Chapter 11 – Meditation

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“Stop, stop, Brother Qing, stop!” An innocent feminine voice shouted from the woods behind them, it sounded anxious.

“Qing Qianhan, you murderer, such arrogance!”

Then, a lady’s voice pierced through the sky, everyone trembled at that high-pitched voice.

With that, the atmosphere stopped instantly, the temperature dropped and cool breeze passed through them, it all happened around where they stood.

Two figure appeared from the woods, the leading one was a young girl of twelve to thirteen, she had a clean and decent features, her acquitted look indicated she would be the future leader on the nation, her eyes were filled with fretful as she sped towards them.

Behind her was a woman in white robe with a sheer cloth covering her face, she was graceful in her action with only a light blue ribbon tying around her waist. Her black waist-length hair was tied back with a light blue ribbon as well.

The woman walked over slowly, the temperature seemed to drop a bit with each step she took.

Qing Qianhan smirked slightly, “oh, there you are, sisters, what brings you two here?”

The woman in white sneered, “I was here the whole time when they were fighting, and now you want to take control?”

“That’s true, Qing Qianhan you better leave now, if my sister was angry, you won’t walk out from here alive.” The young girl nodded and warned him, she then peeked at Yun Ye and winked mischievously at him.

“Su Yinxue, Sulin, why do you want to interrupt?” Qing Qianhan asked indifferently.

“It was obviously your fault; why do you want to punish this disciple of Zha Yi?” Sulin retorted, with hands on her waist.

Swiftly, she dashed towards him and grabbed on Qing Qianhan’s sleeve, she said softly, “Brother Qing Qianhan, what happened to you today? You weren’t like this before this, just let them go, alright…”

Qing Qianhan raised his eyebrows and thought to himself, it would be impossible to chase Yun Ye away today.

“Since you insist, I will challenge you, let’s fight.” Su Yinxue suggested coldly.

“Are you threatening me?”
Qing Qianhan ignored her challenge, “we’ll get the chance to do so when there’s opening in our clan.”

With that, he turned around and left.

Yun Ye’s breathed out in relief.

Even so, his back was covered in sweats.

He knew he would lose his life in the duel with Qing Qianhan if the two ladies did not reach on time.

Qing Qianhan was so powerful in his skill, he would be killed instantly with only one blow from Qing Qianhan.

“Who were they?”

He did not care what level of skill was Qing Qianhan at, he was curious of their statuses.

“Sister, he was so stubborn even though he knew he could not defeat you.” Sulin did not expect that Qing Qianhan would leave that soon, she was quite stunned, but then she covered her mouth and laughed to herself.

Su Yinxue glanced at Yun Ye and her little junior, “let’s go.”

Sulin nodded her head and looked at Yun Ye, she then hopped over to them.

The two of them were too fast in their pace, Yun Ye could not find the right time to thank them.

“Sister, why was Qing Qianhan being so weird today?”

“I’m lazy to even think about it, but he wanted to kill the disciple of Zha Yi.”


The two ladies continued their conversation softly as they walked away, leaving a fragrant scent behind them.

The rest of Zha Yi’s disciples were dumbfounded; they were still in shock of what happened.

Yu Liu’s face was bloody and his flesh could be seen from his wounds, there was nothing good of him in sight, he sat in shock on the ground, not believing what had just happened.

Qing Qianhan left just like that? He left under the threat of those two ladies.

Who were they?
Why would they help Yun Ye?

At that moment, Yu Liu shivered in fear, goose bumps rose across his back. Were they somewhat related to Yun Ye? If that was so, wasn’t he trying to dig his own grave by picking on Yun Ye?

It must had been this, that explained Yun Ye’s powerful fists that could defeat anything in the world.

If that was true, wasn’t he’ll be dead for sure?

Yu Liu forgotten about his pain and injuries, he was shaken in fear.

Yu Liu walked backwards slowly, all he could think of was to run immediately, and hoped that Yun Ye would forgot about his existence.

“Brother Ye.”

Chen Mo broke the surprised silence.

He gathered his courage earlier on, now he had used up all his energy, with that one yell, he fell on his feet.

Yun Ye turned to him and stated, “Brother Chen Mo, thank you so much.”

Chen Mo’s eyes went red.

Yun Ye just smiled at him and turned around.

Yu Liu escaped quietly, but he was seen by Yun Ye.

The disciple of Tian Zhu Valley whose power was not as strong as his, even though he used Hei Yao Sword to fight him, his sword was still crushed, Yun Ye did not take him as a threat.

The true threat was Qing Qianhan.

Meditation level!

He had felt Qing Qianhan’s aura level just now, he squinted his eyes at that thought.

The earliest disciples who meditated were called Lian Qi Shi, when they had reached the highest meditation level, they became the similar status as gods.

But there was no such training outside, with his current level, he had to pass through the examinations of Tian Zhu Valley and became one of the disciples, only then he could trained himself in gods’ meditation level.

Yun Ye had no longer seek for the positions and statuses, but he had been training hard on his skills.

The Tian Zong Clan’s examination was just in ten-day time, with his skill, Yun Ye could passed it with flying colors easily.

But the examinations came in different types, it was usually different from the previous ones, therefore it did not mean that one would pass the exams just by practicing.

Since he had no idea on how the exams would go, he might as well train himself in every single methods and teachings.

Yun Ye needed plenty of time for preparations, even though he won with ease during his fight with Rui Liu, he knew in heart that he would not defeat Yu Liu if it wasn’t because of the black and white lights inside him.

What were those precious aura? He had no clue even until now, he had always wanted to search for an answer but it was in vain.

Those lights came to him when they were triggered, he did not control it.

No, he had to find out the secrets of the lights.

“Brother Ye, the examinations are happening soon, you have to become one of us.” Chen Mo broke his thought.

Yun Ye turned to him and knew that Chen Mo suggested this for his ownself. If he became the disciple of Tian Zhu Valley, he would have taken fond of the elderly and kept himself safe.

Yun Ye nodded and squinted his eyes, “not just me, you too.”

Chen Mo stuttered, “me?”

“I’ll give you this aura stone.”

Yun Ye opened up his palm, showing the shiny aura stone.

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