Chapter 11: Midnight knock at the door (Part 2)

By | January 6, 2017

After thinking about it, I quickly move back a few steps. The “person” outside was still knocking on the door. When that person didn’t hear a response for more than ten minutes, he finally left.

I sigh in relief and sat down on the bed, thinking that I’m finally safe.

“Tock-tock-tock, tock-tock-tock”

However, I haven’t even breathed again when I heard another sound of knocking.

But this time, the knock was coming from the glass window. I turn my head and stared at the paper seal that grandmother had put earlier in the window.

“Xiao Xi, it’s grandmother.”

Suddenly, grandmother’s voice came from the glass window. When I heard her my nervousness immediately subsided.

In my estimation, everything must be all right now that’s why she came to tell me.

“Xiao Xi, help grandma to open the window,” Grandma said.

I got up from the bed and see a vague figure outside the window. But, when I look at it closely, I find it a little strange.

Because grandmother has a hunchback, so if she was standing near me we almost have the same height. And if it’s according to the height of the window, her head should be around in the middle of the window. But the head of that figure outside is clearly above the window above and she has no hunchback.

This shows that the person outside is tall, so it can’t be my grandmother.

After carefully analyzing, I hurriedly move back.

And I suddenly remember my grandmother’s word: “no matter who is it, do not reply”

“Xiao Xi, grandmother got injured, so come and help grandma.” That person outside the window clearly knows the close relationship between me and my grandma, so she deliberately takes grandma’s form to lie to me.

I pulled the quilt, then lie in bed. I close my eyes tightly to prevent seeing that person outside.

For the whole midnight, that person did not only transform to grandfather and grandmother but also transform to Hei Wa and his mom. Anyway, I think that person tried to imitate my family and our close friends.

As if that person desperately wants me to go outside. But, I keep remembering grandma’s words, so I find it tormenting and I just unconsciously fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes, the warm sunlight shone on my face. I immediately remove the quilt and went down from the bed. I couldn’t wait anymore to open the door.

“Grandma, grandma!” I yelled twice because today I’m not only expecting everything to be all right but also because grandma promised to buy me new clothes for the New Year.

I shouted for several times but I didn’t hear grandmother’s response. So I went to my room, thinking that grandmother might have decided to sleep in there. But when I open my door, I saw that my room was very messy and there’s a big pool of blood on the ground.

“Grandma, grandma, where are you?!” When I saw the blood on the ground, I realized the seriousness of the problem last night and I immediately went to the backyard.

At the threshold across the backyard, I saw my grandmother was lying beside the altar she set on the ground. Unexpectedly, the altar got split into two.

I hurriedly squat my body to help grandmother, but when I touch her hand my body couldn’t help to shiver, because grandmother’s hand was terribly cold and seems stiff, and the edge of her mouth has blood.

“Grandma, grandma, please wake up! Don’t scare me.” I forcefully shake my grandma’s body. But, grandmother can no longer answer me.

Because my grandmother died!

When grandpa came back it’s already noon, so I went alone to the village doctor to ask him to see grandmother. The village doctor said that from grandmother’s degree of rigidity, she was dead for more than five hours.

I cried fiercely while thinking that the bald monk must have killed her. I desperately search every corner of the house just to find the black buddha bead because I don’t know where exactly grandmother hides it.

Last night, grandpa said that grandmother voluntary told him to go to Uncle Zhao Tiezu’s house and accompany him to drink because there is a good wine. Grandmother knows that as long as there is a good wine, grandfather will not hesitate to go out.

Uncle Zhao Tiezu’s wine has a high content of alcohol, so grandfather got drunk easily.

“Oh, the old woman died ah? This is her retribution because she doesn’t listen to me! No wonder last night she took my hand and said that I shouldn’t marry again. She already knew that she will get her retribution for her sins!” Grandpa screamed.

Grandfather only look at grandmother’s body, he didn’t even cry a few drops of tears. No doubt, he really hated her.

When they were still young, they had a good life. But, when my grandmother became a witch doctor, their life got ruin. He is blaming grandmother’s superstition belief because they can’t get a son.

“Grandma didn’t do anything bad, she always helps me.” I wiped away my tears. I got angry when I heard grandfather’s false accusations to grandma.

Grandfather forcefully pushes me and said: “Now that your grandmother is dead, go and call your parents to pick you up and live with them!”

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