Chapter 11 – The way you like it

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In this way, at three in the afternoon, during the hottest part of the day in the summer, Yi Ti stepped out the door.  She was wearing a pink sling dress and in one hand was holding an umbrella while the other held a large doll.  Yi Ti didn’t actually need the umbrella.  Thanks to the marrow cleansing and breath training, she no longer had to worry about sun burns, acne, or freckles.

Moreover, even if she became too dark from tanning, the old man had created a formula that would take care of it.  So she didn’t need to worry about this sort of thing.

Well, of course, if someone else had said that sort of thing to her before, she would have beat them black and blue from envy. Unconsciously, she seems to have become a person others would resent.

The fate of the goddess of the mind is really elusive.

Office workers at this point in time were generally working, and the leisurely were at home.  At this time of day, it was a rare person who braved the sun and heat. Thanks to this gift, Yi Ti didn’t meet many people who would look at her strangely.

She stepped out of the alley and entered the street that she had been to before. Yi Ti chose a small but relatively close grocery store which was named, interestingly enough, “Supermarket”

Walking inside, she could feel the air-conditioner blowing and it gave her a little chill. She could not help tightening the arm holding the “doll”, and soon, a warm heat came from it.

Yi Ti whispered to herself: “… Is it closed?” She found that the boss didn’t seem to be in the vicinity of the cash register. But she found a basket and decided to go on her own into the supermarket.

Like a sparrow, although it was small and modest, the supermarket was perfect.

Not only was it very clean, the location was also very reasonable, and the produce and meat looked very fresh.

Yi Ti had not bought food in a while so she and Cecil took their time shopping for many things.  She realized that Cecil had been in limbo waiting for energy and he was practically starving but she couldn’t get anything for him.  Luckily for her, Master didn’t want to attract attention to the space and so the money he earned from selling elixirs and herbs he deposited in a bank.  He had left her a bank card with her name on it for his accounts.  When she had checked the balance on it, she was surprised at how much money he had left to her.  Yi Ti, however, had no intention of using the money.  She just didn’t feel right about squandering what he had left for her.

It appeared that even if she had success with the 1st Grade Elixir production, she would still have to open the flower shop. However, it seemed that to do so she would need a business license and tax registration certificate. She had heard though that a self-employed business license would be more convenient …she would go ask in a few days.

Half an hour later, she carried a full basket and Cecil and went to the cashier.  At the counter, she saw a familiar figure.

Black suit, white shirt, red bow tie, well combed black hair with a trace of chaos, shiny cuffs, and straight pants seam … …

The term “obsessive-compulsive disorder,” came to mind.

The young man, who had been sitting at the cashier’s desk, saw her. His eyes brightened, and he stood up and bowed his head, “Miss Beautiful, who’s name I don’t know!”

Yi Ti: “… …” She should not mention his outfit ah? Don’t be so strange!

Fortunately, the man doesn’t seem to notice her pause and said: “Since God gave us a second chance to meet, can you tell me your name?”

Yi Ti: “… …” Come on! The most annoying thing in her life was introducing herself and telling others her name.  However, saying nothing was undoubtedly very rude so she said, “My name is Her most annoying thing in life is to introduce others to their names, not one! However, nothing to answer is undoubtedly very rude, so she said, “My name is Yi.”

“Yi,” answered the young man with a smile, “What a coincidence, my name is Xue, the name is Xue Rong, easy to accommodate. Since there is such a fate for us to meet again, will you stay and have afternoon tea with me?” He made a “please” gesture.

Yi Ti found that at some point he had set up a tea table, covered with  hand embroidered table towels, an exquisite porcelain  tea set and a snack plate with three layers. She swallowed. She really didn’t want to agree to his invitation, because – they were dressed completely inconsistently ah!

“Xue Night, when did you change your name?  Why didn’t you tell me?” A voice suddenly came from the door.

Yi Ti turned around and found that it was none other than Liang Chen. He was still in a T-shirt and shorts, but no apron.  His hands were inserted into his pants pockets and his face had a provocative look that he sent to the youth: “You frequently change your name?  Did you get an ID card in to show it?”

Although he is not very easy to get along with, Yi Ti now vaguely had the same kind of feeling as when one sees a loved one of their loved ones.  She would rather not stay with Xue Rong and have tea with this odd young man.

The young person called Xue Night was completely unrepentant. He answered with a smile, “If you have to say this kind of thing, others will doubt our relationship. Don’t you agree?”

Yi Ti felt that when it came to the word “relationship”, his tone was somewhat ambiguous.

Somewhat taken aback, his mouth hung open in surprise. Then, paying no more attention to Xue Night, Liang Chen walked straight into the store, grabbed Yi Ti’s wrist and said, “Let’s go!”


