…none of it matters.”

Who made her to be the woman who had always loved him?


The horse’s hooves galloped forward raising billows of dust behind them. Dark clouds covered the sky. The storm descended swift as lightning, the wind blowing the clouds until they began to tumble. The wild sandstorm rose across the vast plains. The surrounding air was filled with the scent of blood and dust, enveloped with the aura of death, the air reverberated with sounds of swords colliding and human screams. It was a very fierce and tragic war. In order to win, two enemy troops would try to kill as much of the other side.

Dongfang Xuan held his most favoured Falling Moon Saber and began to slaughter. His whole body leapt high into the sky and towards an enemy’s knife. A saber rose as another fell, and thus, another life was ended. His pair of eyes sharpened like a blood-thirsty leopard. His body rotated in mid-air as if the Heavens and the Earth followed along with him.

He was good at fighting and he was good at killing. Any enemy that was close by would have to die!

From a distant place they could not see, an arrow came flying through.


The arrow, landing precisely on his back, shot into Dongfang Xuan’s heart. Dongfang Xuan felt a deep pain and then suddenly, his body that had been in mid-air fell to the ground. The enemy took this opportunity to surround him, grasping their spearheads as they all pierced them into his body.

Blood gushed out violently from his mouth.


When Song Wuyou arrived, the fighting had already ceased and the enemy had already receded. Corpses littered the ground as Dongfang Xuan knelt there, his body leaning forward. His body was stuffed with all kinds of weapons—knives, swords, spears …

Seeing that even his head was drooping down, Song Wuyou’s face paled and she staggered over to his side.


She doesn’t want him to die!

She had rushed too quickly as her heart was filled with pain, the ground under her feet was slippery, her legs slipped and she fell. When she looked up again, everything changed.

Dongfang Xuan was gone, the bloody corpses were gone. In front of her was an endless sandstorm.

A hazy white, a hazy white… She could not differentiate between East, West, North and South. She could not see the landscape ten meters away from her.

Song Wuyou stood up, both eyes glancing in all four directions as she spun blindly around.

Where was Dongfang Xuan?

Where was Dongfang Xuan!!

She looked in all four directions, looking… But there was no direction to look in, no target to find.

Dongfang Xuan, where did he go?

Her surroundings were a strange place, where was she?

Song Wuyou’s heart panicked. The sky and the ground began to spin.

Afraid, her mind suddenly blanked. The scenery in front of her suddenly changed again. Everything turned black. Her body started to sway and crumble. She closed her eyes. Slowly blinking a few times, she opened her eyes once again.

The scenery before her had changed yet again. It was no longer the battlefield in the midst of a yellow sandstorm, but it was a cold place.

Her Cold Palace.



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10 thoughts on “Chapter 111: Indulge …

  1. Poirot11

    aww, now I want another story with GY and the original SW. Maybe in that story, he would open up and she would back to herself. Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Yukna Chhean

    Its sweet that we finally know his true feelings, but I feel that it’s too little too late. She’s no longer “here” to hear them. If he had truly felt that way, why not talk to her. He must’ve seen that she did it to get his attention, because all she had ever wanted was his love.

  3. jaimy84

    Someone has to educate that no good bastard GY. Love means accepting both the good and bad of your partner and loving him or her in the whole that I loving all his or her good and bad and all. Not loving only the good, that means you love only in half measures.

  4. vivifreya

    I mean, what does he expect that she became a mad woman with how he was treating her? She was of course also at fault but you don’t even show her that you love her.
    It’s too late GY. I mean he’s not an idiot, he knows that how he’s behaving is hurting SW.

  5. admiralen1

    He mustve really loved her when he married her and refused to touch her, or when he looked at her with disgust constantly, or when he was courting other women, or that time he told her to get an abortion
    He mustve especially loved her when his first action after she crashed and miscarried was to try to divorce her
    Can the author just shut up, we arent buying this bullshit
    You cant just pull this shit after all he has done

    1. Som

      I believe this is the “all is forgivable because” line. I get where the author is trying to take us, but if the main male was not supposed to make us want to kick his head in for the rest of the story, we ought to have had some of his side before. I agree, this is just bad writing. As presented, he’s not especially sympathetic, not even when we learn he has an EQ of negative something big and doesn’t know how to keep someone who unconditionally loves him happy. I wanted to see him redeem himself through actions, not get a half-assed explanation of how great he really always was. Ugh
      I came up with a totally unreasonable way to deal with this garbage and still get the main story; I essentially think of him as split personalities, or different people – whichever makes the story workable today.


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