“Let him put it back himself!” Liang Chen’s eyes fell on the doll in Yi Ti’s arms. Showing an expression full of disdain he continued, “He actually sells such an ugly doll… really a disgrace.”

Yi Ti felt an arrow to her heart: “… … I actually brought this myself.”

“… …” The boy’s voice paused, but he soon roared with a greater voice, “Going out holding dolls in the middle summer….are you a fool?”

Yi Ti: “… …” He didn’t have to take his anger out on her right?

Soon, the Liang Chen gave off a faint smile and continued to pull Yi Ti out of the supermarket. After some distance, he suddenly let go, and actually wiped his hand a few times.  Then he snappily asked: “What did you go to that supermarket for? Didn’t I tell you not to get close to him? Do you always act so stupidly in front of a pretty face?”

Hearing those words, Yi Ti wasn’t as angry as last time.  This was probably because she believed in Master’s judgment and she really found that he was not a bad person.  Even so, she didn’t know how to answer him and had to spit out, “Your face is also very good-looking.”

“… …” The boy once again stared at her with his the expression of eating flies, “I’m not interested in you.”

“And I have no interest in being with a kid,” Yi Ti replied honestly. As a former teacher, that was the most basic conduct she still had and she would defend it well..

Junior listened to her words, actually furious: “Who are you calling a kid?!”

“… … ah?” No matter what he was definitely a … …

“Are you blind? I’m twenty-three!”

“What?” No, that couldn’t be right! He was actually the same age as her? She now felt that her self-esteem was subtly hurt.

“What’s your fucking expression?”


“You better never call me a kid again! Otherwise I -” he said, his lips trembled twice thinking.  Finally he added,”I won’t sell you any more food!”

Yi Ti: = =

“Wait, we got off topic” The Kid … … no, he just looks like a young man, suddenly realized he had gotten distracted and returned to the original conversation. “What were you doing in that guy’s supermarket?”

“I didn’t know it was Mr. Xue’s supermarket. I just went in to buy groceries.”

Liang Chen froze and made a light “Tut” sound: “Now that you know, stay away from that demon’s place!”

Yi Ti didn’t like others interfering with her life, but since Master said she could trust this person, she decided to believe his judgment. So she solemnly nodded her head: “OK.”

“… …” Liang Chen did not think she would be so decisive and sincerely promise.  He actually froze in surprise.

Yi Ti took the opportunity to ask: “Yes, so where can I go that is near?  It needs to have good quality and reasonable prices.”

“Fifty or sixty meters away, there is Hongguang Supermarket.  The selection and boss there isn’t bad.” Liang Chen stuck out of a thumb to indicate the direction. “Do you have a lot to buy?”

Yi Ti dryly laughed twice: “Isn’t it August 15th of the Gregorian calendar?” She felt that her words were completely unconvincing.

“… …” Shouldn’t it be Lunar August 15? There was a Gregorian calendar in human history… He had heard of similar customs… He coughed, “Well, it’s a good celebration.” Anyway, it should be right.

Yi Ti: “… …” Ha? Wasn’t this guy a little strange? And like Cecil, he didn’t have common sense.

Perhaps feeling the embarrassment from the sudden change in the atmosphere, Liang Chen opened and shut his mouth a few times before he decisively turned: “I’m going back.”

“Oh, good-bye, and thank you for today.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” said the young man, staring at her, “I just happened to pass by. I wasn’t trying to help you.”

“……I know.”

He … certainly had no girlfriends!

Afterwards Yi Ti took Cecil to the supermarket Liang Chen mentioned.  They bought the food and brought it back home with no other encounters on the road. However, as soon as they got home, she found that Cecil seemed to be not quite right. She was about to ask what was wrong when suddenly, he slid down from the sofa, and then actually morphed into the appearance of a human being.

Just look … … how familiar?

Yi Ti stared. Cecil was also very nervous. After listening to Yi Ti’s conversations, she seemed to like the handsome appearance. According to his research, the shape he was now was used by all the Earth’s favorite male shape, it should … … be no problem, right?

She did so many things for him, he also wanted to do as much as possible for her.

Although it was really insignificant.

“Ah!” At this point, Yi Ti clapped, “all professor!” Yes, this is not “from the stars of you” male?(Editor: I’m not sure about this…i think Cecil may have taken on the form of a famous good looking Chinese star…I just don’t know any 🙂

Cecil was relieved and asked, “What do you think of this?”

Yi Ti “Well…” she carefully watched the alien full of apprehension.  Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and let out irrepressible loud laughter: “Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!” To die, it was a blue jelly version with the height of less than one Meters.  He taught her what it meant to laugh until her stomach hurts!


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